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Antares AVOX 4 user manual

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Owner’s Manual
Antares Vocal Toolkit
AVOX  4 

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©2013 Antares Audio Technologies.   
All rights reserved. Certified Isinglass-free.™   
All trademarks are property of their respective owners.  

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The Obligatory Legal Mumbo-Jumbo 
The Antares AVOX 4 software and this User’s 
Manual are protected by copyright law. 
Making copies, adaptations, or derivative 
works without the prior written authorization 
of Antares Audio Technologies, is prohibited 
by law and constitutes a punishable violation 
of the law.
Antares Audio Technologies retains all 
ownership rights to the AVOX 4 software and 
its documentation. Use of AVOX 4 is limited by 
the following license agreement.
Please carefully read all the...

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Term of the Agreement
This agreement is effective until terminated 
by you or Antares. You may terminate the 
agreement at any time by notifying Antares 
and destroying all copies of the manual, and 
erasing AVOX 4 from all machine-readable 
media, whether on-line or on archival copies.
In the event of breach of any of the terms of 
this agreement, you shall pay the attorney’s 
fees of Antares that are reasonably necessary 
to enforce the agreement plus resulting 
Product Installation and...

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Chapter 1 Getting Started   2
Chapter 2  Introducing AVOX 4  4
Chapter 3  Harmony Engine Evo Vocal Modeling Harmony Generator  8
Chapter 4  Mic Mod EFX Classic Microphone Modeler  8
Chapter 5  THROAT Evo Physical Modeling Vocal Designer  9
Chapter 6  DUO Evo Vocal Modeling Auto-Doubler  19
Chapter 7  CHOIR Evo Vocal Multiplier  23
Chapter 8  PUNCH Evo Vocal Impact Enhancer   26
Chapter 9  SYBIL Evo Variable Frequency De-Esser  28
Chapter 10  ARTICULATOR Evo Digital Talk Box  31
Chapter 11...

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On behalf of everyone at Antares Audio Technologies, we’d like to offer both our 
thanks and congratulations on your decision to purchase the AVOX 4 Antares 
Vocal Toolkit, a suite of uniquely powerful DSP tools for creating spectacular 
vocal tracks. As an AVOX 4 owner, you are entitled to receive notification of any 
software updates, technical support, and advance announcements of upcoming products. But we 
can’t send you stuff unless we know who and where you are. So please, register.

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1:  Getting Started
Consequently, we encourage you to at least 
scan each of the individual plug-in’s chapters 
for descriptions of their various parameters. 
In particular, Harmony Engine Evo offers new 
(and extremely intuitive) ways to specify vocal 
harmony, while THROAT Evo, ARTICUL ATOR 
Evo and ASPIRE Evo offer entirely new 
approaches to vocal processing, providing 
capabilities that have simply never before 
existed in a DSP plug-in. We strongly suggest 
that you read their chapters in their...

Page 9

Authorizing AVOX 4 
Authorization is the process by which 
AVOX 4 is allowed to run on your computer. 
Detailed instructions covering the available 
authorization options will be found in the file 
“Authorization Read Me” which is included 
on the installation DVD ROM or with your 
software download. 
AVOX 4 authorization requires an iLok USB 
smart key. If you already own other audio 
plug-ins, you probably already have one. If not, 
they can be purchased from many local music 
stores as well as most...

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2: Introducing AVOX 4
The heart of any great song is a great vocal sound. With the AVOX 4 Antares Vocal Toolkit, we’ve 
combined eleven state-of-the-art vocal processing modules that open up an entirely new world of 
vocal processing capabilities. AVOX 4 gives you the power you need to create stunning vocal tracks 
in any musical style as well as design unique vocal effects for audio post-production applications.
In the following chapters we’ll deal with each AVOX tool in turn, but first let’s take a...
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