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Tripp Lite 8 Port Kvm Manual

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Owner’s Manual
Copyright © 2011 Tripp Lite. All rights reserved. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
8- and 16-Port NetCommander™  
Cat5 Rackmount KVM Switches
Models: B072-008-1 and B072-016-1
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Note:  Follow these installation and operating procedures to ensure...

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1. Features 3
2. System Components 3
3. Compatibility 3
4. Configuration 3
4.1 Front Panel  3
4.2 Back Panel 4
5. Installation 4
5.1 Rackmount Considerations  4
5.1.1 Ambient Operating Temperature 4
5.1.2 Airflow 4
5.1.3 Circuit Overloading 4
5.2 Rackmounting the NetCommander KVM  4
5.3 Pre-Installation Guidelines 4
5.4 Connecting the NetCommander KVM System 5
5.5 NetCommander Server Interface Unit (SIU) 5
5.5.1 PS/2 Server Interface Unit 5
5.5.2 USB Server Interface Unit 6
5.6 Connecting the Power...

Page 3

•	Access and control multiple computers from a single console
•	Hot-swappable: disconnect and reconnect USB computers without rebooting
•	Auto-scan: with variable time interval
•	Compact design: 1U rack mountable 
•	Easy port selection using (1) On Screen Display (OSD), (2) front panel pushbuttons or (3) keyboard  Hotkeys key sequences
•	Expandable: control up to 256 computers by adding additional KVM switches
•	Simple cable management: use standard Cat5e/6 patch cord (maximum distance 100 ft) to...

Page 4

5. Installation
5.2 Rackmounting the NetCommander KVM
Use the L-shaped brackets and screws provided to mount the KVM in a server rack as  
illustrated below.
Figure 5.2 Connecting the L-shaped bracket
Insert screws to connect to rack
Insert screws to connect to Switch side panel
•	Switch off all computers
•	Ensure that the cables are not close to any sources of electrical noise interference such as fluorescent lights, HVAC systems or motors 
•	Ensure that the distance between any computer and the KVM...

Page 5

5.4 Connecting the NetCommander KVM System
5. Installation (continued)
The Server Interface Unit receives power from the connected computer. In the case of the NetCommander	PS/2	Server	 Interface	 Unit	(B078-101-PS2),	 power	is	drawn	 from	the	keyboard	 port.	In	the	case	 of	the	 NetCommander	 USB	Server	 Interface	 Unit	(B078-101-USB),	 power	is	drawn	 from	the	USB port. SIUs allow a computer/server to be located up to 100 ft. from the KVM switch.
5.5 NetCommander Server Interface Unit (SIU)

Page 6

5. Installation (continued)
1. Plug in the KVM. Use only the power cord supplied with the unit.
2. Switch ON the computers. 
5.6 Connecting the Power Supply
To reset the KVM switch, press both "Select" buttons on the front panel s\
imultaneously. The Server Interface Units are unaffected by this reset.
5.7 Resetting the KVM Switch
Connecting a NetCommander USB Server Interface Unit (Model # B078-101-USB)
1. Connect	the	B078-101-USB	 VGA	connector	 to	the	 computers	 VGA	port
2. Connect	 the...

Page 7

Figure 5.9 Cascading NetCommander KVM Switches
SIU = Server Interface Unit
5. Installation (continued)
To cascade two or more NetCommander KVM Switches, follow the instructions below. You can connect 
up to 256 computers/servers in a complete 2-level installation. Note: The distance between the first- and 
second-level KVMs, and between the second-level KVMs and connected computers, cannot total more 
than 100 ft.
1. Connect	a	CPU	 port	on	the	 NetCommander	 KVM	Switch	 to	a	B078-101-PS2	 SIU	using	 a...

Page 8

6. Operation
6.1 Basic Operation
6.2 On-Screen Display (OSD) Functions
The NetCommander KVM Switch provides three methods for accessing connected computers; 
Pushbuttons, Keyboard Hotkeys and On-Screen Display (OSD).
Press the pushbuttons on the front panel of the KVM to toggle between the connected computers.
6.1.1 Pushbuttons
6.1.2 Keyboard Hotkeys
Keyboard hotkeys allow you to toggle between ports using the keyboard. To access the first accessible port after the currently selected port, press and...

Page 9

6.3 On-Screen Display (OSD) F2 SETTINGS
6. Operation (continued)
6.3.1 General
F5 – TUNING As computers are located further away from the KVM switch, the video can\
 become distorted. In the event you are experiencing poor video quality, the TUNING	function	can	be	used	to	correct	it.	Press	the	[F5]	key to display the currently selected port, with the TUNING	bar	displayed.	Use	the	[←]	and	[→]	keys	to	make	the	necessary	adjustments.	When	you	are	finished,	press	the	[Esc]	key	to	go	back	to	the	OSD....

Page 10

6. Operation (continued)
6.3 On-Screen Display (OSD) F2 SETTINGS (continued)
HotkeyBy default, the hotkey used in keyboard hotkey commands and to open the \
OSD is the [Shift] key, but this can be changed to any of the four options below. To toggle between commands, highlight the Hotkey option and press the [Spacebar] key.
(SH-SH)•	 Press	and	release	the	[Shift]	key	twice	to	open	the	OSD.•	 Press	and	release	the	[Shift]	key,	and	then	press	and	release	the	plus	[+]	key	to switch to the next...
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