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Anaheim Integrated Circuit User Manuals
                                                    24-BIT QUADRATURE COUNTER
•  Programmable modes are:  Up/Down,               
   Binary, BCD, 24 Hour Clock, Divide-by-N,
   x1 or x2 or x4 Quadrature and Single-Cycle.
•  DC to 25MHz Count Frequency.
•  8-Bit I/O Bus for uP Communication and Control.
•  24-Bit comparator for pre-set count comparison.
•  Readable status register.
•  Input/Output TTL and CMOS compatible.
•  3V to 5.5V operation (V
DD - VSS).
•  LS7166 (DIP); LS7166-S (SOIC); 
    LS7166-TS24 (24-Pin TSSOP)  - See Figure 1 -...
                                                    STEPPER MOTOR  CONTROLLER 
•  Controls Bipolar and Unipolar Motors
•  Cost-effective replacement for L297 in Bipolar applications
•  Full, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, step mode selected with 3 mode in\
•  Direction control
•  Reset input
•  Step control input
•  Enable input
•  PWM chopper circuit for current control
•  8-bit PWM resolution
•  Two peak current comparators with external reference input
•  Step control frequency and duty cycle controlled by an external fr\
                                                    AC POWER CONTROLLERS
The LS7310 - LS7313 are MOS integrated circuits specifically
designed for motor  speed  control  applications  in appliances
such  as blenders, etc. I/Os (PLs)  are  provided for selecting/
indicating from one to ten power levels. The LS7310 and 7311
are designed for pushbutton control. The LS7312 and LS7313
are designed for touch control. (See Fig.4A and 4B)
PL1 - PL10  (Pins 1 - 9, 18)
Ten inputs/outputs for selecting ten output phase angles...
                                                        5-SPEED AC MOTOR CONTROLLER  / 5-STEP LAMP DIMMER
•  Inputs/Outputs for selecting and displaying 5 speed/power levels
Electronically latched inputs with dome switch compatibility 
•   Separate Boost input for full-speed/power selection
•   Separate Pulse input for periodic on/off cycle selection
•   +6V Operation (V
•   LS7317  (DIP); LS7317-S  (SOIC) - See Figure 1 -
•   Consumer  Appliances such as Blenders, Range Hoods, Fans, etc.
•   Lamp Dimmer for control of...
                                                    BRUSHLESS DC MOTOR COMMUTATOR/CONTROLLER
The LS7362 is a MOS integrated circuit designed to gener-
ate the signals necessary to control a three phase or four
phase brushless DC motor.  It is the basic building block of
a brushless DC motor controller.  The circuit responds to
changes at the SENSE inputs, originating at the motor po-
sition  sensors,  to  provide  electronic  commutation  of  the
motor windings.  Pulse width modulation (PWM) of low-side
drivers for motor speed control is...
                                                    GENERAL FEATURES: 
• Operating voltage: 3V to 5.5V (V
• 5V count frequency:  40MHz
• 3V count frequency:  20MHz
• 32-bit counter (CNTR).
• 32-bit data register (DTR) and comparator.
• 32-bit output register (OTR).
• Two 8-bit mode registers (MDR0, MDR1) 
   for programmable functional modes.
• 8-bit instruction register (IR).
• 8-bit status register (STR).
• Latched Interrupt output on Carry or Borrow or Compare or Index.
• Index driven counter load, output register load or counter reset.