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Singer Csp 1 Manual

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    							MODEL CSP1 
    MODEL CSP1 Instruction Manual  
    							MODEL CSP1 
    Important Safeguards 
    Special Instruction 
    Getting to Know the Compact Steam press 
    How to Operate the Compact Steam Press 
    Before Plugging into Outlet 
    Filling the Water Tank 
    Turning on the Press 
    Temperature Selection 
    Steam Control 
    Orientation Change of Pressing Plate 
    and Ironing Board 
    When Pressing is Finished 
    Cleaning the Compact Steam Press 
    Pressing Selections 
    Fabric Tips 
    Buttons, Zippers, Etc. 
    Additional Steam Pressing Methods 
    Using the Pressing Cushion 
    Shirts and Blouses 
    Pleated Skirts 
    Other Applications 
    							MODEL CSP1 
    You have made the right decision in purchasing this 
    The scope of this manual covers the installation and 
    operation of Singers COMPACT STEAM PRESS 
    CSPI. For the best performance of this piece of 
    precision engineered equipment, a section has been 
    devoted to its maintenance as well as a 
    troubleshooting section.
    No special skill is needed to operate the COMPACT 
    STEAM PRESS 1. Simply read through the following 
    instructions and learn how to operate the Press. In 
    addition, you will find many useful tips on how to 
    obtain the best possible results.
    Remember to choose a spot that is free from dust, 
    moisture and direct sunshine. For the ease of 
    operation, you should locate this equipment close to a 
    power outlet.
    Copyright 1993 
    by the Singer Sewing Company 
    All rights reserved throughout the world. 
    The manufacturer reserves the right to change the 
    appearance, design, or accessories of the Compact 
    Stream Press 1 as considered necessary without any 
    notification or obligation.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    When using your Compact Steam Press 1, the 
    following safety precautions should be followed.
    1. Read all instructions. 
    2. Use Compact Steam Press 1 only for its intended 
    3. Before Plugging in the Compact Steam Press 1, be 
    sure the electrical information on the label on the base 
    agrees with your power supply.
    4. To protect against risk of electric shock, do not 
    immerse the press in water or other liquids.
    5. The Compact Steam Press 1 should always be 
    turned OFF before plugging into or unplugging from 
    electrical outlet. Never yank cord to disconnect from 
    outlet; instead, grasp plug and pull to disconnect.
    6. Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Loop cord 
    loosely and store in base of press. Let Compact 
    Steam Press 1 cool completely (at least 30 minutes) 
    before putting away.
    7. Always disconnect press from electrical outlet when 
    filling with or emptying water. Be careful to avoid 
    spilling water over press when filling.
    8. Always disconnect press from electrical outlet when 
    not in use.
    9. Do not operate Compact Steam Press 1 with a 
    damaged cord or if the Press has been dropped or 
    damaged. To avoid the risk of electric shock do not 
    disassemble the Compact Steam Press 1; take it to an 
    authorized Singer Service Center for examination and 
    repair. Incorrect reassembly can cause risk of electric 
    10. Close supervision is necessary for any appliance 
    being used by or near children. Do not leave Compact 
    Steam Press 1 unattended while connected to power 
    11. When not in use, keep the Pressing Plate and 
    Ironing Board locked together with the Locking Knob.
    12. To avoid a circuit overload, do not operate another 
    high wattage appliance on the same circuit.
    13. If the extension cord is absolutely necessary, a 10 
    Ampere (for 220/240V appliances) or a 15 Ampere 
    (for 120V) cord should be used. Cord rated for less 
    amperage may overheat. Care should be taken to 
    arrange the cord so that it cannot be pulled or tripped 
    14. Accessible parts of housing will get warmer than 
    140 Degrees F (60 Degrees C).
    15. It is important that this appliance be grounded 
    16. Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, 
    hot water, or steam.
    17. Pressing Plate is very hot. Always cool down the 
    Pressing Plate before changing the Pressing Plate 
    Special Instructions 
    In areas with hard water, use distilled water when 
    possible to extend the life of your press. Do not use 
    perfumed products or products containing alcohol, 
    they will deteriorate your press. Do not use defrosted 
    water from the refrigerator.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    I. PRESSING HANDLE. Use for raising and lowering 
    the pressing plate. For Automatic Maximum Pressure: 
    with the Pressing Plate against the Ironing Board, 
    continue lowering the handle until it reaches its lowest 
    position. When the Pressing Plate and Ironing board 
    are locked together with the locking Knob, use the 
    Handle to carry the Press.
    2. BURST OF STEAM HANDLE. Produces an extra 
    burst of steam during steam pressing. May also be 
    used during dry pressing.
    3. DRAIN KNOB. Allows for easy draining of the 
    Water Tank.
    4. PRESSING PLATE. Temperature controlled 
    surface for heating and pressing fabric.
    5. IRONING BOARD. The padded surface that holds 
    your fabric during pressing.
    6. ORIENTATION CHANGE LEVER. Press to release 
    the Ironing Board.
    7. BASE WITH RUBBER FEET. Provides a stable 
    platform for the Compact Steam Press 1.
    8. LOCKING KNOB. Lower the Pressing Handle to its 
    lowest position (Automatic Maximum Pressure 
    position). Put Locking Knob to the locked position to 
    hold the Pressing Plate and Ironing Board together. 
    Use when moving or storing the Press.
    9. WATER TANK FILL HOLE AND CAP. Remove cap 
    to fill water tank.
    and then turn the Pressing Plate through 90 degrees.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    11. STEAM CONTROL. Turn dial to set steam amount 
    - no steam through maximum.
    12. TEMPERATURE CONTROL DIAL. Turn to set the 
    Press temperature for your fabric.
    13. ON/OFF SWITCH. Push to turn the power ON (1) 
    or OFF (0).
    14. POWER INDICATING LIGHT. A red light which 
    comes on when the switch is moved to the ON 
    15. READY LIGHT. An yellow/orange light which 
    comes on when the Press has reached the selected 
    16. PRESSING CUSHION. Fabric covered pad used 
    for pressing gathered or contoured areas such as 
    sleeves, darts, and yokes.
    17. SPRAY BOTTLE. Plastic water bottle for 
    dampening fabric before pressing.
    18. WATER CONTAINER. Use for filling and emptying 
    the Water tank.
    19. IRONING BOARD COVER. Removable and 
    washable for extended life.
    Automatic Safety Shutoff Switch 
    A multi function safety feature. Turns off electrical 
    power to the press when the Pressing Plate has been:
    - left against the Ironing Board for more than 30 seconds
    - left in the open position without use for about 15
    To turn power back on, press the ON/OFF Switch to 
    the OFF (0) position and then back to ON (1). Raising 
    and lowering the Pressing Plate will also turn power 
    back on.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    1. Before Plugging into Outlet
    Check the voltage printed on the bottom of the Press 
    to be sure it is the same as your line voltage.
    Place Compact Steam Press 1 on a firm level
    2. Filling the Water Tank
    CAUTION: Always disconnect press from electrical 
    outlet when filling with or empty water. Fill the Water 
    Tank with the ironing arm in the raised position. Be 
    careful to avoid spilling water over press when filling.
    Make sure the Drain is closed by plugging in the Drain 
    Knob A in the direction of the arrow.
    Unscrew Water Tank Cap B in the direction of the 
    arrow and remove.
    Using the Water Container, slowly pour up to 2/3 cups 
    (150cc) of water into the Water Tank Fill Hole C.
    Replace Tank Cap and tighten.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    3. Turning on the Press
    Check the voltage printed on the bottom of the Press 
    to be sure it is same as your power outlet.
    Check to make sure the ON/OFF Switch A is in the 
    OFF position by pressing the side of the switch 
    labeled 0.
    Unlock the Pressing Plate and Ironing Board by 
    sliding Locking Knob B to the open position.
    Grasp the Pressing Handle and lift the Pressing Plate 
    to the full open position.
    Rotate the pressing Plate from storage position to 
    ironing position by pressing the Orientation Change 
    Button C.
    Rotate the Ironing Board from Storage position to 
    ironing position by pressing the Orientation Change 
    Lever D.
    Plug the power cord into the power outlet.
    Switch on the press by moving the ON/OFF Switch to 
    the ON position by pressing the side of the switch 
    labeled 1.
    The red Indicator LED will light.
    							MODEL CSP1 
    4. Temperature Selection
    Turn the Temperature Control Dial A until the arrow points to the number of 
    dots which correspond to your fabric. (Compare garment label to Fabric \
    Chart B. If your are unsure of the fiber content of your fabric, try a low 
    setting first and gradually increase until the desired results are obtai\
    After several minutes the Ready Light C will come on. This indicates that 
    the pressing Plate temperature has increased to the selected setting.
    NOTE: The Pressing Plate must be in the up position until it reaches the 
    selected temperature.
    If you have decreased the temperature setting, allow the Pressing Plate \
    cool before pressing. Wait for the Ready Light to relight at the new set\
    ting. It 
    is for this reason that we recommend pressing fabrics which require low \
    temperatures first (NYLON) and gradually increasing the temperature as\
    							MODEL CSP1 
    5. Steam Control
    For steam pressing, turn Steam Control A clockwise. 
    The farther
    the dial is moved in this direction, the more steam will 
    be produced.
    Your Temperature Control Dial must be in the Steam 
    zone (4 dots or above) to produce steam.
    NOTE: If this is the first time you are using the Press 
    after filling with water or after a long period of storage, 
    lift the Pressing Plate to the raised position and pump 
    the Burst of Steam Handle several times until steam 
    begins to flow.
    For dry pressing, turn Steam Control A 
    counterclockwise as far as it will go.
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