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Stihl Ht 75 Owners Manual

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1 HT 70, HT 75english
Printing inks contain vegetable oils;
paper can be recycled. Printed on chlorine-free paper. © ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG, 2003 
0458 390 3021. M7. D3. PM. Printed in USA 
STIHlContentsGuide to Using this Manual  ..............  2
Safety Precautions  ...........................  3
Using the Pole Pruner  ....................  13
Mounting the Bar and Chain  ...........  16
Tensioning the Saw Chain  ..............  17
Checking Chain Tension  .................  17
Adjusting the Throttle...

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2 english
HT 70, HT 75PictogramsAll the pictograms attached to the 
machine are shown and explained in  
this manual.
The operating and handling instructions 
are supported by illustrations.Symbols in textThe individual steps or procedures 
described in the manual may be marked 
in different ways:
:Step or procedure without direct 
reference to an illustration. 
Description of step or procedure that 
refers directly to the illustration and 
contains item numbers that appear in 
the illustration....

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3 HT 70, HT 75english
The use of any pole 
pruner may be 
hazardous. The pole 
pruner chain has many 
sharp cutters. If the 
cutters contact your flesh, 
they will cut you, even if the chain is not 
moving. At full throttle, the chain speed 
can reach 68 mph (30 m/s). It is 
important that you read, fully understand 
and observe the following safety 
precautions and warnings. Read the 
owners manual and the safety 
instructions periodically.
All safety precautions that are generally 
observed when...

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4 english
HT 70, HT 75!
Prolonged use of pole pruners (or other 
machines) exposing the operator to 
vibrations may produce whitefinger 
disease (Raynauds phenomenon) or 
carpal tunnel syndrome. These 
conditions reduce the hands ability to 
feel and regulate temperature, produce 
numbness and burning sensations and 
may cause nerve and circulation 
damage and tissue necrosis.
All factors which contribute to 
whitefinger disease are not known, but 
cold weather, smoking and diseases or 

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5 HT 70, HT 75english
To reduce the risk of injury 
to your eyes never 
operate a pole pruner 
unless wearing goggles or 
properly fitted safety 
glasses with adequate top 
and side protection complying with 
ANSI Z 87.1.
To reduce the risk of injury to your face, 
STIHL recommends that you also wear 
a face shield or face screen over your 
goggles or safety glasses.
Wear an approved safety hard hat to 
reduce the risk of head injury. Pole 
pruner noise may damage your hearing. 
Always wear sound...

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6 english
HT 70, HT 75 Preparation for the use of the pole 
Take off the chain guard and inspect for 
safety in operation. For assembly, follow 
the procedure described in the chapter 
Mounting the Bar and Chain of your 
owners manual. 
STIHL Oilomatic chain, guide bar and 
sprocket must match each other in 
gauge and pitch.!
Proper chain tension is extremely 
important. In order to avoid improper 
setting, the tensioning procedure must 
be followed as described in your 
manual. Always...

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7 HT 70, HT 75english
In order to reduce the risk of burns or 
other personal injury from escaping gas 
vapor and fumes, remove the fuel cap 
on the STIHL product carefully so as to 
allow any pressure build-up in the tank 
to release slowly. Never remove fuel 
filler cap while engine is running.
Select bare ground for fueling and move 
at least 10 feet (3 m) from fueling spot 
before starting the engine. Wipe off any 
spilled fuel before starting your pole 
pruner, and check for leakage.
Check for fuel...

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8 english
HT 70, HT 75 When you pull the starter grip, do not 
wrap the starting rope around your 
hands. Do not allow the grip to snap 
back, but guide the starter rope slowly 
back to permit the rope to rewind 
properly. Failure to follow this procedure 
may result in injury to hand or fingers 
and may damage the starter 
Important adjustments!
Warning !
To reduce the risk of personal injury from 
loss of control or contact with the 
running chain, do not use a pole pruner 
with incorrect...

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9 HT 70, HT 75english
Use of this product (including sharpen-
ing the saw chain) can generate dust, 
mists and fumes containing chemicals 
known to cause respiratory disease, 
cancer, birth defects, or other 
reproductive harm. If you are unfamiliar 
with the risks associated with the 
particular dust, mist or fume at issue, 
consult your employer, governmental 
agencies such as OSHA and NIOSH 
and other sources on hazardous 
materials. California and some other 
authorities, for instance,...
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