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Alcatel One Touch Pop 2 User Manual

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    							English - CJB6154ALAAA
    Quick Start Guide
    For more information about how to use your cellphone, please visit www.alcatelonetouch.com  to  download  the  complete  user  manual. From  the  website,  you  can  consult  the  FAQ,  perform  software upgrades, etc. 
    1 Your mobile ������������������
    1�1 Keys and connectors
    Micro-USB Connector Front camera
    Headset connector
    Power key
    Volume key
    LED indicator
    Home key
    Touch screen
    Back key
    Menu key
    Camera Flash/Flashlight
    PROTECT YOUR HEARINGTo prevent possible hearing damage, do not listen at high volume  levels  for  long  periods.  Exercise  caution  when holding your device near your ear while the loudspeaker is in use.
    Table of contents
    1  Your mobile ���������������������������������������������������������������������12  Text input ����������������������������������������������������������������������123  Phone call ����������������������������������������������������������������������134  People ������������������������������������������������������������������������\
    ����155  Messaging�����������������������������������������������������������������������166   Email ������������������������������������������������������������������������\
    ������177  Getting connected ��������������������������������������������������������188  Find my location using GPS satellites ������������������������209  Data backup ������������������������������������������������������������������2110  Factory data reset ��������������������������������������������������������2211    Applications & Internal storage ����������������������������������2212    Making the most of your phone ����������������������������������23Safety and use ������������������������������������������������������������������������\
    �25General information  ��������������������������������������������������������������33Warranty ������������������������������������������������������������������������\
    This product meets applicable national SAR limits of  2.0 W/kg. The  specific  maximum  SAR  values can be found on page 29 of this user guide.When carrying the product or using it while worn on  your  body,  either  use  an  approved  accessory such  as  a  holster  or  otherwise  maintain  a distance  of  1.0  cm  from  the  body  to  ensure compliance  with  RF  exposure  requirements. Note that the product may be transmitting even if you are not making a phone call. 
    1�2 Getting started
    1�2�1 Set-upRemoving or installing the back cover
    Inserting or removing the SIM cardYou must insert your SIM card to make phone calls. Please power off your phone before inserting or removing the SIM card.
    To  install,  place  the  SIM  card  with  the  chip  facing  downwards  into the  housing  and  slide  it  into  its  slot.  Make  sure  that  it  is  correctly inserted. To remove the card, press and slide it out.Your phone only supports micro-SIM cards. Do not attempt to  insert  other  SIM  types  like  mini  and  nano  cards; otherwise this may cause damage to your phone.
    Menu key•	Touch to access settings options.•	Touch  and  hold  to  open  a  list  of  thumbnail  images  of apps you've worked with recently. 
      Home key•	From any application or screen, touch to return to the Home screen.
      Back key•	Touch  to  go  back  to  the  previous  screen,  or  to  close a dialog box, options menu, the notification panel, etc.
    These keys are visible when the screen lights up.
    Power key•	Press: Lock the screen/Light up the screen.•	Press  and  hold:  Show  the  pop-up  menu  to  select  from Power off/Restart/Airplane mode/Quick start.•	Press the Power key for more than 9s to restart.•	Press the Power key and Volume up key to reset.•	Press  the  Power  key  and Volume  down  key  to capture a screenshot.
    Volume Keys •	In call mode, adjusts the earpiece or headset volume.•	In  Music/Video/Streaming  mode,  adjusts  the  media volume.•	In general mode, adjusts the ringtone volume.•	Mutes the ringtone of an incoming call.       
    Installing or removing the battery
    •	To  install,  insert  and  click  the  battery  into  place,  then  close  the phone cover.•	To  remove  the  battery,  first  power  the  phone  off. Then  unclip  the cover and remove the battery.Installing or removing the microSD card
    Insert the microSD card with the golden contacts facing downwards into  the  slot. To  remove  the  microSD  card,  gently  press  and  slide it out.To  avoid  data  loss  and  SD  card  damage,  before  removing the SD card, please ensure that the SD card is unmounted (Settings\Storage\Unmount SD card).
    Charging the battery
    Connect  the  battery  charger  to  your  phone  and  wall  socket respectively, the LED indicator will light while charging.To reduce power consumption and energy waste, when the battery is fully charged, disconnect your charger; switch off Wi-Fi,  GPS,  Bluetooth  or  background-running  applications when not in use; reduce the backlight time, etc.
    1�2�2 Power on your phoneHold down the Power key until the phone powers on. It will take a few seconds before the screen lights up.Set up your phone for the first timeThe first time you power on the phone, you should set the following options: language, Input method, date & time, etc.Even  if  no  SIM  card  is  installed,  your  phone  will  still  power  on  and you will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network, sign into your Google account and use some of the phone's features. 
    1�2�3 Power off your phoneHold  down  the Power key  from  the  Home  screen  until  the  phone options appear, select Power off.   
    1�3 Home screenYou  can  move  all  of  items  (applications,  shortcuts,  folders  and widgets)  you  use  most  frequently  to  your  Home  screen  for  quick access. Touch the Home key to switch to the Home screen.
    Touch to enter application list.
    Status bar
    •	Status/Notification indicators 
    •	 Touch  and  drag  down  to  open  the 
    notification panel.
    Touch an icon to open an application, 
    folder, etc.
    Favorite tray applications
    •	 Touch to enter the application.
    •	 Touch and hold to move or change 
    Search bar
    •	 Touch   to enter text search screen.
    •	 Touch   to enter voice search screen.
    The Home screen is provided in an extended format to allow more space  for  adding  applications,  shortcuts  etc.  Slide  the  Home  screen horizontally left and right to get a complete view. 
    1�3�1 Using the touchscreen
    Touch  To access an application, touch it with your finger.
    Touch and Hold  Touch and hold the item to enter the available options. 
    Drag  Place your finger on the screen to drag an object to another location.
    Slide/Swipe  Slide  the  screen  up  and  down  to  scroll  through  the  applications, images, web pages, etc.The device also supports one finger zoom (Messaging, Browser, Email, Camera  and  Gallery)  by  double  tapping  the  screen  then  sliding  with one finger to zoom in/out).
    Flick  Similar to swiping, but flicking makes it move quicker.
    Pinch/Spread  Place your fingers of one hand on the screen surface and draw them apart or together to scale an element on the screen.
    Rotate  Automatically  change  the  screen  orientation  from  portrait  to landscape by turning the phone sideways to have a better view.
    1�3�2 Status barFrom  the  status  bar,  you  can  view  both  phone  status  (to  the  right side) and notification information (to the left side).  
    Notification icons
    New Gmail messageMissed call
    New Email messageCall forwarding is on
    New text or multimedia message/ Song is playing/pause
    Problem with SMS or MMS deliveryConnected to VPN
    New Google Hangouts messageRadio is on
    New voicemailUploading data
    Upcoming eventDownloading data
    Screenshot errorDownload finished
     Screenshot capturedSelect input method
    MicroSD card is fullAn open Wi-Fi network is available
    Safe to remove SD cardPhone is connected via USB cable
    Preparing SD cardSystem update available
    Both USB tethering and portable hotspot are onCarrier data use threshold approaching or exceeded
    USB tethering is onMore notifications are hidden
    Portable Wi-Fi hotspot is onAudio share
    Status icons
    GPRS connectedNo signal
    GPRS in useAlarm is set
    EDGE connectedBluetooth is on
    EDGE in useConnected to a Bluetooth device
    3G connected Speakerphone is on
    3G in useRoaming
    HSPA (3G+) connectedHeadset connected
    HSPA (3G+) in useNo SIM card installed
    HSPA+ connectedVibrate mode
    HSPA+ in useRinger is silenced
    4G connectedPhone microphone is mute
    4G in useBattery is very low
    Signal strengthBattery is low
    Wi-Fi is onBattery is partially drainedConnected to a Wi-Fi networkBattery is full
    Airplane modeBattery is charging
    Guest modeGPS is on 
    Touch and drag down the Status bar to open the Quick setting panel or Notification panel. Touch and drag up to close it. When there are notifications, you can touch them to access notifications directly.Quick setting panelTouch  and  drag  down  the  Status  bar  to  open  the  Quick  setting panel.  You  can  enable  or  disable  functions  or  change  modes  by touching the icons.Touch to switch to the notification panel.
    Touch to access Settings, where you 
    can set more items.
    Notification panelWhen  there  are  notifications,  touch  and  drag  down  the  Status  bar to open the Notification panel to read more detailed information.
    Touch to clear all event–based 
    notifications (other ongoing 
    notifications will remain).
    Touch to switch to the quick setting panel.
    1�3�3 Search barThe  phone  provides  a  Search  function  which  can  be  used  to  locate information within applications, the phone, or the web. 
    1�3�4 Lock/Unlock your screenTo protect your phone and privacy, you can lock the phone screen by creating a variety of patterns, PIN or password etc.
    1�3�5 Personalize your Home screenAddYou can touch and hold a folder, an application, or a widget to activate the Move mode and drag the item to any Home screen as you prefer.Reposition Touch  and  hold  the  item  to  be  repositioned  to  activate  the  Move mode, drag the item to the desired position and then release.  You can move  items  both  on  the  Home  screen  and  the  Favourite  tray.  Hold the  icon  on  the  left  or  right  edge  of  the  screen  to  drag  the  item  to another Home screen.RemoveTouch and hold the item to be removed to activate the Move mode, drag  the  item  up  to  the  top  of  the   icon,  and  release  after  the item turns red.Create foldersTo  improve  the  organization  of  items  (shortcuts  or  applications)  on the Home screen, you can add them to a folder by stacking one item on top of another. To rename a folder, open it and touch the folder’s title bar to input the new name.Wallpaper customizationTouch  the Menu  key  on  the  Home  screen  then  touch Wallpaper to customize wallpaper.
    1�3�6 Volume adjustmentYou  can  set  the  ringer,  media  and  phone  ringtone  volumes  to  your preference  by  pressing  the Volume  up/down  key,  or  touching Settings\Sound\Volume to set the volume. 
    2 Text input ���������������������
    2�1 Using Onscreen KeyboardOnscreen Keyboard settingsTouch  the Menu  key  from  the  Home  screen,  select Settings\Language  &  input,  touch  the  Settings  icon   on  the  right  of Android  keyboard, and a  series  of  settings  will  become  available for your selection. Adjust the Onscreen Keyboard orientationTurn the phone sideways or upright to adjust the Onscreen Keyboard orientation. You  can  also  adjust  it  by  changing  the  settings  (Touch the Menu  key  on  the  Home  screen,  then  touch Settings\Display\Auto-rotate screen).
    2�1�1 Android keyboard
    Touch to switch 
    between symbol and  numeric keyboard. Touch & hold to 
    select symbols. Touch to enter 
    text or numbers.
    Touch to enter voice 
    input; touch & hold to 
    show input options.
    Touch to switch   
    "abc/Abc" mode;  Touch & hold to 
    switch "abc/ABC"  mode.
    2�2 Text editingYou can edit the text you have entered.•	Touch  and  hold  or  double-tap  within  the  text  you  would  like to edit.•	Drag the tabs to change the highlighted selection.•	The  following  options  will  show: Select  all   , Cut  , Copy  and Paste  .   •	Touch the  icon to go back without any action.
    3 Phone call ���������������
    3�1 Placing a callYou can easily place a call using Call. Touch the Application tab from the Home screen and select Call.
    Touch and hold to 
    access voicemail. Display the 
    Slide to access 
    the  Call log and 
    Contacts. Touch to call the 
    previewed number.
    Touch to hide/
    display keyboard
    Enter  the  desired  number  from  the  keyboard  directly  or  select  a contact from Contacts or Call log by sliding or touching tabs, then touch  to place the call. The number you entered can be saved to Contacts by touching and then touching Create new contact.If  you  make  a  mistake,  you  can  delete  the  incorrect  digits  by touching  . 
    To hang up a call, touch  or the Power key (when the Call settings\Power key ends call option is activated).
    3�2 Speed dial settingsYou  can  access  this  settings  screen  by  touching  the Menu  key  and then  touching Speed  dial  on  the  Dial  screen.  Select  contacts  to define the 2-9 screen keys as a speed dialers.
    3�3 Answering or rejecting a call
             When you receive a call:•	Slide the  icon to the right to answer;•	Slide the  icon to the left to reject;
    •	Slide  the   icon  upwards  to  reject  the  call  by  sending  a  preset message.To mute the ringtone volume of an incoming call, press the Volume up/down key or turn the phone over (when the Call settings\Turn over to mute option is activated).
    3�4 Consulting your call memory
    You  can  access  your  call  memory  by  touching   from  the  Dial screen to view Missed calls, Outgoing calls and Incoming calls.
    4 People �����������������������
    You  can  view  and  create  contacts  on  your  phone  and  synchronize these  with  your  Gmail  contacts  or  other  applications  on  the  web or on your phone.
    4�1 Adding a contact
    Touch   on  the  Home  screen,  select  People,  then  touch  the  icon in the contacts list to create a new contact.
    4�2 Importing, exporting and sharing contactsFrom the Contacts screen, touch the Menu key to open the options menu, touch Import/export, then select Import from SIM card, Export  to  SIM  card, Import  from  phone  storage, Export  to phone storage or Share visible contacts.To  import/export  a  single  contact  from/to  your  SIM  card,  select the  contact  you  want  to  import/export,  and  touch  the  icon to confirm.To  import/export  all  contacts  from/to  your  SIM  card,  select Select all and touch the  icon to confirm.You can share a single contact or contacts with others by sending the contact's vCard to them via Bluetooth, Gmail, etc.Touch a contact you want to share, touch the Menu key and Share from  the  contact  details  screen,  and  then  select  the  application  to perform this action. 
    4�3 Synchronizing contacts in multiple accountsContacts,  data  or  other  information  can  be  synchronized  from multiple  accounts,  depending  on  the  applications  installed  on  your phone. 
    5 Messaging �����������������
    You can create, edit and receive SMS and MMS with this phone.To  access  this  feature,  touch  the  Application  tab  from  the  Home screen, then select Messaging.To  check  messages  stored  in  your  SIM  card,  touch  the Menu key  from  the  Messaging  screen,  then  touch Settings\Manage SIM messages.
    5�1 Write messageOn the message list screen, touch the new message icon  to write text/multimedia messages.
    Touch to create a new message.Touch to search all messages. •	 Touch to view the whole message thread.
    •	 Touch & hold to activate delete mode. 
    Sending a text messageEnter  the  mobile  phone  number  of  the  recipient  in  the To  bar  or touch   to  add  recipients  and  touch  the Type  text  message bar  to  enter  the  text  of  the  message.   Touch  the   icon  to  insert emotions. When finished, touch  to send the text message. An  SMS  of  more  than  160  characters  will  be  charged  as several  SMS.  Specific  letters  (accent)  will  also  increase  the size of the SMS. This may cause multiple SMS to be sent to your recipient.
    Sending a multimedia messageMMS  enables  you  to  send  video  clips,  images,  photos,  animations, slides, and sounds to other compatible phones and e-mail addresses. An  SMS  will  be  converted  to  MMS  automatically  when  media  files (image,  video,  audio,  slides,  etc.)  are  attached  or  Subject  or  email addresses added.
    6   Email ������������������������
    Besides  your  Gmail  account,  you  can  also  set-up  external  POP3  or IMAP email accounts in your phone.To  access  this  feature,  touch  the  Application  tab  from  the  Home screen, then select Email.An  email  setup  wizard  will  guide  you  through  the  steps  to  set-up an email account.•	Enter  the  email  address  and  password  of  the  account  you  want to set-up.•	Touch Next.  If  the  account  you  entered  is  not  provided  by  your service  provider  in  the  phone,  you  will  be  prompted  to  go  to the  email  account  settings  screen  to  enter  settings  manually. Alternatively,  you  can  touch Manual  setup  to  directly  enter the  incoming  and  outgoing  settings  for  the  email  account  you are setting up.•	Enter the account name and display name in outgoing emails.•	To  add  another  email  account,  you  can  touch  the Menu  key  and Settings. Touch ADD ACCOUNT  on  the  right  of  the  title  to create it.To create and send emails•	Touch the  icon from the Inbox screen.•	Enter recipient(s) email address (es) in the To field.•	If  necessary,  touch  the Menu  key  and  touch Add  Cc/Bcc  to  add a copy or a blind carbon copy to the message.•	Enter the subject and the content of the message.•	Touch the Menu key, touch Attach file to add an attachment. 
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