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OKI C530dn User Manual

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    							11 – Introduction
    Rear View 
    * The Network Interface may have a protective “plug” which must be 
    removed before connection can be made.
    When the rear paper stacker is open, paper exits the printer 
    through the rear and is stacked face up. This is mainly used for 
    1. ON/OFF switch
    2. AC power socket
    3. Rear, face up stacker
    4. USB interface
    5. SD card slot
    6. Network interface*
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    							12 – Introduction
    heavy print media. When used in conjunction with the 
    multi-purpose feed tray, the paper path through the printer is 
    essentially straight. This avoids bending the paper around 
    curves in the paper path and enables feeding of media up to 67 
    lb. US Bond (250 g/m²).
    Changing the Display Language ____
    The default language used by your printer for display messages 
    and for report printing is English. If required, this can be 
    changed using the Panel Downloader Utililty on the CD supplied 
    with your printer to:
    Getting Started_________________
    Power Save Mode
    If you do not use the machine for a while, it will enter the power 
    saving mode to control the power consumption of the device. To 
    cancel or initiate power saving mode, press the Power Save 
    button on the control panel.  
    If your machine is connected locally (via USB), when it 
    transitions to Sleep mode its status is viewed as off-line. 
    To use the printer in this state, you must press the 
    Power Save to exit sleep mode.
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    							13 – Introduction
    Switching off   
    1.Press the OK button on the control panel to enter the 
    2.Press the Menu down button and scroll to the Shutdown 
    3.Press the OK button.
    4.Press the OK button to continue.
    5.Press the OK button to execute.
    6.At the prompt, turn the power switch OFF.
    Model C530 only: If you have an SD card fitted, 
    always follow the correct shutdown procedure to 
    ensure that no data is lost.
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    							14 – C330/C530 Paper Recommendations
    Paper Recommendations
    Your printer will handle a variety of print media, including a 
    range of paper weights and sizes, labels and envelopes. This 
    section provides general advice on choice of media, and 
    explains how to use each type.
    The best performance will be obtained when using standard 20-
    24 lb. US Bond (75-90 g/m²) paper designed for use in copiers 
    and laser printers. 
    Use of heavily embossed or very rough textured paper is not 
    Pre-printed stationery can be used, but the ink must not 
    offset when exposed to the high fuser temperatures used in the 
    printing process.
    Envelopes should be free from twist, curl or other 
    deformations. They should also be of the 
    rectangular flap type, with glue that remains 
    intact when subjected to hot roll pressure fusing 
    used in this type of printer. Window envelopes 
    are not suitable.
    Labels should also be of the type recommended 
    for use in copiers and laser printers, in which the 
    base carrier page is entirely covered by labels. 
    Other types of label stock may damage the 
    printer due to the labels peeling off during the 
    printing process.
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    							15 – C330/C530 Paper Recommendations
    Tray 1 and Optional Tray 2 ________
    Media sizes  
    Media Weight Settings 
    If you have identical paper stock loaded in another tray (2nd 
    tray if you have one, or multi purpose tray) you can set the 
    printer to automatically switch to the other tray when the 
    current tray runs out of paper. When printing from Windows 
    applications, this function is enabled in the driver settings. 
    When printing from other systems, this function is enabled in 
    the Print Menu. (See page 33.)
    Letter8.5 x 11 inches
    Legal 138.5 x 13 inches
    Legal 13.58.5 x 13.5 inches
    Legal 148.5 x 14 inches
    Executive 7.25 x 10.5 inches
    A5148 x 210 mm
    B5182 x 257 mm
    A4210 x 297 mm
    1. A6 printing from Tray 1 or the MP Tray only
    105 x 148 mm
    Light 17-19 lb. US Bond64 - 74 g/m2
    Medium Light20 lb. US Bond75-82 g/m2
    Medium21-27 lb. US Bond83-104 g/m2
    Heavy28-32 lb. US Bond105 - 120 g/m2
    Ultra Heavy 133-46 lb. US Bond121 - 176 g/m2
    Ultra Heavy 247-59 lb. US Bond177 - 220 g/m2
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    							16 – C330/C530 Paper Recommendations
    Multi Purpose Tray ______________
    The multi purpose tray can handle the same sizes as trays 1 and 
    2 but in weights up to 58 lb. US Bond (220 
    g/m²). For very heavy 
    paper stock use the face up (rear) paper stacker. This ensures 
    that the paper path through the printer is almost straight.
    The multi purpose tray can feed paper widths from 3 inches 
    (76 mm) to 8.5 inches (215.9 mm) and lengths from 5 inches 
    (127 mm) to 52 inches (1320 mm) (banner printing).
    For paper lengths exceeding Legal 14-inch (356 mm) use paper 
    stock between 28 lb. US Bond (90 g/m²) and 32 lb. US Bond 
    (128 g/m²) and the face up (rear) paper stacker.
    Use the multi purpose tray for printing on envelopes and labels. 
    Up to 10 envelopes can be loaded at one time, subject to a 
    maximum stacking depth of about 3/8-inch (10 mm).
    Face Down Stacker ______________
    The face down stacker on the top of the printer can hold up to 
    150 sheets of 21 lb. US Bond (80 g/m²) standard paper, and can 
    handle paper stocks up to 47 lb. US Bond (176 g/m²). 
    Pages printed in reading order (page 1 first) will be sorted in 
    reading order (last page on top, facing down).
    Face Up Stacker _________________
    The face up stacker at the rear of the printer should be opened 
    and the tray extension pulled out when required for use. In this 
    condition paper will exit via this path, regardless of driver 
    The face up stacker can hold up to 100 sheets of 21 lb. US Bond 
    (80 g/m²) standard paper, and can handle stocks up to 58 lb. 
    US Bond (220 g/m²).
    Always use this stacker and the multi purpose feeder for paper 
    stocks heavier than 47 lb. US Bond (176 g/m²).
    Duplex ________________________
    Automatic two-sided printing on the same range of paper sizes 
    as tray 2 (i.e. all cassette sizes except A6), using paper stocks 
    from 17-47 lb. US Bond (64-176 g/m²).
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    							17 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    Loading Paper 
    Tray 1 and Optional Tray 2 ________
    1.Remove the paper tray from the printer.
    2.Fan the paper to be loaded at the edges (1) and in the 
     (2) to ensure that all sheets are properly separated, 
    then tap the edges of the stack on a flat surface to make it 
    flush again
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    							18 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    3.Adjust the rear stopper (1) and paper guides (2) to the 
    size of paper being used.  
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    							19 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    4.Load paper as shown, keeping the stack below the 
    maximum fill line (1).
    Letterhead paper should be loaded face down with 
    the top edge towards the front of the printer.
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    							20 – C330/C530 Loading Paper
    5.Gently insert the paper tray in the printer.
    To prevent paper jams:
    • Do not leave space between the paper and the guides 
    and rear stopper.
    • Do not overfill the paper tray. Capacity depends on the 
    type of paper stock.
    • Do not load damaged paper.
    • Do not load paper of different sizes or types at the same 
    • Close the paper tray gently.
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