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OKI B6500n User Manual

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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 11
    Internal View
    5 Rear output tray 
    leverWhen the rear tray has been installed, the paper 
    output location can be switched between it and the 
    center output tray. Raise the lever to output to the 
    rear tray and lower the lever to output to the center 
    output tray. 
    6 A4 universal tray Can install up to two levels of an Letter/A4 
    universal tray (550) to this printer.
    7Right detachable 
    coverRemove this when installing optional accessories 
    such as hard disk and additional memory. 
    no. Name Description
    1 Paper stopper Raise this when printing on paper larger than A4 size. 
    2 Drum/toner 
    cartridgeContains the toner and the photosensitive drum. 
    3 Cover A Open this when replacing the drum/toner cartridge 
    and removing jammed paper. 
    4 Fuser unit Fixes the toner on the paper. Do not touch this when 
    using the printer as it is hot. 
    5 Transfer roll 
    cartridgeTransfers the toner image on the surface of the 
    photosensitive drum to the paper. 
    6 Cover B Open this when removing jammed paper. 
    No. Name Description
    5 3 2
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    Control Panel
    No. Name Description
    1  button Press to move to menu operation. 
    2  button Press to print the menu map. The menu map (2pages) 
    will print with all the current printer settings.
    indicatorWhen the light is on, the printer is ready to receive 
    data from the computer. 
    4 LCD display Displays the setting items, machine status, and 
    indicatorWhen the light is on, there is a malfunction in the 
    buttonPress to enter the off-line status. When in the off-line 
    status, the machine cannot receive data or process 
    printing. Press again to exit the off-line status and 
    enter the on-line status (where the machine can 
    receive data from the computer). 
    buttonPress to cancel printing.
    Press to exit Menu Mode.
    8  button Press to select the currently displayed menu on 
    buttonsPress these to move to the required menu, item and 
    candidate value on the display. 
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 13
    There are two types of screens shown: Print screen (for displaying 
    printer status) and Menu screen (for setting configuration). 
    The message displayed differs according to the options installed 
    and setting status. 
    Print Screen
    The Print screen appears when the machine is printing or waiting for 
    data. The following contents are shown on the screen. 
    Menu Screen
    Screen for configuring settings related to the printer. 
    This screen appears when you press the  button. The initial 
    Menu screen displayed is as follows. 
    Refer to:
    •Items that can be set on the Menu screen: “Settings on the 
    Control Panel” on page 46
    Current printer status 
    USB PCL 
    (USB, Net, LPD, etc.)  Port Receiving Data 
    (PCL, PS, etc.) 
    Print Jobs Menu 
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 14
    Switching On and Off the Power
    Switching On the Power
    1.Press the power switch of the printer 
    to the  position. 
    2.When the power is switched on, 
    various screens will be displayed on 
    the control panel. Check that this 
    display changes to “Online”. 
    When “Please wait...” is displayed, the printer is in the process of 
    warming up. Printing is unavailable during this period. When the 
    printer is ready for printing, “Online” will be displayed.
    •If error message is displayed, refer to “Message List 
    (alphabetical order)” on page 108 on how to fix it. 
    Switching Off the Power
    •Do not switch off the printer power when printing is in 
    progress. It may lead to a paper jam.
    •Once the power is switched off, print data remaining in this 
    printer or information saved in the memory of this printer will 
    be deleted.
    1.By checking the display on the 
    control panel, confirm that the 
    printer is not processing any 
    data. “Online” or “Power Saver 
    Mode” should be displayed.
    2.Press the power switch to the  
    position to switch the power off. 
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 15
    Power Saver Modes
    This printer is equipped with a low power mode and a sleep mode to 
    reduce power consumption when it is left idle.
    When no print data is received for 5 minutes, the printer will enter 
    the low power mode. When no data is received for a further 10 
    minutes (a total of 15 minutes lapse (default settings) since the last 
    received data), it will enter sleep mode. You can specify whether the 
    printer goes into low power mode or sleep mode. The time ranges to 
    specify for the printer to go into low power mode or sleep mode are 
    5 to 60 minutes respectively. Consumption of power during the sleep 
    mode is 10 W or less and the time required to exit from the sleep 
    mode to a print-ready status is about 10 seconds.
    >You can also enable either the low power mode or sleep 
    >Both low power mode and sleep mode cannot be disabled 
    at the same time. 
    >The sleep mode setting has precedence when both the low 
    power mode and sleep mode are enabled. For example, 
    when the sleep mode and low power mode time have 
    been set to 15 minutes and 45 minutes respectively, the 
    printer will go into sleep mode after no data has been 
    received for 15 minutes. It will continue to remain in sleep 
    mode and will not go into low power mode after a further 
    30 minutes.
    Exiting the Power Saver Mode
    The printer automatically cancels its power save status once it 
    receives data from the computer.
    Cancelling/Checking Printing
    Cancelling Printing
    To cancel printing, you can either cancel the print job at this printer 
    or at the computer. 
    Cancelling a Print Job at the Printer
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 16
    Press the  button then press the  button on 
    the control panel. However, pages being printed at the moment will 
    continue to be printed. 
    Cancelling Print Jobs at the Computer
    Double-click the printer icon  at the bottom right of the taskbar 
    in Windows. 
    From the displayed window, click the document name that you wish 
    to delete and press the  key. 
    Checking Status of Print Data
    Checking in Windows
    Double-click the printer icon  on the task bar at the bottom right 
    of the screen. 
    From the displayed window, check the column, [Status]. 
    Displaying Optional Accessory Configuration 
    and Paper Tray Settings
    When using this printer as a network printer and with SNMP protocol 
    enabled, you can display on the printer driver, the optional 
    accessory configuration and settings configured at the control panel 
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 17
    such as paper type or size. These settings are displayed on the 
    [Options] tab. This section explains the procedure using Windows XP 
    as an example. 
    •When using USB or Parallel connection to this printer, this 
    feature cannot be used. You have to manually set the items 
    on the printer driver. 
    •The rear tray information cannot be obtained. You have to 
    manually set the item. 
    •For paper size and paper type settings, you must configure 
    them at the control panel beforehand. Even if you change the 
    settings here, they will not be reflected on the printer itself. 
    >When using this feature, you have to activate the SNMP 
    port (default: [Enable]) on the printer using the control 
    >For Windows NT 4. 0/Windows 2000/Windows XP, only 
    users with administrator’s rights can change the settings. 
    Users without administrator’s rights can only check the 
    1.From the [Start] menu, click [Printers and Faxes] and then 
    display the properties of the printer to be used. 
    2.Click the [Device Options] tab. 
    3.Click [Get Information from Printer]. 
    The properties of the printer can be displayed on the printer 
    4.Click [OK]. The contents of the [Device Options] tab will be 
    updated based on the data obtained from the printer.
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    Printing From the Computer
    This section explains the basic flow when printing from application 
    software in a Windows® environment.
    (The procedure may differ according to the computer or system 
    configuration used.)
    •Do not switch off the power to the printer when printing is in 
    progress. It may lead to a paper jam.
    >This section explains printing with the PCL driver as an 
    1.From the [File] menu of the application software, select 
    2.Select this printer as the printer to be used to start printing. 
    To use the various print features of this printer, display the 
    printer properties dialog box to set the necessary items.  
    For details on each item and how to set them, refer to the 
    Online Help for the printer driver.
    •If the paper tray information is not correct, change the 
    settings on the [Set Up] tab of the printer driver before 
    continuing. For details on how to do the settings, refer to the 
    Online Help for the printer driver.
    Useful Print Features In Properties Dialog Box
    •The following selections are available in the [Setup] tab: 
    Paper Size, Media Type, Paper Source, Paper Destination 
    Paper Feed Options*, Finishing Mode**, and 2-sided Printing.
    *Paper Feed Options include: Auto Resize, Covers, Auto Tray 
    Change, Media Check, and Skip Blank Pages, Tray 1 Settings, 
    and Media Type.
    **Finishing Mode includes: Standard, 2-up, 4-up, 6-up, 8-up, 
    9-up, 16-up, PosterPrint, and Booklet.
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 19
    >You can set the print features in the properties dialog box 
    from the printer icon by selecting [Printers and Faxes] (or 
    [Settings] > [Printers] depending on the OS).
    Printing on Envelopes
    For details on the envelopes that can be used, refer to “Usable 
    Paper” on page 36. The procedure to print on envelopes is as 
    Loading Envelopes
    You have to close the flaps of the envelopes and load them with the 
    address side facing up in the orientation shown in the diagram 
    The following explains how to load the envelopes, using COM-10 
    envelopes as an example, in trays 1 to 4.
    •The reverse side of the envelope cannot be printed on.
    >For details on the procedure to load paper in a paper tray, 
    refer to “Loading Paper in a Paper Tray” on page 40.
    Paper feed direction
    * The flap faces down
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    							B6500 User’s Guide> 20
    1.Load the envelopes in the portrait 
    orientation so that the flaps are 
    turned to the right side.
    2.Slide the length guide and right 
    width guide to the size of the loaded 
    3.On the control panel, change the 
    paper type to [Envelope]. For 
    details, refer to “Setting Paper Types” on page 44.
    4.On the control panel, change the paper size of the tray to 
    [COM-10 Envelope]. For details, refer to “Setting Custom 
    Paper Sizes” on page 43.
    Printing on Envelopes
    To print on envelopes, display the [Tray/Output] tab and [Basic] tab. 
    This section explains the procedure using WordPad on Windows XP 
    as an example. 
    >The way to display the printer properties dialog box differs 
    according to the application software. Refer to the manual 
    of each application software.
    1.From the [File] menu, select [Print].
    2.Select this printer from the drop down list and click 
    3.Click the [Setup] tab.
    4.Select the loaded paper tray from [Source] or click the 
    [Media Type] and then select [Com10].
    5.Click [OK].
    6.Click [Print] in the [Print] dialog box to start printing.
    Printing on Transparencies
    Loading Transparencies
    Load transparencies in trays 1 to 4.
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