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OKI C3530 User Manual

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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 121
    international dialling code to tell the machine to wait for a dial 
    tone. If there are frequent problems communicating with a 
    particular remote machine, try programming the telephone 
    number into a One-Touch key, and then change the One-Touch 
    parameters for that key. Lastly, either the local or remote 
    machine may require servicing. Try sending a fax to another 
    location to check the local machine.
    Faxing is possible but the image of the document printed 
    by the remote machine is very poor :
    If the faxed document has small type, complex illustrations, 
    photos, or is very light or very dark, try changing the resolution. 
    Copy the document on the machine to determine how it will 
    transmit. The problem may be caused by telephone line 
    interference. Try sending the document again later.
    Unwanted reports are printed out :
    Check the user function settings and turn off undesired reports.
    Fax sent but received mess age was completely blank:
    Make sure that the document is  loaded properly before faxing.
    ADF:  face up
    Glass:  face down
    Image of received fax is very poor :
    Contact the person sending the fax and ask them to change their 
    Transmit resolution. Ask the person to make a copy of the 
    document on their machine to ensu re that it is working properly. 
    Then ask them to send the fax again. If there is still a problem, 
    try making a copy of a document on the local machine to make 
    sure it is working properly.
    Dialling was tried with a Sp eed Dial number but nothing 
    happened :
    Make sure that the Speed Dial number being used is programmed 
    correctly. When dialling a two or three digit number, be sure to 
    press Speed Dial before entering the number.
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideTroubleshooting > 122
    Documents received ar e light or have vertical streaks on 
    them, and machine is not out of toner : 
    Lift the top cover and gently wipe the lens surface of the 
    machines LED array. Then check to see if the toner or image 
    drum need replacing (see “Replacing consumables and Spare 
    Parts” on page 81).
    Machine is set for delayed transmission but it did not send :
    Check the display to make sure that the machine’s clock is set to 
    the correct time (see Clock Adjustment).
    Machine will not poll a remote machine :
    Call the person at the remote ma chine and make sure that they 
    have loaded documents and that  their machine is set to polling 
    transmission mode.
    Machine is connected to a PBX but it is not possible to dial 
    out :
    Be certain that the dial prefix  is entered before the telephone 
    number for each number dialled or programmed into the 
    machine. Additionally, the machine must be programmed for PBX 
    operation before it will work with a PBX (see Connecting to a 
    Machine always answers before it’s possible to use the 
    external telephone:  
    If an external telephone is connected, increase the machine’s 
    ring response setting.
    Faxes received someti mes look distorted:
    If the document received is wider or longer than the paper loaded 
    in the paper tray, the machine automatically reduces the width 
    or length of the document so that it will fit on the paper. This type 
    of problem could also be communication related.
    The display shows a invalid toner cartridge :
    A toner cartridge that is not specified for use in this machine has 
    been installed. Contact the nearest supplier for service.
    T he display shows a invalid image drum :
    An image drum that is not specified for use in this machine has 
    been installed. Contact the nearest supplier for service.
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 123
    This section explains how to install additional RAM memory into 
    your MFP as a memory upgrade.
    The basic MFP model comes equipped with 128MB of memory 
    (64 Mb “on-board” and 64 Mb in the option slot). This can be 
    upgraded by substituting the option memory (64Mb) with a 
    memory board containing 256MB, giving a maximum total 
    memory capacity of 320MB.
    Installation takes a few minutes, and requires a medium size 
    cross-head (Philips type) screwdriver.
    1. Switch the MFP off and disconnect the AC power cable.
    2. Lift the scanner.
    Scanner lift.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 124
    3. Press the cover release and open the printer’s top cover 
    Printer top cover open.jpg  
    If the MFP has been powered  on, the fuser may be hot. 
    This area is clearly labelled. Do not touch this area.
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 125
    4. Remove each image drum units, starting with the front. 
    Cover the image drum units to protect them from direct 
    IDs & Toners out.jpg  
    5. Locate the two fasteners (1) at each side of the belt (3) 
    and the lifting bar (2) at the front end. Turn the two 
    The green image drum surface at the base of each 
    cartridge is very delicate  and light sensitive. Do not 
    touch it and do not expose it  to normal room light for 
    more than 5 minutes. If the drum unit needs to be out 
    of the MFP for longer than this, please wrap the 
    cartridge inside a black plastic bag to keep it away 
    from light. Never expose th e drum to direct sunlight 
    or very bright room lighting.
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 126
    fasteners (1) 90° to the left. Th is will release the belt from 
    the printer chassis.
     Transfer belt unlock.jpg  
    6. Unlock the fasteners and remove the belt as shown.
    Tranfer belt remove.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 127
    7. Carefully remove the new memory board from its 
    wrapping. Try to handle the board only by its short edges, 
    avoiding contact with any metal parts as far as possible. 
    In particular, avoid touching the edge connector.
    8. Note that the memory board has a small cutout in the 
    edge connector, which is closer to one end than the other.
    Memory card.jpg  
    9. Identify the RAM expansion slot  in the printer. Unclip the 
    plastic cover to open this slot.
    Memory cover open.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 128
    10. As the RAM expansion slot already contains a memory 
    board (64Mb), this board will have to be removed before 
    you can install the new one. To remove it proceed as 
    (a) Identify the locking clips at each end of the RAM 
    expansion slot.
    (b) Push the clips outward and back into the printer. The 
    board will pop out slightly.
    (c) Grip the board firmly by its short edges and pull it 
    out of the slot.
    (d) Place the removed memory board in the antistatic 
    bag which originally contained the new memory 
    11. Hold the new memory board by its short edges, so that 
    the edge connector faces in towards the RAM expansion 
    slot, and the small cutout is closer to the bottom of the 
    12. Gently push the board into th e RAM expansion slot until it 
    latches in and will not go any further.
    Memory insert.jpg  
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    							C3530 MFP User’s Guide
    Installing additional memory > 129
    13. Close the RAM expansion slot.
    14. Replace the belt and image drum units.
    15. Close the printer top cover and press down firmly so that 
    the cover latches closed.
    16. Gently  lower the scanner on to its supports.
    17. Reconnect the AC power cable and switch the MFP on.
    1.Using the  Enter key, access the  Menu Function.
    2. From the drop-down menu select the  View Information 
    with the  Enter key.
    3. From the  Configuration  menu, scroll down to the 
    System  Menu  and select using the  Enter key.
    4. Using the  Down arrow key, scroll down to  Total Memory.
    5. Pressing the  Enter key will confirm the total memory 
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    							C3530 MFP User’s GuideColor Printing > 130
    The printer drivers supplied with your MFP provide several 
    controls for changing the color output. For general use the 
    automatic settings will suffice, providing reasonable default 
    settings that will produce good results for most documents.
    Many applications have their own color settings, and these may 
    override the settings in the printer driver. Please refer to the 
    documentation for your software application for details on how 
    that particular program’s color management functions.
    If you wish to manually adjust the color settings in your printer 
    driver, please be aware that color reproduction is a complex 
    topic, and there are many factors to take into consideration. 
    Some of the most important factors are listed below.
    Differences between the range of colors 
    a monitor or printer can reproduce
    > Neither a printer nor a monitor is capable of reproducing 
    the full range of colors visible to the human eye. Each 
    device is restricted to a certain range of colors. In addition 
    to this, a printer cannot reproduce all of the colors 
    displayed on a monitor, and vice versa.
    > Both devices use very different technologies to represent 
    color. A monitor uses Red, Green and Blue (RGB) 
    phosphors (or LCDs), a printer uses Cyan, Magenta, 
    Yellow and Black (CMYK) toner or ink.
    > A monitor can display very vivid colors such as intense 
    reds and blues and these cannot be easily produced on 
    any printer using toner or ink. Similarly, there are certain 
    colors, (some yellows for example), that can be printed, 
    but cannot be displayed accurately on a monitor. This 
    disparity between monitors and printers is often the main 
    reason that printed colors do not match the colors 
    displayed on screen.
    Viewing conditions 
    A print can look very different un der different lighting conditions. 
    For example, the colors in a print may look different when viewed 
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