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Baumatic Br23 8a Instruction Manual

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BR23.8A Combi fridge/freezer 
You will be mine 
NOTE:  This User Instruction Manual contains important 
information, including safety & installation points, which will 
enable you to get the most out of  your appliance.  Please keep it 
in a safe place so that it is easily available for future reference, for 
you or any person not familiar with the operation of the appliance. 
DD 17/10/06 

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Environmental note        4 
Important safety information      5 – 6 
Specifications of your combi fridge freezer       7 
Description of your appliance       8 
Description of the product features      9 
Using your Baumatic combi fridge freezer     10 
Before switching on        10 
During first use         10 
Turning on the appliance and setting the thermostat     11 
Control panel         12 
Arranging and storing food  in the fridge section   12-13 
The  freezer compartment...

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Environmental note 
Note:  Before discarding an old appliance, switch off and 
disconnect it from the power supply.  Cut off and render any plug 
useless.  Cut the cable off directly behind the appliance to prevent 
misuse.  This should be undertake n by a competent person. Disable 
the door lock to make sure that children cannot get stuck inside 
the appliance.  

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Important safety information 
Your safety is of the utmost importance to Baumatic. 
Please make sure that you read this instruction booklet 
before attempting to install or use the appliance. If 
you are unsure of any of th e information contained in 
this booklet, please contact the Baumatic Technical 
IMPORTANT: Any installation work must be 
carried out by a qualified electrician or 
competent person. 
Use of the appliance 
o  Your appliance is only designed to be used in the...

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Child safety 
o Packaging material should be kept away from 
o Children should not be  allowed to touch the 
controls or play with the appliance. 
General safety 
o  Do not pull on the power supply cable to remove the plug from 
your mains supply socket.  
o Do not pull out or insert the plug with wet hands.  
o Do not attempt to use your appliance outdoors or 
any place where it is likely to come into contact 
with the elements.  
o Before cleaning the appliance or...

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Specifications of your combi fridge freezer 
Congratulations on purchasing a Baumatic double door fridge 
o  Automatic defrost (fridge section only) 
o Adjustable thermostat 
o Fast freeze switch 
o Temperature rise warning light 
o Egg rack 
o Butter compartment 
o Bottle rack 
o 2 General racks 
o 3 Safety glass shelves 
o 2 salad crispers 
o 3 Freezer drawers 
o Reversible doors 
o Adjustable feet 
Dimensions of appliance 
Height:     1770 mm 
Width:   540 mm 
Depth:   545 mm...

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Description of the appliance 
1.  Control Panel        10. Refrigerator lamp and cover 
2.  Refrigerator shelf      11. Freezer flap 
3.  Crisper cover        12. Freezer compartment drawer 
4.  Crisper          13. Freezer compartment bottom 
5.  Bottle shelf               drawer 
6.  Middle shelves      14. Adjustable feet 
7.  Butter shelf 
8.  Butter shelf cover 
9.  Egg shelf 

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Description of the product features 
1) Shelves 
o The shelves may be placed in an y of the guide slots within the 
interior of the appliance. They  are protected from sliding out. 
o To remove a shelf: Take off all of the items that are stored on 
the shelf that you want to remove. Then lift the front of the shelf 
and carefully pull it out of the grooves. 
2) Defrost water outlet 
o  The interior of the refrigerator is  cooled by the cooling plate that 
is on the rear wall. Beneath this  there...

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Using your Baumatic combi fridge freezer 
Before switching on 
o Make sure that it has been installed by a suitably qualified 
person, as per the information contained in Baumatic’s 
installation instructions. 
o After delivery, wait for eigh t hours before connecting the 
appliance to your mains supply.  This will allow any refrigerant 
gasses that may have been distur bed during the transportation 
process, are allowed to settle.  
o The outside of the appliance  and the removable accessories...
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