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OKI C3300N User Manual

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    Printing From Mac> 51
    description of these options, see “Print options - Copies & 
    pages”  .
    7. Click the  Print button.
    You can save a set of printer driver options to use for future 
    1. Open the document you want to print.
    2. To change the paper size or page orientation, select File > 
    Page Setup.
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    Printing From Mac> 52
    3.Select Save As Default from the Settings drop-down 
    4. To save the current printer driver settings as a preset, 
    select Save As from the Preset menu. 
    5. Enter a name for your preset and click OK.
    The following steps describe how to change your default printer 
    and the paper size options.
    1.Select Apple menu > System Preferences.
    2. Click the Print & Fax icon.
    3. Select your printer in the “Sel ected Printer in Print Dialog” 
    drop-down menu.
    4. Select your required paper size in the “Default Size in 
    Page Setup” drop-down menu. 
    This section provides a description of the page setup options 
    available to you. 
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    Page Attributes
    You can select “Save As Default” to use the current Page 
    Setup settings as a standard for all documents.
    Format for
    Allows you to select your printer model before changing 
    options such as Paper size and Orientation.
    Paper Size
    Select a paper size to match your document and the paper 
    loaded in the printer. The paper margin is 4.2mm at all 
    edges. To specify your own paper sizes, select “Manage 
    Custom Sizes...”
    You can scale documents up or down to fit onto different 
    paper sizes. To fit your document on a specific paper size, 
    select Options in the Paper Handling drop-down menu in 
    the Print Options dialog box.
    You can select a portrait or landscape option. When using 
    landscape, you can rotate the document 180 degrees.
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    Printing From Mac> 54
    This option allows you to enter the number of copies to 
    print. If you select Collate, all pages of the document will 
    print before the next copy prints.
    You can select whether to print all pages of a document or 
    just a section of it.
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    Printing From Mac> 55
    Pages per sheet
    You can shrink multiple pages and print them on a single 
    sheet of paper. For example, choosing 4-up will tile four of 
    your documents pages across a single sheet of paper. 
    You can control the order in which the documents are tiled 
    and also choose to surround each document page with a 
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    Printing From Mac> 56
    This option lets you choose whether to print your document 
    immediately, or defer printing until later. You can also assign a 
    priority to a print job.
    These features are useful if you are printing large documents that 
    take a long time to print.
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    Printing From Mac> 57
    Paper handling
    Page order
    You can choose to print your document in the normal page 
    order (1,2,3..) or reverse order (..3,2,1).
    This option allows you to choose whether to print only odd 
    or even numbered pages. This is useful if you are using 
    manual duplex for which you first print all odd pages, re-
    insert the paper in the printer and then print all even 
    Destination paper size
    Scale documents to fit on the size of paper in your printer. 
    For example, you can take a document formatted for A3 
    and print it on A4 paper using an A4 printer.
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    Color conversion
    For Color Conversion, Standard is the only option available 
    for your printer model.
    Quartz Filter
    Choose a Quartz filter if you wish to apply a special effect 
    to your print job, such as Sepia or Blue Tone. This is only 
    available on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) or later versions.
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    Cover page
    Choosing a cover page may help you to identify your printed 
    document in a large pile of paper. This is useful in a busy office 
    with many people sharing the printer.
    Paper source
    This option allows you to select which paper tray to use for your 
    print job.
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    Printing From Mac> 60
    Print quality
    Print quality
    Use this option to selects the print resolution. The 
    ProQ2400 setting produces the best graphic images, but 
    these images can take longer to print.
    Photo Enhance
    Use Photo Enhance to significantly improve quality when 
    printing images. The printer driver analyses any 
    photographic images and processes them to improve the 
    overall appearance. This setting cannot be used together 
    with the ProQ2400 print quality setting.
    Toner Saving
    Toner saving uses less toner when printing your document. 
    This is best suited to draft text documents as it lightens the 
    print significantly.
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