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OKI B4525 User Manual

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    Code 50 - Server error
    Check the number of the parametred SMS or an error occured when data 
    were configured.
    Printer errors
    Error messages
    If the printer has one of the problems described below, the signal On 
    flashes red, and you can’t use your terminal temporarily. The 
    corresponding message is displayed on the screen.
    Message Action
     TO CONFIRMReplace the toner cartridge.
    Proceed as indicated Replacing the toner 
    cartridge, page -125.
     TO CONFIRMReplace the drum cartridge.
    Proceed as indicated Replacing the drum 
    cartridge, page -131.
    CHANGE WAY UPInsert your chip card in the other way up.
    COVERClose the front cover of the printer.
    UPPER COVERClose the printer rear upper cover.
    TONER NEAR ENDThe toner cartridge is nearly worn out (10% 
    capacity left).
    PAPER EMPTYInstall the paper tray.
    Fill the tray with paper in the required size.
    PAPER JAM INSIDEOpen the tray.
    Remove the jammed sheet.
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    							143 Maintenance
    EXTERNAL TRAYOpen the cover.
    Remove the jammed sheet from the print outlet.
    INTERNAL TRAYOpen the cover.
    Remove the jammed sheet from between the 
    tray and the fusing unit.
    PRINTER ERROR XXDisconnect and reconnect the terminal.
    If the problem persists, contact your supplier.
    PAPER SIZE ERRORCheck paper size (A4 / LETTER / ...).
    UPPER RV MODULEPaper jam in top part of duplex module. Open 
    the top access door of the module and remove 
    the jammed sheet.
    LOWER RV MODULEPaper jam in bottom part of duplex module.  
    Open the bottom access door of the module and 
    remove the jammed sheet.
    CHECK PAPER TYPEVerify that the paper type used complies with 
    manufacturer data (refer to paragraph 
    Characteristics, page -150).
    INSIDEVerify the paper size of the duplex module and 
    check that it corresponds effectively to 
    manufacturer data  (refer to paragraph 
    Characteristics, page -150). Message Action
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    Printer paper jam
    Inside the printer
    +Use the following procedure to remove any sheets of paper jammed inside 
    the printer.
    Caution - The fusing unit inside the printer can become very hot during 
    operation. To avoid injury - do not touch.
    +Open the front cover of the printer.
    +Remove the toner/drum cartridge set from inside the printer.
    +Remove any jammed sheets.
    +Open the rear cover of the printer until locked behind lug A.
    +Remove any jammed sheets.
    +Reinstall the drum/toner cartridge set (refer to paragraph Replacing 
    cartridges, page -125).
    +Correctly close the front and rear covers of the printer.
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    							145 Maintenance
    Paper jam at the feeders and trays
    The figures below show different types of paper jams you might 
    experience when using your terminal.
    +Remove any stuck sheets as shown by the arrow depending on where the 
    paper jam occurs.
    At the printer output stacker
    At the paper tray At the manual feed tray
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    Second cassette (option)
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    							147 Maintenance
    Scanner incidents
    Scanner paper jam
    When a paper jam occurs, the following message appears on the control 
    panel screen 
    If jams often occur in a specific part of the unit, the latter needs to be 
    checked, cleaned or repaired.
    +Open the scanner cover. 
    +Remove the jammed paper (A) without tearing it.
    +Then, close the scanner cover.
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    Miscellaneous incidents
    At switch-on nothing appears on screen
    Check that the power cable is plugged in, and check the power plug if 
    The fax does not detect the presence of your inserted document. The 
    READY  does not appear on the screen.
    At the start and during scanning, REMOVE DOCUMENT appears on the 
    Remove the document or press key  .
    Check the thickness of the document (50 sheets of paper of 80 g/m
    Iron out the sheets if needed.
    Help the sheets along.
    The fax machine does not receive any faxes
    Check that the telephone line cable is correctly plugged in and that there 
    is a tone signal on the telephone line by means of the   key.
    You receive a blank page
    Make a photocopy of a document; if it is correct then your fax is 
    functioning normally. Call back the subscriber and have him resend the 
    document. It was probably sent with the sheet inserted backwards.
    You cannot send a fax
    Check that the telephone line cable is correctly plugged in.
    Check the tone by pressing the   key.
    Check the prefix is correctly programmed and used.
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    							149 Maintenance
    Terminal packing and transportation
    Always use the original package when transporting the terminal. Failure 
    to do so could void the warranty.
    +1 - Disconnect the terminal from the telephone network (depends on model) 
    and the mains plug.
    +2 - Remove the connection lead to the telephone line (depends on model) and 
    the mains lead, the document feeder tray, the printer output tray and the 
    paper tray; pack in the original boxes.
    +3 - Put the terminal in a plastic bag and put it in its original box with all the 
    original wedges.
    +4 - Add all documentation (printer documents and miscellaneous CD Roms 
    (depending on model) in the box.
    +5 - Correctly close the box with tape.
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    Device type: Office color fax machine, fast operation with all Group 3 
    devices according to ITU-T recommendations.
    Unit characteristics
    Dimensions:Width: 440 mm [17.32 in.]
    Depth: 460 mm (without duplex option) [18 in.]
    Height: 460 mm (without stackers and 500 
    sheets paper feed tray) [18 in.]
    Weight:14 kg [31 lbs.]
    Electric power supply:100-120 V - 50-60 Hz 
    Power consumption (max. values):- standby mode: less than 15 W
    - wait mode: less than 75 W
    - operation: 580 W (during copy) (900 W peak)
    Operating temperature:- operation: +10°C to 35°C (50 to 95°F) with a 
    maximum difference of 10°C per hour.
    - storage: +0°C to 40°C (32 to 104°F) with a 
    maximum difference of 10°C per hour.
    Operating humidity:Operation or storage: 20% to 80% RH (without 
    condensation) with a maximum difference of 
    20% per hour.
    Original document size:Width: 216 mm max. [8.5 in.]
    Height: 297 mm [11.69 in.]
    Thickness: 0.05 to 0.15 mm
    Document feeder:Max capacity : sheet stack height 3 mm (ie a 
    normal capacity of 50 pages (80 g/m2) [20 lb.]
    Reception size: Letter and Legal:Letter size
    Legal size
    Reception paper:Plain paper (copier type (80 g/m2) [20 lb.]
    Paper tray capacity:250 pages max. (80 g/m2) [20 lb.]
    Second paper tray (option):Second paper tray: 500 pages (80 g/m2) [20 lb.]
    Transmission procedures:In accordance with UIT-T recommendations for 
    group 3 copiers.
    Possible phone line connections:To all public switched telephone networks (or 
    Scanned image resolution:Scanner : 300 dpi
    Reading system:CIS optronics reading
    Print type:Laser printing process
    Printer resolution:600 x 600 dpi
    Communication rate:For group 3 : 33600/14400/12000/9600/7200/
    4800/2400 bps
    The effective transmission time for an Letter page ranges between a few seconds to 
    approximately one minute (depending on line quality, modem bit rate, the amount of information 
    on the original document and the resolution)
    (*).(*) Not taking into account the exchange initialization procedure.
    Internet : general characteristics- TCP/IP/PPP Protocols
    - Protocols SMTP/POP3/MIME protocols for 
    electronic mail
    - V90Modem ( up to 56 kbps/s)
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    							151 Maintenance
    File format: - Image : TIFF-F for black/white documents and 
    JPEG for color documents
    - PDF : monochrome et color
    - PCL
    ® 6 Emulation (A)
    SG Script (PostScript® level 2 language 
    emulation and PostScript® level 3 language 
    emulation with configuration file)(
    Specifications may change for improvement without prior notice.
    A. PCL is a registered trademark by Hewlett Packard.
    B. PostScript is a registered trademark by Adobe Systems Incorporated.
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