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OKI C530dn User Manual

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    							21 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    • Do not pull the paper tray out during printing (except as 
    described below for the 2nd tray).
    • If you have two trays and you are printing from 
    the 1st (upper) tray, you can pull out the 2nd 
    (lower) tray during printing to reload it. However, 
    if you are printing from the 2nd (lower) tray, do 
    not pull out the 1st (upper) tray. This will cause a 
    paper jam.
    • For face down printing, make sure the face up 
    (rear) stacker (a) is closed (the paper exits from 
    the top of the printer). Stacking capacity is 
    approximately 150 sheets, depending on paper 
    • For face up printing, make sure the face up (rear) 
    stacker is open and the paper support
     (1) is 
    extended. Paper is stacked in reverse order and 
    tray capacity is approximately 100 sheets of 20-
    lb. US Bond (75 g/m
    2) paper.    
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    							22 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    Do not open or close the rear paper exit while 
    printing as it may result in a paper jam.
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    							23 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    Multi-Purpose Tray________________________
    Do not exceed the paper capacity of about 100 
    sheets or 10 envelopes. Maximum stacking depth is 
    3/8-inch (10 mm).
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    							24 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    1.Open the multi purpose tray.
    2.Fold out the paper supports.
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    							25 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    3.Press gently down on the paper platform to ensure it is 
    latched down.
    4.Adjust the paper guides (1) to the size of paper being 
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    							26 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    5.Load the print media keeping the stack below the 
    maximum stack line (1): about 100 sheets or 10 
    envelopes. Fine tune the guides to the stack. 
    •Letterhead, simplex: For single-sided printing on 
    letterhead paper load the paper into the multi purpose 
    tray with pre-printed side up and top edge into the 
    •Letterhead, duplex: For two-sided (duplex) printing on 
    letterhead paper load the paper with pre-printed side 
    down and top edge away from the printer.
    •Envelopes: load face up with top edge to the left and 
    short edge into the printer. Do not select duplex printing 
    on envelopes.
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    							27 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    6.Press the tray latch button inwards to release the paper 
    platform, so that the paper is lifted and gripped in place.
    7.Set the correct paper size for the multi purpose tray in the 
    Media Menu (see 
    “Menu Functions” on page 28).
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    							28 – C330/C530 Menu Functions
    Menu Functions
    This section lists the menus accessed via the controls on the 
    printer’s operator panel and displayed in the LCD window.
    Operator Panel ___________________  
    C330 C530   
    Panel Item Function
    1. Ready LEDON: Ready to receive data.
    BLINKING: Processing data.
    OFF: Offline.
    2. Attention 
    LEDON: A warning occurs. Printing may be possible (e.g 
    low toner).
    BLINKING: An error occurs. Printing not possible 
    (e.g. toner empty).
    OFF: Normal condition.
    3. DisplayDisplays the printer status and any error messages.
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    							29 – C330/C530 Menu Functions
    4. Menu  
    • When the printer is off line or on line, press to 
    enter the 
    Menu mode. 
    • In Menu mode, scrolls through the menu item 
    • Press for 2 secs. or longer to jump from top to 
    5. On Line 
    Button• Switches between ONLINE and OFFLINE.
    • Exits the menu and goes ONLINE when 
    pressed in the Menu mode.
    •Scrolls the HELP screen.
    • Forces printing on the paper currently loaded 
    when pressed with “WRONG PAPER” or 
    “WRONG PAPER SIZE” displayed.
    6. Back ButtonReturns to the previous higher level menu item.
    7. OK ButtonIn the ONLINE or OFFLINE mode: enters the Menu 
    In the Menu mode: determines the setting selected.
    Panel Item Function
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    							30 – C330/C530 Menu Functions
    8. Cancel 
    Button• In Print mode, deletes the data being printed or 
    received when pressed for two seconds or 
    • If any of the following error messages appears 
    on the display 
    press Cancel for two or more seconds to clear 
    the print job.
    • In the Menu mode, press to exit the menu and 
    goes ONLINE.
    9. Power Save 
    Button Model C530 only. Pressing this button switches the 
    machine into sleep or wake-up mode. Refer to 
    “Power Save Mode” on page 12.
    Panel Item Function
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