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Fujitsu Computer Accessories User Manuals
                                                    Datasheet Fujitsu CELsius M470  Workstation 
Page 1 / 7http://ts.fujitsu.com/celsius
Windows®. Life without Walls™.
Fujitsu recommends Windows 7.
Fujitsu CEL sius M470 
Your nEW “thoroughbrEd”  Workstation
the CELsius M series is the single-processor platform with a particularly well-balanced ratio between 
price and performance. the CELsius M470 incorporates the latest advances in performance technologies 
enabling you to meet increasingly demanding schedules using professional...
                                                    Data Sheet Fujitsu Zero Client DZ22-2  
Page 1 / 5www.fujitsu.com/fts/zeroclient
Data Sheet
Fujitsu Zero Client DZ22-2 
Maximum Flexibility, Maximum Savings
The Fujitsu Zero Client DZ22-2 is an innovative front-end device for virtualized desktop environments. 
The unique Fujitsu Zero Client with a 55.9 cm (22-inch) display provides multiple users with access 
to their personal virtual desktop. The device, optionally connected via Power-over-Ethernet, provides 
energy savings of up to 70% and...