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Adam Equipment Coin Counting Scale CCSArevA1 User Manual

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    							39 | P a g e    © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
     Place the  weight  on  the  scale. When the  scale  is  st able Press  the 
    [Total /  
    ] key. 
      The display will then show: 
    “   SPAN   ”   “  PASS ”   “               ” 
     The scale will return to the Function menu. 
      Press  [CE  /Esc]  to return to normal operation or  [MC/
    ]  to select 
    a different function. 
    							40 | P a g e    © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    6.2.1  Restore Factory Calibration
       To  restore  this  calibration  value  it  is  necessary  to  do  a  simple 
    procedure.    Press  and  hold  the  [>Z
    							41 | P a g e    © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    When  power  is  first  applied  to  the  scale  the  software  does  a  self  check  and 
    then  verifies  the  voltages  from  the  load  cell  are  a cceptable.    The  display  will 
    show  error  messages  if  the  voltage  is  not  within  ce rtain  limits.  If  these  error 
    messages appear contact your supplier for assistanc e.   
    Err 1 
    Error setting a date  Trying  to  set  a  date  that 
    is not realistic.  
    Err 2 Error setting time  Trying  to  set  a  time  that 
    is not realistic. 
    Err  4 Initial  Zero  is  greater  than  
    allowed  (typically  4%  of  the  
    maximum  capacity)  when  
    power  is  turned  on  or  when 
    							42 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    Capacity,  Max 
    = 20 kg 
    NOTE:   Weight  is  not  displayed  except 
    in special test program  
    Tare Range  -20 kg 
    Temperature 0ºC to 40ºC 
    225 x 275mm 
    315 x 355 x 110mm 
    Battery Life  50+ hours typical* 
    Power 230 VAC,  50/60 Hz.,  10 watts 
    Net Weight  4.1 kg 
    *Battery Life is less when the optional backlight  is used 
    							43 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    Adam  Eq\bipme\ft  offers  Limited  Warra\fty  (Parts  a\fd  Labor)  for  the  compo\fe\fts  failed  d\be  to  defects  i\f  materials  or 
    workma\fship.  Warra\fty starts from the date of delivery. 
    D\bri\fg  the  warra\fty  period,  sho\bld  a\fy  repairs  be  \fecessary,  the  c\bstomer  m\bst  i\fform  the  s\bpplier  or  Adam 
    Eq\bipme\ft.  The  compa\fy  or  its  a\bthorised  Tech\ficia\f  reserves  the  right  to  repair  or  replace  a\fy  compo\fe\fts  at  its 
    ow\f  discretio\f.  A\fy  shippi\fg  costs  i\fvolved  i\f  se\fdi\fg  the  fa\blty  \b\fits  to  a  service  ce\ftre  is  the  c\bstomers 
    The  warra\fty  will  cease  to  operate  if  the  eq\bipme\ft  is  \fot  ret\br\fed  i\f  the  origi\fal  packagi\fg  a\fd  with  correct 
    doc\bme\ftatio\f for a claim to be processed. All claims are at the sole discretio\f of Adam Eq\bipme\ft. 
    This  warra\fty  does  \fot  cover  eq\bipme\ft  where  defects  or  poor  performa\fce  is  d\be  to  mis\bse,  accide\ftal  damage,  expos\bre  to  radioactive  or  corrosive  materials,  \feglige\fce,  fa\blty  i\fstallatio\f,  \b\fa\bthorised  modificatio\fs  or 
    attempted repair or fail\bre to observe the req\bireme\fts a\fd recomme\fdatio\fs as give\f i\f this User Ma\f\bal. 
    Repairs  carried  o\bt  \b\fder  the  warra\fty  does  \fot  exte\fd  the  warra\fty  period.  Compo\fe\fts  removed  d\bri\fg  the 
    warra\fty repairs become the compa\fy property. 
    The  stat\btory  right  of  the  p\brchaser  is  \fot  affected  by  this  warra\fty.  The  terms  of  this  warra\fty  is  gover\fed  by  the  
    Laws  of  E\fgla\fd  a\fd  Wales.  For  complete  details  o\f  Warra\fty  I\fformatio\f,  see  the  terms  a\fd  co\fditio\fs  of  sale 
    available o\f o\br web-site.  
    							44 | P a g e © Adam Equipment Company 2009  
    							© Adam Equipment Company 2009 
    M\fn\bf\fct\brer’s Decl\fr\ftion of Conformity 
    This  prod\bct  has  bee\f  ma\f\bfact\bred  i\f  accorda\fce  with  the 
    harmo\fized  E\bropea\f  sta\fdards,  followi\fg  the  provisio\fs  of  the 
    below stated directives: 
    Electro Mag\fetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC 
    Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC 
    Adam Eq\bipme\ft Co. Ltd. 
    o\fd Ave\f\be, De\fbigh East 
    Milto\f Key\fes, MK1 1SW 
    U\fited Ki\fgdom 
    This  eq\bipme\ft  has  bee\f  tested  a\fd  fo\b\fd  to  comply  with  the  limits  for  a  Class  A  digital  device, 
    p\brs\ba\ft  to  Part  15  of  the  FCC  R\bles.    These  limits  are  desig\fed  to  provide  reaso\fable  protectio\f 
    agai\fst  harmf\bl  i\fterfere\fce  whe\f  the  eq\bipme\ft  is  operated  i\f  a  commercial  e\fviro\fme\ft.    The 
    eq\bipme\ft ge\ferates, \bses, a\fd  ca\f  radiate radio freq\be\fcy e\fergy a\fd,  if \fot i\fstalled  a\fd  \bsed  i\f 
    accorda\fce  with  the  i\fstr\bctio\f  ma\f\bal,  may  ca\bse  harmf\bl  i\fterfere\fce  to  radio  comm\b\ficatio\fs. 
    Operatio\f of this eq\bipme\ft i\f a reside\ftial area is likely to ca\bse harmf\bl i\fterfere\fce i\f which case 
    the \bser will be req\bired to correct the i\fterfere\fce at his ow\f expe\fse. 
    Shielded  i\fterco\f\fect  cables  m\bst  be  employed  with  this  eq\bipme\ft  to  i\fs\bre  complia\fce  with  the 
    perti\fe\ft RF emissio\f limits gover\fi\fg this device. 
    Cha\fges or modificatio\fs \fot ex
    pressly approved by Adam Eq\bipme\ft co\bld void the \bser's a\bthority 
    to operate the eq\bipme\ft. 
    A\fy  Electrical  or  Electro\fic  Eq\bipme\ft  (EEE)  compo\fe\ft  or  assembly  of  parts  i\fte\fded  to  be 
    i\fcorporated  i\fto  EEE  devices  as  defi\fed  by  E\bropea\f  Directive  2002/95/EEC  m\bst  be  recycled  or 
    disposed  \bsi\fg  tech\fiq\bes  that  do  \fot  i\ftrod\bce  hazardo\bs  s\bbsta\fces  harmf\bl  to  o\br  health  or  the 
    e\fviro\fme\ft  as  listed  i\f  Directive  2002/95/EC  or  ame\fdi\fg  legislatio\f.    Battery  disposal  i\f  La\fdfill 
    Sites is more reg\blated si\fce J\bly 2002 by reg\blatio\f 9 of the La\fdfill (E\fgla\fd a\fd Wales) Reg\blatio\fs 
    2002  a\fd  Hazardo\bs  Waste  Reg\blatio\fs  2005. Battery  recycli\fg  has  become  topical  a\fd  the  Waste 
    Electrical a\fd Electro\fic Eq\bipme\ft (WEEE) Reg\blatio\fs are set to impose targets for recycli\fg.     
    							© Adam Equipment Company 2009 
      is  a\f  ISO  9001:2000  certified  global  compa\fy  with  more  tha\f  35  years 
    experie\fce i\f the prod\bctio\f a\fd sale of electro\fic weighi\fg eq\bipme\ft.  
    For a complete listi\fg of all Adam scales a\fd bala\fces visit o\br website at: 
    ©  Copyright  by  Adam  Eq\bipme\ft  Co.  Ltd.    All  rights  reserved.    No  part  of  this 
    p\bblicatio\f may be repri\fted or tra\fslated i\f a\fy form or by a\fy mea\fs witho\bt the 
    prior permissio\f of Adam Eq\bipme\ft. 
    Adam  Eq\bipme\ft  reserves  the  right  to  make  cha\fges  to  the  tech\fology,  feat\bres, 
    specificatio\fs a\fd desig\f of the eq\bipme\ft witho\bt \fotice. 
    All  i\fformatio\f  co\ftai\fed  withi\f  this  p\bblicatio\f  is  to  the  best  of  o\br  k\fowledge 
    timely,  complete  a\fd  acc\brate  whe\f  iss\bed.    However,  we  are  \fot  respo\fsible  for 
    misi\fterpretatio\fs which may res\blt from the readi\fg of this material. 
    The latest versio\f of this p\bblicatio\f ca\f be fo\b\fd o\f o\br Website. 
    He\fd Office:  
    Adam Equipment Co. Ltd. 
    Maidstone Road, Kingston, 
    Milton Keynes, MK10 0BD 
    United Kingdom 
    Tel: +44 (0)1908 274545 Fax: 
    +44 (0)1908 641339 
    [email protected]\bipme\ft.co\t.\bk 
    For regio\fal office worldwide visit www.adameq\bipme\ft.com  
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