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Vivitar V10b User Manual

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     - User Manual Model:   
    1. Camera Precautions 2 
    2. Vivicam 10 Specifications 3 
    3. Vivicam 10 Features 5 
    4. Taking Images (Pictures) 9 
    5. Installing Driver and Utility Software 13 
    6. Transferring Images To Your PC 21 
    7. Using the Vivicam 10 as a PC Camera 25 
    8. Supplement 27 
    							 1. Camera Precautions Follow these guidelines when using your Vivicam: 
    n Keep camera away from the following: 
    - High temperatures and excessive humidity        
    - Direct sunlight or other heat sources 
    - Dust 
    - Extreme vibration 
    n Do not use camera outdoors if it is raining or snowing 
    n If the lens or the viewfinder becomes dirty, clean them 
    with a lens brush or soft, clean cloth. Never touch the  
    lens with your fingers. 
    n If water or a foreign substance should get in the 
    camera, turn the camera off immediately and remove 
    the batteries 
    n Do not open the camera case or attempt your own  
    repairs. High-voltage internal components may create 
    risk of electrical shock or fire. 
    n Do not open the battery compartment when the camera  
    power is on 
    n Transfer important images to your computer as soon  
    as possible to avoid losing image data   
    2. Vivicam 10 Specifications 
    2.1 Specification 
    n Resolution choices: 
    Digital Camera mode : 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)                        320 x 240 pixels (CIF) 
    PC Camera mode : 640 x 480 pixels 
    320 x 240 pixels 
    160 x 120 pixels 
    n Focus : Standard mode : 0.9m to infinity from camera  
    Macro mode : 25cm ~ 30cm 
    n 24-bit full color 
    n Memory: Built-in 8MB Flash memory 
    n File Format: BMP (selectable after download) 
    n Flash: lnternal 
    n Flash modes: Auto/Off 
    n Self-timer: 10 seconds 
    n Power: AA alkaline battery x 2 
    n Interface: USB 
    n Auto Power Off: Automatically turns power off if inactive afterapproximatly 60 seconds   
    							  2.2 Accessories 
    1. Camera Cradle  
    2. Two AA alkaline batteries 
    3. Camera hand strap 
    4. Camera driver and utility software CD 
    5. USB cable 
    6. Camera pouch  
    7. Quickstart Guide      
    							 3. Vivicam 10 Features 
    3.1 General Guide   
     Front   Back   
    3.2 LCD Panel lndicator  
    n Image Counter 
    n        :Total number of images you have captured 
    n Continuous Capture 
    n         : Continuous capture mode 
    n lmage Resolution 
    n           : 640 x 480 pixels (default setting) 
    n           : 320 x 240 pixels  
     3 1 2   
    							 n Shooting Environment 
    n            : Outdoor 1 (Cloudy, default setting) 
    n            : Outdoor 2 (Sunny) 
    n            : lndoor 1 (Bright) 
    n            : lndoor 2 (Dark) 
    n Memory Full  
    n           : Memory full icon 
    n Flash Mode  
    n           : Auto mode 
    n           : Off mode (default setting, no icon display) 
    n Image Delete 
    n           : Deletes all images 
    n           : Deletes last image 4 5 7 6   
    n Self-timer  
    n           : Self-timer mode  
    n Low Battery Warning  
    n            : This icon will appear, blinking and beeping, indicating low battery power. 
    ? lmportant Note: 
    The camera will stop taking pictures.  Please  
    replace both batteries as soon as possible. 
     3.3 Camera Function Selection  
    n Press  Mode  button to select the desired function.  
    The function icon on the LCD panel will blink. Press   
     Select  button until you hear 2 beeps to confirm. 
    n Function Mode Status    8 9   
    							 4. Taking Images (Pictures) 
    4.1 Turning Power On 
    n Power on : Press    Power   button and camera will beep.   n Power off : Press   Power   button again and camera will beep. 
    (The camera will automatically turn off if inactive for  
    about 60 seconds.) 
    4.2 Taking Images (Pictures)  n Select focus mode (switch on left of camera body) 
          : Standard mode (0.9m ~ infinity) 
    Normal mode.          : Macro mode (25cm ~ 30cm) - For taking close-upsThe Macro mode LED will light when switched to 
    this mode. 
    n Press   Shutter   button to take an image, camera will  
    n LCD Panel will show :              : Number of images you have taken. 
          : When memory is full, the icon will blink and beep 
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