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OKI C3530 User Manual

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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 111
    Provided that you follow the recommendations in this guide on 
    use of print media, and you keep the media in good condition 
    prior to use, your printer should give years of reliable service. 
    However, paper jams occasionally do occur, and this section 
    explains how to clear them quickly and simply.
    One of the main causes of paper jams is media that has been left 
    in the cassette tray while the machine is in a high humidity 
    environment (typically, in an unmanned office over a weekend).
    Jams can occur due to paper misfeeding from a paper tray or at 
    any point on the paper path through the printer or scanner ADF. 
    When a jam occurs, the MFP immediately stops. If printing 
    multiple pages (or copies), do not assume that, having cleared 
    an obvious sheet, others will not also be stopped somewhere 
    along the path. These must also be removed in order to clear the 
    jam fully and restore normal operation.
    1. Lift the ADF cover (1).
    Paper Jam ADF.jpg   
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 112
    2. Remove any loose paper from the entry to the sheet 
    3. If there is any paper trapped in the feed mechanism.
    (a) Lift the feeder mechanism by the colored tab (2).
    (b) Remove any paper from ADF mechanism.
    4. Lower the ADF cover (1).
    1.If a sheet is well advanced out of the top of the printer, 
    simply grip it and pull gently to  draw it fully out. If it does 
    not remove easily, do not use excessive force. It can be 
    removed from the rear later.
    2. Lift the scanner.
    Scanner lift.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 113
    3. Press the cover release and open the printer’s top cover 
    Printer top cover open.jpg  
    4. Note the positions of the 4 cartridges.
    ID Positions.jpg  
    If the printer has been po wered on, the fuser may be 
    hot. This area is clearly labelled. Do not touch this 
    1. Cyan cartridge 2.Magenta cartridge
    3. Yellow cartridge 4.Black cartridge
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 114
    It will be necessary to remove the four image drums to 
    gain access to the paper path.
    5. Holding it by its top center, lift the cyan image drum, 
    complete with its toner cartridge (1), up and out of the 
    ID & Toner out.jpg  
    6. Put the cartridge down gently on to a piece of paper to 
    contain any toner spillage.
    The green image drum surf ace is very delicate and 
    light sensitive. Do not touch it and do not expose it to 
    normal room light  for more than 5 minutes. If the 
    drum unit needs to be out of the printer for longer 
    than this, please wrap the cartridge inside a black 
    plastic bag to keep it away from light. Never expose 
    the drum to direct sunlight or very bright room 
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 115
    7. Repeat this removal procedur e for each of the remaining 
    image drum units.  
    IDs & Toners out.jpg  
    8. Look into the printer to check whether any sheets of paper 
    are visible on any part of the belt unit.
    9. Remove any sheets of paper as follows: 
    >To remove a sheet with its le ading edge at the front of 
    the belt (1), carefully lift the sheet from the belt and 
    pull it forwards into the internal drum cavity and 
    withdraw the sheet.
    Do not use any sharp or abrasive objects to separate 
    sheets from the belt. Th is may damage the belt 
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 116
        paper jam belt.jpg  
    >To remove a sheet from the central area of the belt, 
    carefully separate the sheet from the belt surface and 
    withdraw the sheet.
    paper jam belt.jpg  
    > To remove a sheet just entering the fuser , separate 
    the trailing edge of the sheet from the belt, push the 
    fuser pressure release lever (1) towards the front and 
    down to release the fuser’s grip on the sheet, and 
    withdraw the sheet through the drum cavity area. Then 
    allow the pressure release lever to rise again.
    If the sheet is well advanced into the fuser (only a short 
    length is still visible), do not attempt to pull it back. Follow 
    step 12 to remove it from the rear of the printer.
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 117
    10. Starting with the cyan image drum unit nearest the fuser, 
    replace the four image drums into the drum cavity, 
    making sure to locate them in the correct order.
    ID Positions.jpg  
        >Holding the complete assembly by its top center, lower 
    it into place in the printer, locating the pegs at each 
    end into their slots in the sides of the printer cavity.
    11. Lower the printer top cover but do not press down to latch 
    it closed yet. This will protect the drums from excessive 
    exposure to room lighting while you check the remaining 
    areas for jammed sheets.
    12. Open the rear stacker  and check for a sheet of paper in 
    the rear path area.
    Paper Jam Back.jpg 
    > Pull out any sheets found in this area.
    1. Cyan cartridge 2. Magenta cartridge
    3. Yellow cartridge 4. Black cartridge
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 118
    > If the sheet is low down in this area and difficult to 
    remove, it is probably still gr ipped by the fuser. In this 
    case raise the top cover, reach around and press down 
    on the fuser pressure release lever (1).
    Paper Jam fuser release.jpg  
    13. If you are not using the rear stacker, close it once paper 
    has been removed from this area.
    14. Press the front cover release and pull open the front cover.
    front cover open release.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 119
    15. Check inside the cover for sheets in this area and remove 
    any that you find, then close the cover.
    Paper Jam front cover.jpg  
    16. Pull out the Cassette Tray and ensure that all paper is 
    stacked properly, is undamaged, and that the paper 
    guides are properly positioned against the edges of the 
    paper stack. When satisfied, replace the tray.
    Cassette Tray wPaper.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 120
    17. Close the front cover.
    front cover close.jpg  
    18. Close the printer top cover and press down firmly so that 
    the cover latches closed.
    19. Gently  lower the scanner on to its supports.
    The machine will not dial a telephone number :
    Check the power cable and wall outlet. Make sure that the 
    telephone line (not external telephone or handset) is connected 
    to the LINE socket on the back of the machine. If an external 
    telephone is installed, lift the handset and check for a dial tone. 
    If there is no dial tone, there may be a problem with the 
    telephone line. If there is a dial tone, the machine may be using 
    the wrong dialling method (pulse or tone) for the region.
    The display shows a communications error :
    This alarm indicates any of a number of problems. The machine 
    may be incompatible with the remote machine, or the remote 
    machine may not be able to perform the function requested of it 
    such as polling or confidential faxing. The remote machine may 
    also be out of paper or experiencing a paper jam. Bad telephone 
    line conditions can also cause communication errors. Try sending 
    the fax again and check to make sure that the correct telephone 
    number is being dialled. If a prefix number must be dialled to get 
    an outside line, or if the call is  to an international destination, a 
    pause may need to be entere d after the dial prefix or 
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