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RCA 2 Line Phone Manual

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    							2-Line Intercom   
    Speak erphone DECT6.0   
    Cor ded/Cor dless  
    Handset T elephone   
    Answ ering S ystem  
    User ’s Guide
    V i S Y S™V i S YS
    Equipment Approval Information
    Your telephone equipment is app rov ed for connection to the Public S witched Telephone 
    Netw ork and is in compliance with pa rts 15 and 68, F CC Rules and R egulations and the 
    T echnical  Requir ements for T elephone Terminal Equipment published by A CTA.
    1   Notication t o the Local Telephone Company
      On the bottom of this equipment is a label indicating, among other information, the 
    US number and Ringer Equiv alence Number (REN) for the equipment . You must , upon 
    r equest , provide this information to  your telephone company.
      The REN is usef ul in determining the number of devices y ou may connect to your 
    telephone line and still ha ve all of these devices ring when y our telephone number is 
    called. In most (but not all) a reas, the sum of the RENs of all devices connected to one 
    line should not exceed 5.  To be cer tain of the number of devices y ou may connect to 
    y our line as determined by the REN,  you should contact y our local telephone company.
      A plug and jack used to connect this equipment to the pr emises wiring and telephone 
    netw ork must comply with the applicable F CC P art 68 r ules and r equirements adopted 
    by the A CTA. A compliant telephone co rd and modular plug is pr ovided with this 
    pr oduct . It is designed to be connected to a compatible modular jac k that is also 
    complian t. See installation inst ructions for details.
    Not es  
    •   This equipment may not be used on coin se rvice pr ovided by the telephone company.
    •   Par ty lines a re subject to state tariffs, and the refor e, you may not be able to use y our 
    own telephone equipment if  you ar e on a par ty line. Check with y our local telephone 
    •   Notice must be gi ven to the telephone company upon permanent disconnection of 
    y our telephone f rom y our line.
    •   If y our home has specially wi red alarm equipment connected to the telephone line, 
    ensur e the installation of this p roduct does not disable y our alarm equipment. If you 
    hav e questions about what will disable alarm equipment , consult your telephone 
    company or a quali ed installer.
    US Number is locat ed on the cabinet bott om
    REN number is locat ed on the cabinet bott om
    2   Rights of the T elephone Company  
      Should y our equipment cause t rouble on y our line which may harm the telephone 
    netw ork, the telephone company shall, whe re practicable, notif y you that temporar y 
    discontinuance of se rvice may be  requir ed. Wher e prior notice is not practicable and 
    the cir cumstances  warrant such action, the telephone company may temporarily 
    discontinue se rvice immediately. In case of such temporar y discontinuance, the 
    telephone company must: (1) p romptly noti fy y ou of such temporar y discontinuance; 
    (2) affor d you the oppor tunity to correct the situation; and (3) inform y ou of your right to 
    bring a complaint to the Commission pu rsuant to pr ocedures set for th in Subpart E of 
    P ar t 68, FC C Rules and R egulations. 
    FC C RF Radiation Exposu re S tatement
    This equipment complies with F CC RF radiation exposur e limits set forth for an 
    uncontr olled envi ronment . This equipment should be installed and operated with a 
    minimum distance of 20 centimete rs betw een the radiator and y our body. This transmitter 
    must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter .
    For body w orn operation, this phone has been tested and meets the FC C RF exposure 
    guidelines when used with the belt clip supplied with this pr oduct. Use of other accessories 
    may not ensu re compliance with F CC RF exposur e guidelines.
    Information for DECT P roduct
    This telephone is compliant with the DECT 6.0 standar d which operates in the 
    1.92GHz to 1.93GHz f requency range.  
    Equipment Approval Information   2
    Interference Information     3
    Licensing         3
    Hearing Aid Compatibility     3
    FCC RF Radiation Exposure Statement   4
    Information for DECT Product     4
    Parts Checklist       7
      -Telephone Jack Requirements    Installation       8
     -Digital Security System
    I mportant Installation Guidelines   8
    Handset Layout       9
    Base Layout       10
    Installing the Phon e       11
     -Installing the handset battery 11  -Base Station   12-14
    Programming the Phone     15
    -Standby Screen   15
     -Programming Functions   15  -Phone Setting   15
     -Date/Time     16  -Auto Answer   16
     -Auto Answer Intercom   16  -Dial Mode     17          -Area Code     17
     -Registration    17  -Register     18
     -Remove Handset   18
     -De-Register    18  -2nd Call Alert   19  -Handset Name   19  -Update Handset List   19  -Display Setting   19       -Contrast     20  -Backlight     20  -Sound Setting   20  -Answering System   21  -On/Off Status   21 -Outgoing Message (OGA)  Playback 22  -Set Office Time   22  -Set Work Hours   23  -Set After Hours   23 -Ring Delay     24  -Message Length   24  -Call Screening   24  -Message Alert   24  -Remote Password   25  -Restore Setting   25
    Table of Cont ents
    Telephone Operation        25
           -Making calls with the cordless handset    25
           -Making calls with the corded handset (from the base)   25
           -Making calls in the speakerphone mode (from the base)   26
           -Making calls in the speakerphone mode (from the handset) 26
           -Making calls with the optional headset    26
           -Pre-dialing        27
           -Answering a Call        27
           -Switching between the speakerphone, handset & headset
             mode          27
           -Mute          28
           -Do not disturb        28
           -Flash          28
           -Inserting a pause in the dialing sequence    28
           -Redial          29
           -Reviewing the Redial Numbers      29
           -Storing a Redial Record in Directory    29
           -Transferring a call to another extension    30
           -Receiving a transferred call from another extension   30
           -Ringer on/off and ringer volume      30
           -Speakerphone, handset and headset volume    30
           -Hold          31
           -Conference calls        31
    Intercom Calls         32
    -One-touch /memory log      32
           -Answering an intercom call      32
           -Page          32
           -Auto Standby        32
    Caller ID (CID)         33
    -Receiving and storing CID records    33
           -Reviewing CID records      33
           -Saving a CID record to the phone directory    34
           -Deleting a CID record      34
           -Deleting all call records      34
           -Dialing back        34
           -Call waiting caller ID       35
    Directory & One-Touch Memory      36
    -Adding directory entries      36
           -Storing a record in the one-touch/memory buttons   36
           -Reviewing directory records      37
           -Editing a name or number stored in the one-touch/
             memory log        37
           -Reviewing record in the one-touch/memory    37
           -Editing a directory record      37
           -Copying a directory record      38
           -Deleting a directory record      38
           -Deleting all directory records      38
           -Deleting a one-touch/memory      39
           -Dialing a directory record      39
           -Dialing a one-touch memory/record    39        
    Table of Cont ents Cont.
    Answering System Operation       40
           -Answering system on/off      40
           -Recording incoming messages      40
           -Monitoring incoming calls      40
           -Memo record        41
           -Memo recording        41
           -Message/memo playback      41
           -Erasing messages        42
           -Remote access from remote party     42
           -Memory full        43
    Changing the Battery        43
    Battery Safety Precautions       43
    Display Messages         44
    Handset Sound Signals       45
    -Backup battery operation      45
    Troubleshooting Guide       46
    -Telephone solutions       46
            -Caller ID solutions        47
            -Battery        47
    General Product Care       48
    Causes of Poor Reception       48
    Warranty Assistance         49
    Limited Warranty         50-51
    Accessory Information       52
    CAUTION: When using t elephone equipment, there are basic safety 
    instr uctions that should alw ays be followed. Refer t o the IMP ORTANT 
    SAFE TY INSTRUCTIONS p rovided with this pr oduct and save them for future 
    r efer ence.
    IMP ORTANT : Because cor dless phones operat e on electricity, you should have 
    at least one phone in  your home that isn’t cor dless, in case the power in your 
    home goes out .
    Handset batt ery 
    2- Line cor ds A
    C pow er  
    adapt or  
    (for base)
    P ar ts Checklist
    Mak e sur e your package includes the following items:
    Shor t Line Cor d
    Belt Clip
    Cor d
    Char ging 
    T elephone J ack Requirements
    To use this phone,  you will need a  RJ11C (for a single line) or a 
    R J14C (for tw o lines) type modular phone jac k, which might look 
    lik e the one pictu red her e, installed in  your home or ofce. If y ou 
    nd out how to get one installed.
    t elephone line 
    all plat e
    C pow er  
    adapt or  
    (for char ging 
    Base & Desk Stand (assembled together) 
    Digital Security S ystem
    Your cor dless phone uses a digital security syst em to protect against false 
    ringing, unauthorized access, and cha rges t o your phone line.
    INST ALLATION NO TE: Some cor dless telephones operat e at frequencies that 
    may cause or r eceive interfer ence with nearby  TVs, micr owave ov ens, and 
    V CRs. T o minimize or pr event such int erfer ence, the base of the cor dless 
    t elephone should not be placed near or on  top of a T V, micr owave ov ens, or 
    V CR . If such int erfer ence continues, mov e the cordless telephone far ther away 
    fr om these appliances.
    Cer tain other communications devices may also use the 1.9 GHz fr equency 
    for communication, and, if not pr operly set, these devices may int erfer e with 
    each other and/or y our new telephone. If y ou are concerned with int erfer ence, 
    please r efer to the owner ’s manual for these devices on how t o properly set 
    channels t o avoid int erfer ence. T ypical devices that may use the 1.9 GHz 
    fr equency for communication include wi reless audio/video sender s, wireless 
    comput er networks, multi-handset cor dless telephone syst ems, and some long-
    range cor dless telephone sys tems.
    Impor tant Installation Guidelines
    •   Av oid sour ces of noise and hea t, such as motor s, uorescent lighting, micr owave 
    ov ens, heating appliances and di rect sunligh t.
    •    Av oid ar eas of excessi ve dust , moistu re and low temperatur e.
    •    Av oid other co rdless telephones or pe rsonal computer s.
    •    Nev er install telephone wiring during a lightning storm.
    •    Nev er install telephone jacks in  wet locations unless the jack is speci cally designed for 
    w et locations.
    •    Nev er touch non-insulated telephone wi res or terminals, unless the telephone line has 
    been disconnected at the net work inter face.
    •    Use caution when installing or modi fying telephone lines. 
    Handset Layout
    DND/ Priv acy
    (butt on) Spk
    (Speak er button)
    (butt on) CID
    (butt on)
     Soft k eys
    V OL +/- 
    (butt ons)
    T alk
    (butt on) End
    (butt on)
    R edial
    (butt on)
    M enu/ Flash
    (butt on)
    (butt on)
    Int/ Hold
    (butt on)
    ut e/ Del
    (butt on)
    Visual Indicat or
    *  Tone
    (butt on) #
    (butt on)
    Headset J ack 
    Base Lay out
    DND/Priv acy
    (butt on)
    Delet e
    (butt on)
    (butt on)
     Soft K eys
    Play/ Stop
    (butt on)
    M emo
    (butt on)
    ns  Sys
    (butt on)
    /P rev
    (butt on) CID
    /N ext
    (butt on)
    ol +/-
    (butt ons)
    Line 1 & 2
    (butt ons)
    Int ercom
    (butt on) P
    (butt on)
    (butt on)
    H old
    (butt on)
    (butt on)
    (butt on)
    (butt on) Speak
    (butt on)
    Tone (butt on)
    One Touch/  
    Memor y Log (1-10)
    butt ons
    (butt on)
    J ack 
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