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OKI B4525 User Manual

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    Before powering on your unit, make sure the power outlet it is con-
    nected to meets the requirements printed on the warning label on 
    your unit, or on the separate power supply (depending on the model). 
    This unit must not be installed on the floor.
    If your unit works with a separate Power Supply, use only the 
    one delivered with your unit; never use another power supply.
    If your unit works with a battery, replace it only with the 
    same type of battery or an equivalent type recommended by 
    the manufacturer.
    Warning:incorrect replacement of the battery may cause an 
    explosion. Replace only with the same or equivalent type rec-
    ommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of used batteries 
    according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    Used batteries must be disposed of following the manufac-
    turer’s instructions.
    Depending on the model, the unit’s power plug may be the 
    only way to disconnect the unit from the power network. 
    Therefore you must respect the following:
    • Your unit must be connected to a power outlet located nearby.
    • The power outlet must remain easily accessible.
    Your unit is delivered with a power cord including a plug 
    which, depending on the model, may be:
    • without earth (the   symbol on the warning label).
    • with earth (no symbol on the warning label). It is imperative that 
    a power plug with an earth be connected to a wall outlet with an 
    If the machine is powered when you 
    remove the upper cover, be careful 
    with the two following dangers:
    • Laser beam interception by human 
    eye can produce irremediable inju-
    • Human contact with parts electrically 
    powered can produce a very danger-
    ous electric shock.
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    							153 Consumables
    Toner cartridge:52116101
    Drum cartridge:56120301
    Consumable characteristics
    Toner cartridge:The standard toner cartridge can 
    produce up to 6,000 pages (when 
    printing on Letter paper with a 5% max. 
    black and white ratio).
    The initial toner cartridge can produce 
    up to 2,000 pages (when printing on 
    Letter paper with a 5% max. 
    black-and-white ratio).
    The service life of the toner cartridge 
    mainly depends on the type of printed 
    document and the average number of 
    pages per print operation).
    Drum cartridge:The standard drum cartridge can 
    produce up to 20,000 pages.
    Various factors may influence the 
    effective service life of the drum 
    cartridge, namely the environment 
    (temperature, humidity), the average 
    number of pages per print operation, 
    the type of paper used, etc.
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    							154 Service and Support
    Service and Support
    Consult the store where you purchased your printer.
    Additional OKI Resources
      •Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
      •Visit our multilingual web site: www.OKIPRINTINGSOLUTIONS.COM
      •Visit MY.OKIDATA.COM
      •CAll 1-800-654-3282
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    							Oki Data Americas, Inc.
    2000 Bishops Gate Blvd.,
    Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054-4620
    Tel: (856)235-2600 Fax: (856)222-5320
    © 2006 Oki Data Americas, Inc.
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