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Singer 191 D Manual

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    							High Speed Straigh\nt 
    Lockstitch Sewing \fachine 
    Instruction Manual and Parts List
    ® Singer is a regis\ntered trademark of \n \bhe Singer Company Limited or its af\nfiliated companies.
    © 2009 Copyright  \bhe Singer Company Limited
    20 / 20C
    30 / 30C
    70 / 70C 
    1Safety Instructions 1
    1.1 Important Safety Instructions 1
    1.2 Safe Operation 2
    2 Product Description \nand \fachine Specification 3
    2.1 Product Description 3
    2.2 \fachine Specification 4
    2.3 \fotor, \fotor Pulley and V-Belt Specifications\n 4
    3 Setup and Adjustment Instructi\nons 5
    3.1 \bable Cut-Out Drawi\nng 5
    3.2 Oil Reservoir Installation 6
    3.3 Belt Cover and Bobbin Winder Installation 7
    3.4 Lubrication 8
    3.5 \bhread \bake-up Lever Oil Supply Adjustment 8
    3.6 Rotating Hook Oil Su\npply Adjustment 9
    3.7 Needle Attachment 10
    3.8 Bobbin Case Attachment 11
    3.9 \fachine \bhreading 11
    3.10 Stitch Length Adjustment 12
    3.11 \bhread \bension Adjustment 12
    3.12 \bhread \bake-Up Spring Adjustment 13
    3.13 Knee Lifter Height Adjustment 14
    3.14 Presser Foot Lifter Adjustment 14
    3.15 Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment 15
    3.16 Feed \biming Adjustment 16
    3.17 Feed Dog Height Adjustment 17
    3.18 Needle to Rotating Hook Relation Adjustment 18
    3.19 Presser Bar Height \nAdjustment 19
    3.20 \bhread \bake-Up Stroke Adjustment 20
    4 \faintenance 21
    4.1 \fachine Head Cleaning 21
    4.2 Lubrication 21
    4.3 Safety Inspection 21
    5 \broubleshooting 22
    6Parts List 23
    6.1 Frame and Cover Components 24
    6.2 Arm Shaft and \bhread \bake-Up Lever Components 26
    6.3 Needle Bar, Upright Shaft and Rotating Hook Driving Shaft 
    Components 28
    6.4 Presser Foot Components 30
    6.5 Feed \fechanism Components 32
    6.6 Lubrication Componen\nts 34
    6.7 Oil Reservoir Components 36
    6.8 Belt Cover, Bobbin Winder and \bhread Stand Compone\nnts 38
    6.9 \fachine Accessories 40 
    							1High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    Safet\b Instructions
    Important Safet\b 
    •	Before 	running 	the 	machine, 	make	
    sure 	a\f\f 	re\fevant 	safety 	specifica\b
    tions	 are	adequate	 to	specifica\b
    tions	 and	technica\f	 standards	 in	
    your	country.
    •	 The	 machine	 shou\fd	not	be	run	
    without	its	safety	devices.
    •	 The 	machine 	shou\fd 	on\fy 	be 	oper \b
    ated 	by 	proper\fy 	trained 	personne\f.
    •	 For	 your	 safety,	 gogg\fes	 must	be	
    used	whi\fe	running	the	machine.
    •	 Turn	 off	or	unp\fug	 the	machine
    when 	the 	fo\f\fowing 	situations 	arise:
    •	 Passing	 the	thread	 by	the	 nee\b
    d\fe	 or	rep\facing	 the	bobbin	 or	
    •	 Rep\facing 	the 	need\fe, 	presser	
    foot, 	throat 	p\fate, 	feed 	dog 	and	
    s\fiding 	p\fate.
    •	 When	 the	machine	 is	in	 mainte\b
    •	 When	 the	operator	 is	not	 run\b
    ning	the	machine.
    •	 In 	case 	of 	\fubricant 	oi\f 	contact	
    with	 the	eyes	 or	skin,	 washed	 the	
    surface	 with	p\fenty	 of	icy	 water	
    with	 a	generous	 amount	of	co\fd	
    water.	 In	case	 of	ingestion,	 seek	
    medica\f	he\fp	immediate\fy.
    •	 Repair, 	fitting 	or 	maintenance	
    shou\fd 	on\fy 	be 	performed 	by	
    proper\fy 	trained 	personne\f.
    •	 Maintenance	 and	repair	 on	e\fec\b
    tric	 equipment	 shou\fd	on\fy	be	
    made	 by	qua\fified	 personne\f.	 If	
    any	 e\fectric	 device	is	damaged,	
    the	 machine	 shou\fd	be	immedi\b
    ate\fy	stopped.
    •	 Before	 starting	 the	machine	 in	fu\f\f	
    running,	 a	test	 must	 be	conducted	
    to	 assure	 that	machine	 and	opera\b
    tor	are	ab\fe	to	perform	the	task.
    •	 The	 machine	 shou\fd	not	be	p\faced	
    next	 to	a	sound	 source	 as	an	 u\ftra\b
    sonic	 we\fding	 machine	 and	other	
    •	 The	 machine	 shou\fd	on\fy	be	run	
    with	 the	proper	 e\fectric	 cab\fe	and	
    connectors,	 and	a\fso	 the	adequate	
    •	 The	 machine	 shou\fd	on\fy	be	used	
    to	 sew	 materia\fs	 as	indicated	 in	
    its	 instructions	 manua\f,	and	indi\b
    cations	 of	use	 shou\fd	 be	fo\f\fowed.
    Singer will not be held responsible 
    for  any  damage  caused  by  unau-
    thorized changes in the produ\nct.
    When using the 
    machine\f basic safety  \brocedures must 
    be followed. Read  with attention all 
    instructions before 
    using the machine. When using it\f 
    understand that  all basic safety 
    instructions are 
    not limited to the\c  following items. 
    Read all instructions\f  take care of this 
    manual\f and use it \c
    as reference when  necessary. 
    							2High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    •	 To	 avoid	 the	risk	 of	e\fectric	 shock,	
    do	 not	 open	 the	motor	 wiring	 box	
    and	 do	not	 touch	 the	components	
    assemb\fed	inside	the	wiring	box.
    •	 To	 avoid	 injuries	 do	not	 run	 the	
    machine	 without	the	be\ft	 cover	 or	
    in	 case	 any	other	 safety	 device	 is	
    •	 To 	avoid 	possib\fe 	injuries 	keep 	fin \b
    head	 and	c\fothes	 far	from	
    whee\f, 	be\ft 	and 	motor 	when 	the 	ma \b
    chine 	is 	running. 	Nothing 	shou\fd 	be	
    p\faced 	near 	those 	parts.
    •	 To	 avoid	 injuries	 never	put	your	
    fingers	 next	to	the	 rotating	 hook	
    and	 the	thread	 take\bup	 \fever	cover	
    when	the	machine	is	running.
    •	 To	 avoid	 possib\fe	 injuries	be	care\b
    fu\f	 when	 putting	 down	or	\fifting	
    the	machine	head.
    •	 To	 avoid	 accident	 in	case	 of	a	sud\b
    den	 start	 of	the	 machine	 a\fways	
    turn	 it	off	 when	 \faying	 it	down,	 or	
    remove	 the	be\ft	 cover	 and	the	be\ft.
    •	If	 you	 machine	 is	equipped	 with	
    a	 servomotor,	 it	does	 not	make	
    noises	 whi\fe	being	 driven.	 To	avoid	
    a	possib\fe	 accident	caused	by	an	
    unexpected	 start,	be	sure	 the	ma\b
    chine	is	turned	off.
    •	 To	 avoid	 e\fectrica\f	 shock,	do	not	
    run	 the	machine	 without	proper	
    •	 To	 minimize	 the	risk	 of	accidents	
    or	 damage	 in	e\fectric	 components	
    caused	 by	e\fectric	 discharge	 turn	
    the	 machine	 off	before	 unp\fug\b
    ging	it.
    •	 C\fean	the	machine	periodica\f\fy.
    Safe Operation 
    							3High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    High Spee\f Straight \bockstitch Sewing Machine
    Product Description 
    and Machine Specification
    							4High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    Motor, Motor 
    Pulle\b and V-Belt  Specifications
    • ½ HP (400W) 2-pole (high sp\need) clutch motor
    • \f type v-belt
    \fodel Application
    Speed [spm] Stitch 
    Length [mm] Height of 
    Presser Foot  by hand / by  knee [mm] Needle 
    Stroke  [mm] Hook 
    \bype Hook 
    Origin Needle Cat.
    191D-20 Light to 
    medium 5,000
    5.05.5/13.0 30.7
    Regular Standard
    1955-01 #14
    Lubrication Singer “C” 
    type oil
    191D-30 \fedium to 
    heavy 4,500
    5.05.5/13.0 35.0 Standard
    1955-01 #18
    191D-30C Koban/
    191D-70 Heavy 3,000
    7.05.5/13.0 35.0LargeStandard
    1955-01 #21
    191D-70C Koban/
    \fachine Speed [spm] \fotor Pulley Diameter [mm]
    191C-20 / 20C 191C-30 / 30C191C-70 / 70C 50 Hz60 Hz
    5,000 -- 125 105
    4,500 4,500 -115 95
    - 4,000 -100 85
    - 3,500 -90 75
    - -3,000 75 65
    - -2,500 65 55
    Table 1 – Machine Specification
    Table 2 – Machine Spee\f vs. Motor Pulley Diameter 
    							5High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    Setup and Adjustment Instructions
    Table \fut-Out 
    Figure 1
    + 1
    - 0
    9520 6
    10868. 1
    339. 7
    R 1
    02-R 18
    4-R 10
    2-R2 0
    2-R 20
    2-R3 050
    2-DEEP 17
    4-R 10
    4D EEP  1
    15 9Ø
    EE P 
    Ø1 865
    2-DEEP 232-DEEP 18
    + 1
    - 0 
    							6High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    Oil Reservoir 
    The	 oi\f	reservoir	 shou\fd	rest	on	the	
    four	 corners	 of	the	 machine	 tab\fe	
    Two	 rubber	 seats	‘1’	for	 supporting	
    the	 head	 portion	 on	the	 operator	
    side	 ‘A’	are	 fixed	 on	the	 extended	
    Two	 hinges	 ‘1’	fit	into	 the	ho\fe	 in	the	
    machine	 bed,	and	the	machine	 head	
    fitted	 the	tab\fe	 hinge’s	 rubber	‘2’,	
    before	 the	machine	 head	is	p\faced	
    portion	 of	the	 tab\fe	 by	using	 nai\f	‘2’,	
    and	 the	other	 two	rubber	 cushion	 ‘3’	
    on	 the	 hinge	 side	‘B’	are	 attached	 by	
    nai\f	 too.	Then,	 the	oi\f	reservoir	 ‘4’	is	
    p\faced	(Figures	2	and	3).
    to	 the	 cushions	 ‘3’	on	 the	 four	 cor\b
    ners	of	the	tab\fe	(Figures	4	and	5).
    Figure 2 Figure 3
    Figure 4 Figure 5
    19 .5mm 
    							7High Speed Straight Lockstitch Sewing \fachine |  Instruction \fanua\b and Parts List
    Belt \fover and 
    Bobbin Winder  Installation
    For safety\f the 
    belt cover should  be installed.The left and 
    right \barts of the \c bobbin winder 
    should be \barallel \c to the \blate 
    belt slot on the  machine table.
    Figure 6
    Dri\f\f	 four	ho\fes	 ‘A’,	‘B’,	 ‘\f’	and	 ‘D’,	
    in 	the 	machine 	tab\fe 	for 	screws	
    (Figure	6).
    Insert	 support	 ‘1’	in	the	 threaded	
    ho\fe	in	the	housing.
    Insta\f\f	 the	front	 be\ft	cover	 ‘3’	and	
    get	 the	hand	 whee\f	 in	the	 midd\fe	 of	
    the	cover	ho\fe.
    Insta\f\f	 the	back	 be\ft	cover	 ‘2’	at	
    ho\fes	‘\f’,	‘D’.
    Fix	 the	 front	 be\ft	cover	 ‘3’	on	 the	
    support	 with	screws	 ‘4’,	‘5’	and	 washers	
    ‘6’.	The	 tightening	 torque	
    for	 the	 screw	 ‘4’	is	about	 30	kgf×cm,	
    and	 for	the	 screw	 ‘5’	is	about	 25	
    Move	 the	back	 be\ft	cover	 ‘2’	back\b
    ward,	 unti\f	its	rubber	 touches	 the	
    front	 be\ft	cover	 ‘3’,	move	 it	again	 for	
    0.5~1.0	 mm	and	fix	it	with	 screws	
    and	washers.
    Fix	 bobbin	 winder	‘7’	at	ho\fe	 A’,	‘B’ 
    with	screws	and	washers. 
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