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Ames True Temper Water System User Manuals

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Ames True Temper Water System User Manuals
                                                    TO REPLACE CRANK ON WROUGHT IRON HOSE REEL: 
1.   Remove all hose from reel. 
2.   Flip unit upside down. 
3.   Using a driver with Phillips head end, reach into h ose reel where shown and remove Crank 
Retaining Screw with Cap from inside of Housing: 
4.   Before removal of existing Crank from outside of Ho using, take note of how it is seated in 
Housing then remove existing...
Model/Modèle/Modelo # 2385630
# 23913, 23914, 23917, 23918
Remove the metal clip using pliers with a tapered, pointed tip. 
À l’aide de pinces à pointe éffilée, enlevez l’attache de métal.
Utilice unos alicates de punta cónica para retirar la pieza de 
unión de metal.
Remove the two halves of the reel by unclipping the four clips that 
hold them together.
Pincer les quatre attaches qui maintiennent les deux moitiés du 
panier d’enroulement ensemble pour les détacher et les...