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Avaya Partner Acs R5.0 Remote Administration R5.0 Getting Started Manual

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    							PA R T N E R® AC S R 5 .0  
    Remote Administration R5.0
    Getting Started
    Issue 3
    March  2 002 
    Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this Getting Started is complete and accurate at the 
    time of printing. Information, however, is subject to change. 
    Your Responsibility for Your System’s Security
    Toll fraud is the unauthorized use of your telecommunications system by an unauthorized party—for example, 
    persons other than your company’s employees, agents, subcontractors, or persons working on your company’s 
    behalf. Note that there may be a risk of toll fraud associated with your telecommunications system, and, if toll fraud 
    occurs, it can result in substantial additional charges for your telecommunications services.
    The System Manager is responsible for the security of your system, such as programming and configuring your 
    equipment to prevent unauthorized use. The System Manager is also responsible for reading all installation, 
    instruction, and system administration documents provided with this product in order to fully understand the features 
    that can introduce risk of toll fraud and the steps that can be taken to reduce that risk. Avaya Inc. does not warrant 
    that this product is immune from or will prevent unauthorized use of common-carrier telecommunication services or 
    facilities accessed through or connected to it. Avaya Inc. will not be responsible for any charges that result from such 
    unauthorized use. For important information regarding your system and toll fraud, see the PARTNER Customer 
    Support Document. 
    PARTNER is a registered trademark of Avaya Inc. 
    Microsoft, Windows, and Windows NT are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
    Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.
    Ordering Information
    Customer Support
    If you need assistance when programming or using your system, contact your local Authorized Dealer or call the 
    Avaya Customer Care Center at  1 800 628-2888. Consultation charges may apply.
    Fraud Intervention
    If you suspect you are being victimized  by toll fraud and you need technical support or assistance, call the Avaya 
    Customer Care Center at  1 800 628-2888.
    Copyright © 2002, Avaya Inc. Document 518-456-166
    All Rights Reserved Issue 3
    Printe d  in USA        March 2 0 02
    Call:   Avaya Publications Center 
    Voice 1 800 457-1235  International Voice 317 322-6791 
    Fax 1 800 457-1764  International Fax 317 322-6699 
    Write:  Avaya Publications Center 
    2855 North Franklin Road 
    Indianapolis, IN 46219-1385 
    Order: Document No. 518-456-166 
    Is sue 3,  March  20 02 
    About this Guide 2
    What is PARTNER
    ® ACS Remote Administration? 3
    New Features in this Release4
    Installation 5
    What You Need To Run PARTNER Remote Administration5
    Installing the Software6
    Solving Installation Errors7
    Starting PARTNER Remote Administration7
    An Overview of System Administration 8
    Basic Remote Administration Tasks8
    Additional Capabilities9
    Connecting to the PARTNER ACS System 10
    Operator Assisted11
    Automated Attendant12
    Direct Dial (Local)13
    Direct Dial (Remote)14
    Solving Connection Problems16
    Retrieving a System Translation 19
    Back up the System Information19
    Retrieve the Information to Your PC20
    Disconnect from the PARTNER System20
    Making Changes to the System Translation 21
    Exploring the Workspace21
    Working with Translations23
    Activating Your Changes 26
    Administering Date and Time 27
    Remote Diagnostics 28
    DSL Module Administration 29
    Where to Get More Information 30
    							2 This guide is your key to PARTNER
    ® ACS R5.0 Remote Administration. 
    Use this guide to learn: 
     What the program can do 
     How to install the software
     How to connect to a PARTNER system
     The basics of the administration process
     What you can do with Remote Diagnostics
     Where to find additional information
    About this Guide 
    About this Guide 
    							3 PARTNER ACS Remote Administration gives you the ability to manage a PARTNER ACS R5, 
    R4, or R3 system from your PC. Among the many features it contains are ones 
    that let you:
    And PARTNER Remote Administration gives you the ability to retrieve diagnostic 
    information from your PARTNER ACS system, allowing you to:
    All these features are accessed through a graphical interface that is easy to learn and 
    use. And though the name says “Remote,” you can also use it to manage a PARTNER 
    system locally. You can even choose to work offline and activate your changes when 
    it’s convenient.
     Program the system (for example, assign outside lines)
     Program extensions (for example, program an autodial button on any extension) 
     Back up and restore these and many other settings
     View the type of modules installed on the PARTNER system
     Retrieve reports on system events such as errors and reboots
     Identify the current version of your software
     Identify the PCMCIA cards installed in the PARTNER ACS module
    Please note these important points:
    PARTNER Remote Administration only works with PARTNER ACS Release 3.0 and later.
    If you have a version of PARTNER ACS Remote Administration on your PC, you must 
    uninstall it before installing this software. 
    If you have PassageWay Administration for PARTNER software on your PC, you must 
    uninstall it before installing this software. PARTNER Remote Administration replaces 
    the old software.
    To help ensure the security of the PARTNER system, you cannot create or change the 
    remote administration password with this software. This must be done on the system 
    itself. (See page 18 for instructions on how to do this.)
    What is PARTNER® ACS Remote Administration?
    What is PARTNER® ACS Remote Administration? 
    							4 In addition to supporting all system programming and remote administration features 
    already available in PARTNER Remote Administration Release 4.0 on your PC, PARTNER 
    Remote Administration Release 5.0 supports the following features and capabilities:
    Release 5.0 provides the capability to program PARTNER ACS R5 systems, PARTNER 
    ACS R4 systems, and PARTNER ACS R3 systems.
     1600 DSL Module Administration
    Release 5.0 provides the capability to administer the DSL features of the 1600 DSL 
    module. For information on performing DSL-specific administration of the 1600 
    DSL module, refer to the PARTNER Advanced Communication System 1600 Module 
    User’s Guide or the online help.
     Enhanced Remote Diagnostics
    Release 5.0 provides the capability to 
     identify and display details about the new 012 ETR module in the board 
    inventory view
     identify PCMCIA cards installed in the ACS module and display details 
    associated with each type of card in the board inventory view
     identify and display details about the 362EC module in the board 
    inventory view
    On Your PC
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 98, 
    Windows NT 4.0 Server/Workstation with Service Pack 4 or later, or Windows 95
    IBM compatible PC with a Pentium
    processor (100 MHz or faster)10 MB of free disk space 
    An internal or external V.34 BIS modem 
    (14.4 or faster)Windows-compatible VGA monitor 
    supporting at least 16 colors and 
    800 x 600 pixel screen resolution
    Windows-compatible pointing device 
    (a mouse, etc.) 16 MB of RAM 
    On Your PARTNER ACS System
    PARTNER ACS R5, R4, or R3 PARTNER Remote Access Card, which 
    functions as a modem and a 
    backup/restore card 
    PARTNER display phone
    The PARTNER Remote Administration software includes an installation program that 
    copies the application onto your PC’s hard drive. You can obtain the PARTNER Remote 
    Admin is tration soft ware f rom  your  P A RTN ER  ACS de aler .
    To install the software: Start Windows.
    Start Windows Explorer. 
    The Windows Explorer  window appears.
    Locate the directory that contains the PARTNER Remote 
    Administration software, and then double-click on  setup.exe.
    The PARTNER ACS R5.0 Remote Administration Setup window appears.
    Respond to a series of standard Windows installation prompts.  
    During the installation you can:
     Confirm or change the file directory where PARTNER Remote 
    Administration will be installed.
     Choose to create shortcuts which will allow you to run the application by 
    directly clicking on a title or icon in the Start menu and/or the desktop. 
    The installation program copies files from the CD to the destination 
    directory.  When the software is installed successfully, you will see an 
    Installation Completed message.
    Click on the  Next button.
    The Readme - Notepad window appears.
    After reading the Readme file, select  Exit from the File menu in the 
    Notepad window. 
    If you receive an error message during the installation process, check whether:
    A version of PARTNER ACS Remote Administration software is still 
    installed on your PC. If it is, you must uninstall this program: 
     Select Programs from the Start menu.
     Choose PARTNER ACS Remote Administration and select Uninstaller for 
    Remote Administration. 
    You have at least 10 MB of hard disk space available. If there is not:
     Free space on the designated hard drive by transferring files to another 
    drive or deleting them from your disk.
     Install PARTNER Remote Administration on another drive which has at 
    least 10 MB of free space.
    You are using Windows 2000 Server/Professional, Windows 98, 
    Windows NT 4.0 Workstation/Server, or Windows 95. 
    PARTNER Remote Administration works like most other Windows programs. To start the 
    program either:
    Click on the Start menu and select Programs / PARTNER ACS R5 
    Remote Administration / Remote Administration.
    Note: This is the default location. If you choose to save your files to
    an alternate location during installation, your path will be different. 
    Or, if you created a desktop short-cut, double-click on the Remote 
    Administration icon on the desktop.
    An Overview of System Administration
    Managing your phone system using PARTNER Remote Administration involves the 
    following tasks:
    The file you retrieve from the PARTNER system is called the System Translation. It contains 
    the specific line, extension, button, and other custom settings for the system. You make 
    changes to the translation and then send those changes back to the PARTNER system.
     Starting the software (page 7) 
     Connecting to the PARTNER system (page 10) 
     Retrieving the system translation (page 19) 
     Making changes to the information (page 21) 
     Restoring (that is, activating) the system translation 
    on the system (page 26) 
    An Overview of System Administration
    An Overview of System Administration 
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