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OKI C530dn User Manual

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    							111 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    Clearing Paper Jams 
    1.If a sheet is well advanced out of the top of the printer, 
    simply grip it and pull gently to draw it fully out. If it does 
    not remove easily, do not use excessive force. It can be 
    removed from the rear later.
    2.Press the cover release and open the printer’s top cover fully.
    If the printer has been powered on, the fuser will be 
    hot. This area is clearly labelled. Do not touch.
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    							112 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    3.Holding it by its handles, lift the image drum, complete with 
    its toner cartridges, up and out of the printer.
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    							113 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    4.Put the assembly down gently onto a piece of paper to 
    prevent toner from marking your furniture and to avoid 
    damaging the green drum surface, and cover.
    The green image drum surface at the base of the 
    Image Drum is very delicate and light sensitive. 
    Do not touch it and do not expose it to normal 
    room light for more than 5 minutes. If the drum 
    unit needs to be out of the printer for longer than 
    this, wrap the cartridge inside a black plastic bag 
    to keep it away from light. Never expose the 
    drum to direct sunlight or very bright room 
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    							114 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    5.Look into the printer to check whether any sheets of paper 
    are visible on any part of the belt unit (1).
    • To remove a sheet with its leading edge at the front of 
    the belt, lift the plastic guard at the front of the printer (1), 
    then carefully lift the sheet (2) from the belt and pull it 
    Do not use any sharp or abrasive objects to 
    separate sheets from the belt. This may damage 
    the belt surface.
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    							115 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    forwards into the internal drum cavity and withdraw the 
    • To remove a sheet from the central area of the belt, 
    carefully separate the sheet from the belt surface and 
    withdraw the sheet.
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    							116 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    • To remove a sheet just entering the fuser (1), separate 
    the trailing edge of the sheet from the belt (2), push the 
    fuser pressure release lever
     (3) towards the front and 
    down to release the fuser’s grip on the sheet, and 
    withdraw the sheet through the drum cavity area. Then 
    allow the pressure release lever to rise again.
    • To remove a sheet in the fuser:
    If the sheet is well advanced into the fuser (only a 
    short length is still visible), do not attempt to pull it 
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    							117 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    (a)Push the two retaining levers (1) towards the rear of the 
    printer to release the fuser. Withdraw the fuser unit using 
    the handle (2).
    (b)Press release lever (1) and pull the trapped paper from 
    the fuser.
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    							118 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    (c)Replace the fuser unit, and move the fuser locking levers 
    (1) toward the rear of the printer.
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    							119 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    6.If you were duplex printing when the jam occurred, check for 
    any jammed sheets in the duplexer:
    (a) Pull the transfer belt lock levers (1) up and toward the 
    front of the printer. 
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    							120 – C330/C530 Troubleshooting
    (b)Lift the transfer belt out of the printer.
    (c)Remove any sheets of paper.
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