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OKI C330dn User Manual

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    Printing from Windows> 31
    6.Page orientation can be set to either portrait (tall) or 
    landscape (wide).
    7. Your printed pages can be scaled to fit larger or smaller 
    8. You can print watermark text behind the main page 
    image. This is useful for marking documents as draft, 
    confidential, etc.
    9. Clicking the  Advanced button gives you access to further 
    settings. For example, you can elect to have black areas 
    printed using 100%K toner (a more matte appearance). 
    10. Click the  Default button to restore the default printer 
    1. Control over the colour output of your printer may be 
    performed automatically, or for advanced control, by 
    manual adjustment. The automatic setting will be 
    appropriate in most cases. The other options in this 
    window only become visible when you select a choice 
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    Printing from Windows> 32
    other than Auto. For grayscale printing, the printer runs at 
    the fastest print speed (approx. 20ppm) and all pages are 
    printed in black and white.
    2. You can choose from a range of colour matching options, 
    depending on the image source for your document. For 
    example, a photograph taken on a digital camera might 
    require different colour matching from a business graphic 
    created in a spreadsheet application. Again, for most 
    general purpose use, Auto is the best choice.
    3. Printed output may be made lighter or darker, or the 
    colours made more saturated and vibrant as required.
    4. Black areas may be printed using 100% cyan, magenta 
    and yellow, giving a more glossy appearance (composite 
    black), or using only black toner (true black), giving a 
    more matte appearance. Choosing the Auto setting allows 
    the driver to make the most appropriate choice based on 
    image content.
    5. Click the  Default button to restore the default printer 
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    Printing from Windows> 33
    When you open the driver properties window directly from 
    Windows, rather than from within an application program, a 
    somewhat more extensive range of settings is provided. Changes 
    made here will generally affect all documents you print from 
    Windows applications, and w ill be remembered from one 
    Windows session to the next.
    1. This area lists some of the main features of your printer.
    2. This button opens the same windows for items which can 
    be set from within application programs, as described 
    earlier in “Printing preferen ces in Windows applications” 
    on page 27. Changes you make here, however, will 
    become the new default settings for all Windows 
    3. This button prints a test page to check that your printer is 
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    Printing from Windows> 34
    1.You can specify which times of day your printer will be 
    2. Indicates current priority, from 1 (lowest) to 99 (highest). 
    Highest priority documents will print first.
    3. Specifies that documents should be spooled (stored in a 
    special print file) before being printed. The document is 
    then printed in the background, allowing your application 
    program to become available more quickly.
    4. This specifies that printing sh ould not start until the last 
    page has been spooled. If your application program needs 
    a lot of time for further computation in the middle of 
    printing, causing the print job to pause for more than a 
    short period, the printer could prematurely assume that 
    the document has finished. Selecting this option would 
    prevent that situation, but printing will be completed a 
    little later, as the start is delayed.
    3  4 
    11  12
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    Printing from Windows> 35
    5.This is the opposite choice to the one above. Printing 
    starts as soon as possible after the document begins 
    6. This specifies that the document should not be spooled, 
    but printed directly. Your application will not normally be 
    ready for further use until the print job is complete. This 
    requires less disk space on your computer, since there is 
    no spool file.
    7. Directs the spooler to check the document setup and 
    match it to the printer setup  before sending the document 
    to print. If a mismatch is detected, the document is held 
    in the print queue and does not print until the printer 
    setup is changed and the do cument restarted from the 
    print queue. Mismatched documents in the queue will not 
    prevent correctly matched documents from printing.
    8. Specifies that the spooler should favour documents which 
    have completed spooling when deciding which document 
    to print next, even if completed documents are lower 
    priority than documents which are still spooling. If no 
    documents have completed  spooling, the spooler will 
    favour larger spooling documents over shorter ones. Use 
    this option if you want to maximise printer efficiency. 
    When this option is disabled the spooler chooses 
    documents based only on their priority settings.
    9. Specifies that the spooler should not delete documents 
    after they are completed. This allows documents to be re-
    submitted to the printer from the spooler instead of 
    printing again from the application program. If you use 
    this option frequently it will require large amounts of disk 
    space on your computer.
    10. Specifies whether advanced features, such as page order 
    and pages per sheet, are available, depending on your 
    printer. For normal printing keep this option enabled. If 
    compatibility problems occur you can disable the feature. 
    However, these advanced options may then not be 
    available, even though the hardware might support them.
    11. This button provides access to the same setup windows as 
    when printing from applications. Changes made via the 
    Windows Control Panel become the Windows default 
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    Printing from Windows> 36
    12.You can design and specify a separator page that prints 
    between documents. (This is particularly useful on a 
    shared printer to help each user find their own documents 
    in the output stack.)
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    Printing From Mac> 37
    MAC OS 9
    Use the print dialog to choose your printer and select options for 
    how you want your document to print.
    1.Open the document you want to print.
    2. If you wish to change the paper size or page orientation, 
    choose File > Page Setup.
    3. Select File > Print.
    4. Select your printer from the Printer pop-up menu.
    5. If you wish to change any printer driver settings, select 
    the necessary options in the print dialog. You can select 
    more options from the Copies & Pages menu. “Changing 
    the default print settings”  describes how to set printer 
    driver options.
    6. Click Print
    If you print a document and change the printer driver settings, 
    these changes are only rememb ered for that particular 
    document. To change the printer driver settings for all future 
    print jobs:
    1. Select Apple menu > Chooser.
    2. Select your printer driver in the left-hand panel of the 
    Chooser window.
    3. Select your printer model in the right-hand panel of 
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    Printing From Mac> 38
    4.Click Print Preferences .
    5. Change Page Setup Preferences or Print Preferences as 
    These new settings will be saved as the printer driver 
    Choose the paper size that matches your document and 
    the paper loaded in the printer. The paper margin is 1/6 
    inch (4.2 mm) at all edges.
    Selects either portrait (tall) or landscape (wide).
    If using landscape, you can flip the orientation 180 
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    Printing From Mac> 39
    Reduce or Enlarge
    Documents can be scaled up or down to fit on different 
    paper sizes.
    Multiple pages can be shrunk and printed on a single sheet of 
    paper. For example, choosing 4-up will tile four of your 
    documents pages across a single sheet of paper. 
    You can control the order in which the documents are tiled and 
    also choose to surround each document page with a border.
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    Printing From Mac> 40
    You can create and edit custom paper sizes. These appear in the 
    paper size menu and can be selected just like any other paper 
    Enter the number of copies to print.
    If Collate is selected, all the pages of the document print 
    before the next copy prints.
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