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OKI C610n User Manual

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Page 21

21 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Multi-Purpose Tray________________________
1.Open the multi purpose tray (a).
2.Fold out the paper supports (b).
3.Press gently down on the paper platform (c) to ensure it is 
latched down.
4.Load the paper and adjust the paper guides (d) to the size of 
paper being used.
• For single-sided printing on letterhead paper load the 
paper into the multi purpose tray with pre-printed side up 
and top edge into the printer.
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Page 22

22 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
• For two-sided (duplex) printing on letterhead paper load the paper with pre-printed si de down and top edge away 
from the printer. (Optional duplex unit must be installed for 
this function.)
• Envelopes should be loaded fa ce up with top edge to the 
left and short edge into the pr inter. Do not select duplex 
printing on envelopes.
• Do not exceed the paper capacity of about 100 sheets or  10 envelopes. Maximum stacking depth is 3/8-inch 
5.Press the tray latch...

Page 23

23 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Menu Functions
This section lists the menus accessed via the controls on the 
printer’s operator panel and displayed in the LCD window.
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Page 24

24 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Operator Panel:    _______________  
1. Ready LED ON: 
Ready to 
receive data.
Processing data.
OFF:  Offline. 2. Display
Displays the printer status 
and any error messages.
3. Menu  Scroll 
Buttons  Enters the 
mode. In Menu 
mode, forwards 
or reverses the 
menu item 
Press for 2 secs. 
or longer to jump 
from top to 
bottom. 4. On Line 
Button Switches between 
 and OFFLINE .
Exits the menu and goes 
ONLINE  when pressed in 
the Menu...

Page 25

25 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
5. Attention 
LEDON: A warning 
occurs. Printing 
may be possible 
(e.g low toner).
error occurs. 
Printing not 
possible (e.g. 
toner empty).
OFF: Normal 
6. Back 
ButtonReturns to the previous 
higher level menu item.
7. Enter 
ButtonIn the ONLINE 
mode: enters the 
Menu mode.
In the Menu 
determines the 
setting selected.
8. Cancel 
ButtonDeletes the data being 
printed or received when 
pressed for two seconds or 

Page 26

26 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
How to Change the Settings: User ___
It should be noted that many of these settings can be, and often 
are, overridden by settings in the Windows printer drivers. 
However, several of the driver settings can be left at “Printer 
Setting”, which will then default to the settings entered in these 
printer menus.
Where applicable, factory default settings are shown in bold type 
in the following tables.
In the normal operating condition, known as “standby,” the 
printer’s LCD...

Page 27

27 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
How to Change the Settings: Administrator __________________
You can set whether to  ENABLE or DISABLE  each category in the 
user menu.
Disabled categories are not disp layed in the User’s menu. Only a 
system administrator can change these settings.
1.Tu r n  OFF the printer. Turn ON the printer while pressing the 
Enter  button.
When Boot Menu appears, take your finger off the button.
2.Press the Enter button.
3.At the Enter Password prompt, enter the 4-9 digit Admin...

Page 28

28 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Menus ________________________
Configuration Menu
Tr a y  
CountTr a y 1
Tr a y  2 *
Tr a y  3 *
MP Tray
*Note: Only available 
when optional trays 
are present
Select an item to display the total 
number of pages printed from the 
relevant tray.
LifeCyan Drum
Magenta Drum
Yellow Drum
Black Drum
Cyan Toner 
Magenta Toner
Yellow Toner
Black Toner
Select item to display the percentage 
of a consumable remaining.
NetworkPrinter Name...

Page 29

29 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Print Information Menu
This menu provides a quick method of listing various items stored 
within the printer.
SystemSerial Number
Asset Number
Lot Number
CU Version
PU Version
To t a l  M e m o r y
Flash Memory
SD Card
Date and Time
Displays information for these items.
a. Display condition: IP Version is IP v4+v6 or IP v6.
Configuration Execute Select execute to print out a configuration  report.
Network Execute Scroll down to this parameter and select...

Page 30

30 – C610/C711 User’s Guide
Shutdown Menu 
This item should always be selected before switching the printer 
off, to ensure that no data is lost. 
ListExecute Scroll down to this parameter and select 
execute to print out an Epson FX emulation 
font list.
Usage Report Execute Scroll down to this parameter and select  execute to print out a list of color and mono 
pages printed.
Error Log Execute Scroll down to this parameter and select  execute to print out the error log.
Color Profile...
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