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Acu-Rite Control System MILLPWRG2 User Manual

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    User’s Manual5
     Controls of the MILLPWR
    G2Controls of the MILLPWRG2
    Keys on console
    Motion control keys
    Data entry keys
    Function keysNumerical keys
    Axis keys
    Soft keys
    GO key (e.g. run a program).
    STOP key (duel function: press once to 
    pause, press twice to stop a program).
    CANCEL key cancels operation, i.e. form.
    CLEAR key clears selections, i.e. values in 
    a field, a program step.
    USE key completes operation, i.e. data 
    entered in a form.
    ENTER key completes selection, i.e. 
    values entered in a field.
    ABS/INCR key toggles between Absolute 
    or Incremental positioning.
    DRO/PGM key toggles between the DRO 
    display or Program mode display.
    VIEW key opens a dialogue for setting 
    graphic display parameters, i.e. type.
    INFO key opens on-screen manual.
    MM key toggles between INCH or MM 
    SETUP key opens configuration menu.
    ZERO key.
    ONE key.
    TWO key.
    THREE key.
    FOUR key.
    FIVE key.
    SIX key.
    SEVEN key.
    EIGHT key.
    NINE key.
    DECIMAL key.
    PLUS / MINUS key.
    AXIS keys open the datum, or preset 
    SOFT KEYS performs the function directly 
    above it. 
    							ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 3
     Controls of the MILLPWR
    G2Move table and navigation keys
    Calculator function keys
    Potentiometer for feed rate overrideMilling function keys
    Peripherals supported:
    USB memory devices; e.g. a memory stick.
    Networking, USB pointing devices; e.g. a mouse, USB 
    LEFT ARROW key will move the table or  
    display cursor depending on the function 
    RIGHT ARROW key will move the table or  
    display cursor depending on the function 
    UP ARROW key will move the table or  
    display cursor depending on the function 
    DOWN ARROW key will move the table or  
    display cursor depending on the function 
    CALC key opens the calculator.
    PLUS key.
    MINUS key. 
    DIVIDE key.
    Feed rate override
    TOOL key opens the SET TOOL dialogue.
    RECT key opens the Rectangle milling 
    popup menu.
    CIRCLE key opens the Circle milling 
    popup menu.
    HOLES key opens the Hole pattern popup 
    POS key opens the POSITION / DRILL 
    data input dialogue.
    LINE key opens the MILL LINE data 
    input dialogue.
    ARC key opens the MILL ARC data input 
    BLEND key opens the BLEND  
    CHAMFER data input dialogue.
    BLANK key opens the user defined milling 
    function data input form. 
    							ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 5
     Manual Information
    Manual Information
    Message symbols
    This symbol indicates that there is one or more of the 
    following risks when using the described function
    Danger to work piece
    Danger to fixtures
    Danger to tool
    Danger to machine
    Danger to operators
    This symbol indicates that there is risk of MILLPWR
    damage, or electrical shock if instructions are not adhered 
    Different from machine to machine!
    This symbol indicates that instructions may apply 
    differently from one type of machine to another type of 
    Refer to another Manual!
    This symbol indicates that information required is located 
    elsewhere (i.e. Machines Owner Manual).
    This symbol indicates that an Advice tip is being provided. 
    Important, and/or additional information about the function 
     Manual Information
    Fonts used in this manual
    Reference to the: Console HARD KEYS. 
    Reference to the: Display Screen Soft Keys.
    Reference to the: Display Screen dialogues.
    Reference to the: Display Screen Fields.
    Changes (errors)
    HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is continuously striving to improve.  
    Please help HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION by sending your request to 
    the following e-mail address: [email protected]
    Visit www.ACU-RITE.com for latest version of this manual.
    Model, software and features
    This manual describes functions and features provided by 
    MILLPWRG2  as of the following NC software number.
    The machine tool builder may not allow some of the functions 
    described in this manual, therefore they may not be among the 
    features provided by the MILLPWR
    G2 on your machine tool.
    The machine tool builder representative can assist with becoming 
    familiar with the features of the machine.
    Many machine manufacturers, as well as HEIDENHAIN Corp., offer 
    programming courses for the MILLPWR
    G2. We recommend these 
    courses as an effective way of improving your programming skill and 
    sharing information and ideas with other MILLPWR
    G2  users.
    Intended place of operation
    G2 is intended for use primarily in industrially-zoned 
    areas. Refer to the respective installation manual for additional 
    Console modelNC software number
    G2 Software 751005-04 
    							ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 7
     Manual Information
    New functions of software
    7 5 10 0 5 - 01- 01
    Zero Incremental was added to Chapter 2.2.
    Geometry/RPM Calculator functions added to Chapter 9.2.
    Support for Auxiliary Machine Interface (AMI) added to Chapter 8.2
    Basic editing of g-code programs added to Chapter 6.2
    Tool step supports plunge angle, added to Chapter 4.1.
    Pockets can be ramped into at an angle or plunged into.
    Pilot Drilling has been added to programing functions in Chapter 8.2.
    Display resolution can be selected for metric and inch; see 
    Chapter 10.1
    Drill markers corresponding to the tool size are now shown in 2D 
    and 3D line views for MILLPWR
    G2 programs; see Chapter 5.1.
    G-code programs now support the Block Form feature; 
    see Chapter 6.2.
    Reference points are now shown graphically; see Chapter 5.1.
    Advanced custom pocket machining has been added; see 
    Chapter 8.2.
    Step Form Validation has been added; see page 102.
    Radial Slot Cycle has been added; see Chapter 8.1.
    Parameter for reduced feedrate on full pocket cuts has been added 
    to Job Setup; see Chapter 10.1. 
     Manual Information
    Changed functions of software
    7 5 10 0 5 - 01- 01
    Blend/Chamfer information input (see page 164) has been 
    Preset Moves information input (see page 49) has been redefined.
    Display:Peck\Pass (see page 227) has a note added that the limit of 
    pecks or passes is 9999.
    The off-line software described (see page 234) now requires the 
    purchase of a USB Protection Module for operation.
    Custom Pocket: The tool path for custom pockets and islands, 
    described (see page 194) has changed to use the programmed 
    cutting convention.
    A message box warning that the table limits are not established prior 
    to homing has been added (see page 25).
    Part Graphics: The show tool path and show step number options 
    were removed from the graphics view (see page 80).
    Probing examples were added (see page 105).
    Rectangular milling functions can now be established from its 
    center position (see page 169).
    Max feedrate override can now be up to 200%, see page 225.
    Support for angles in DMS (see page 46).
    Change steps allows changing of drill types (see page 192).
    Tool steps can now be programed using a tool number (see page 
    Program functions enhancements (see page 80).
    Explode step function on Engrave Arc and Engrave Line steps (see 
    page 190).
    Improved graphics performance (see page 79). 
    							ACU-RITE MILLPWRG2 9
     Manual Information
    Teach Position and Probe soft key are now always available together 
    (see page 56).
    Show Contour is now available in 3D line view in addition to 
    2D line view (see page 86).
    Forward or Reverse is now available for finish passes (see page 
    The Service files section has been updated; see Chapter 10.1.
    Software update procedure has been updated; see Chapter 10.1.
    Shutdown / Restart procedure has changed (see page 26).
    VIEW hard key description has been updated; see Chapter 5.1.
    Aux step now allows user specified continuity; see page 205.
    The Contour step is now part of the Position/Milling soft key; see 
    page 161. 
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