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Sunbeam Pie Maker 2 Manual

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BPI240 Pie Maker  

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Breville Recommends Safety First  4
Know Your Breville Pie Maker  6
Operating Your Breville Pie Maker  7
Care, Cleaning and Storage  9
Hints and Tips for Best Results  10
Recipes  R2   

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 on the purchase of your new Breville Pie Maker    

Page 4

Breville recommends safety first
At  Breville  we  are  very  safety  conscious.  We  design  and  manufacture  consumer  products 
with  the  safety  of  you,  our  valued  customer,  foremost  in  mind.  In  addition  we  ask  that  you 
exercise  a  degree  of  care  when  using  any  electrical  appliance  and  adhere  to  the  following 
•	Carefully  read  all  instructions  before  operating  the 
Breville Pie Maker and save for future reference.
•	 Remove  and  safely  discard  any...

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Breville recommends safety first continued
•	Unwind the power cord fully before use.
•	 Do  not  let  the  power  cord  hang  over  the  edge  of 
a  bench  or  table,  touch  hot  surfaces  or  become 
•	 To protect against electric shock, do not immerse the 
appliance,  power  cord  or  power  plug  in  water  or  any 
other liquid.
•	 The  appliance  is  not  intended  for  use  by  persons 
(including  children)  with  reduced  physical,  sensory 
or  mental  capabilities,  or  lack  of...

Page 6

Know Your Breville Pie Maker
1. Ready-to-bake green light indicates when the appliance has reached the correct 
temperature and is ready to use
2. Power ‘On’ red light indicates that the appliance is switched on and heating
3. 4 deep pie wells for a variety of pie fillings
4. Pie cutter for perfectly round and even pie bases and tops
5. Pie press assists with inserting pastry bases into pie wells
6. Cool touch handle with locking latch holds the appliance closed for perfectly...

Page 7

Before first use
Remove  and  safely  discard  any  packaging  material  and 
promotional labels. 
Wipe  the  cooking  plates  and  outer  housing  with  a  soft 
damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
Season  the  cooking  plates  (top  and  base)  with  a  little 
vegetable  oil  and  remove  any  excess  oil  with  absorbent 
kitchen paper towel. After the initial seasoning, there is no 
need to season the plates before each use as the pastry 
leaves the plates slightly seasoned. Avoid using spray on 

Page 8

Operating Your Breville Pie Maker continued
6.  Place  a  pastry  base  (floured  side  up)  into  the  centre 
of  each  pie  well  and  use  the  pie  press  to  press  and 
mould  into  the  shape  of  the  pie  well,  ensuring  the 
edges  of  the  pastry  overlap  the  crimping  area  of  the 
pie well.
7.  Spoon  ½  cup  of  pre-prepared  or  pre-cooked  and 
cooled filling into the pastry base unless specified to 
do otherwise in the recipe. Do not overfill the pastry 
Do  not  use...

Page 9

Care, Cleaning and Storage
Care and Cleaning
Before cleaning, ensure the power is switched off at the 
power outlet and the power cord is then unplugged from 
the power outlet. 
Allow  the  appliance  to  cool  slightly.  The  appliance  is 
easier  to  clean  when  slightly  warm.  Always  clean  after 
each use to prevent a build up of baked-on foods.
Cleaning the cooking plates
Wipe  cooking  plates  with  a  soft,  damp  cloth  and  dry 
Do not use abrasive or metal utensils or scourers...

Page 10

Hints and Tips for Best Results
Pastry Pies
•	A  wide  selection  of  ready-rolled  pastry,  such  as 
shortcrust,  puff,  butter  puff  and  wholemeal,  is 
available  in  your  supermarket  freezer.  These  pre-
prepared  pastry  sheets  give  great  results  and  are 
handy to keep in the freezer. 
•	 Pastry can be homemade or purchased ready rolled.
•	 Allow  sufficient  time  to  defrost  frozen  pastry  sheets 
before use but do not allow the pastry to become too 
soft as it will be difficult to...
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