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OKI B4525 User Manual

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    21 Remark  : always hold the paper tray with both hands when removing it or putting it back 
    into the additional paper unit. 
    5. Put a stack of 500 paper sheets, 
    maximum, into the paper tray, 
    making sure to always position 
    the paper so that the up-side, 
    when the paper is packed, is 
    always facing up.6. Put the cover back onto the tray, and 
    insert the paper tray into the additional 
    paper unit.
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    							22 Installation
    Installing the Duplex unit (optional)
    After installation and connection, the duplex unit will enable you to print, receive 
    faxes or print local photocopies in duplex mode.
    +Switch off your terminal and pull out the mains plug.
    +Take the duplex unit out of its box and remove the protective film.
    +Remove the connector cover (C) to obtain access to the connector.
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    +Clip the connector of the flat cable (E) of the duplex unit in the connector (D) located 
    at the bottom left hand side of the terminal.
    +Insert the two plastic clips (B) in the two slots (A) provided for this purpose.
    +Hold the module in its housing, tip the access door to the two blue-colored locking 
    clips backwards.
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    							24 Installation
    +Hold the duplex unit in position and press the two blue colored clips firmly, 
    one after the other, (A) while rotating them ¼ of a turn clockwise, to lock 
    the duplex unit to the back of your terminal.
    +Once the module is locked in position, close the door.  The module is now 
    ready to operate.
    +Reconnect the mains plug and power the terminal using the mains switch 
    located on the left hand side.
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    +Make sure the On/Off switch is in position o (Off).
    Légende du schéma :
    A : Parallel port
    B : USB Port 
    C : LAN socket 
    D : Telephone line socket
    E : Power cord recepticle
    F : Telephone line
    G : Power cord 
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    							26 Installation
    Telephone and LAN connection
    +Plug the end of the telephone line (F) into the terminal socket (D) and the 
    other end into the wall telephone socket.
    + LAN connection (depending on model). Plug end of the LAN cord (as 
    provided by your network administrator) into the socket (C) of your terminal 
    and the other end into your local network port dedicated to your terminal.
    Power line connection and switch on
    Caution -  Refer to safety procedures in the chapter on Safety.
    +Plug the end of the mains power cord (G) into the socket (E) of the terminal 
    and the other end in the wall outlet.
    +Set the On/Off switch to position I (On).
    After a few seconds, when the printer has warmed up, the date and time will 
    appear. To adjust the language and time of your terminal, refer to paragraph 
    Setting your terminal, page 38.
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    The navigator gives you access to the menus visible on screen. 
    The navigator
    This navigator has 4 keys 
    and allows you to move 
    within the menus available on your terminal.
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    							28 Getting started
    Moving within the menus 
    To Use key Symbol used
    Enter the main menu and move 
    down through the menus.
    Select the next line in a menu.
    Select the previous line in a menu.
    Validate the current selection.OK
    Return to the previous menu.C
    Confirm and exit from the current 
    Exit without confirming from the 
    current menu.
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    							Getting started
    Moving within a data entry field
    The display screen
    The screen has two lines of 16 characters.
    The cursor   shows the line you selected.
    For  menus with more than two  choices, use the arrows 
     or  of 
    the navigator to obtain the next (hidden) lines of the menu (3,4, 
    To U s e  k e y S y m b o l  u s e d
    Move to the right.
    Move to the left.
    Confirm your entry.OK
    Delete a character by moving the 
    cursor to the left.C
    Confirm your entry and return to 
    the initial screen.
    2 SETUP
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    							30 Getting started
    Access to functions may be achieved in two ways.
    • Menu-driven access.
    • Direct function access.
    Menu-driven access
    You can print the guide to find out the number of a function by 
    pressing  the key or by scrolling through the menus, as indicated 
    +Press the  key, the functions menu appear.
    +Use the or  navigator arrows to move the cursor   in front 
    of the required function.
    +Validate your choice by pressing OK.
    +When in the selected menu, use the   or  navigator arrows 
    to move the cursor   in front of the required sub-function.
    +Validate your choice by pressing OK.
    Caution - The Duplex version cannot be used to print the guide. 
    Therefore it can only be printed on one side.
    Direct access by number
    You may print the functions list to find out the number of a function.
    From the stand-by mode:
    +Press the  key, enter the number of the required 
    function and validate your choice by pressing OK.
    52 LOGS
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