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Canon printer PIXMA MX492 User Manual

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    of 1004
    From the menu options, tap Print.
    From  Printer Options , select the model that you are using.
    Because some app does not support AirPrint,  Printer Options may not be displayed. If an app
    does not let you use printer options, you cannot print from that app.
    The  Printer Options  differ depending on the app and model you are using.
    							5.When printing a file type that has multiple pages, such as a PDF file, click Range and
    then click  All Pages  or select the range of pages to be printed.6.
    For 1 Copy , click + or  - to set the number of required copies.
    For  Duplex Printing , click On to enable duplex printing or click  Off to disable the
    Tap the  Print.
    When you execute printing, the printer prints according to the specified settings.
    Paper Size
    With AirPrint, the paper size is selected automatically according to the app being used on the Apple device and the region in which AirPrint is used.
    When Apple's photo app is used, the default paper size is L size in Japan, and 4"x6" or KG in other
    countries and regions.
    When documents are printed from Apple's Safari app, the default paper size is letter size in the U.S.
    region, and A4 in Japan and Europe.
    Your app may support different paper sizes.
    Checking the Print Status
    During printing, a  Print Center icon is displayed in the list of recently used apps, and you can use it to
    check the print progress.
    Press the  Home button on the Apple device twice to set the  Multitasking mode. Then swipe to the right
    to display the  Print Center icon and a Print Summary .
    							Deleting a Print Job
    To delete a print job with AirPrint, use one of the following two methods:
    From the printer: Use the operation panel to cancel the print job.
    From an Apple device: Press the  Home button on the Apple device twice to set the  Multitasking
    mode, and then swipe to the right. Tap the  Print Center icon to display a  Print Summary. Tap the
    print job to be canceled, and then tap  Cancel Printing.
    AirPrint Troubleshooting
    If the document does not print, check the following:
    Check that the printer power is on. If the printer power is on, turn it off and then back on
    again, and check whether the issue is resolved.
    Check that the printer is connected by LAN to the same network subnet as the device on
    which iOS is installed.
    Check that the printer has enough paper and ink.
    Check that no error message is displayed on the printer's LCD monitor.
    If the problem persists, use the printer driver on your computer to execute printing and check whether
    the document can be printed normally on the printer.
    If the document cannot be printed, refer to the  Online Manual for your model.
    After you turn on the printer, it may take few minutes before the printer can communicate through a
    wireless LAN connection. Confirm that the printer is connected to the wireless LAN, and then try
    If Bonjour on the printer is disabled, AirPrint cannot be used. Check the LAN settings on the printer, and enable Bonjour.
    The windows used in the explanations may differ from those displayed by your Apple device or app.
    							Checking Printer InformationYou can use your smartphone, tablet, or computer to check the  Printer status and execute utility functions
    from apps such as Canon Inkjet Print Utility and PIXMA Printing Solutions.
    You can also use the convenient web services presented by Canon.1.
    Selecting Printer Information in an Apps Screen
    You can also enter IPv4 address directly in the web browser to display printer information.
    Load one sheet of A4 size or Letter size or Legal size plain paper
    On the printer operation panel, select the   Setup  button, and then select  Device
    settings  -> LAN settings  -> Print LAN details
    IPv4 address printing starts.
    Check the IPv4 address that was printed.
    Check that the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Then from your smartphone,
    tablet device, or computer, open the Web browser, and enter the following URL:
    http:// For , enter the IPv4 address that you checked in the previousprocedure. Entries enclosed in brackets are not required.
    Entering  Username  and Administrator's Password
    From the authentication screen, enter the  Username and Password .
    Username : ADMIN
    Password : See "
    About the Administrator Password ."
    The Username  display may differ depending on your browser.
    Displaying Printer Information
    The top screen for printer information is displayed.
    							Printer statusThis function displays printer information such as the remaining ink amount, the status, and detailederror information.
    You can also connect to the ink purchase site or support page, and use Web Services.
    Utilities This function allows you to set and execute the printer utility functions such as cleaning.
    AirPrint settings This function allows you to specify the Apple AirPrint settings, such as position information.
    Google Cloud Print setup This function allows you to register this printer to Google Cloud Print or delete the printer.
    IJ Cloud Printing Center setup Allows you to register to IJ Cloud Printing Center or to delete a registration.
    Security Allows you to set the  Administrator's password and  Operation restrictions  for the machine.
    For the initial Password, see "About the Administrator Password ."
    For Security reasons, we recommend that you change the  Password to an individual
    There are character restrictions for the password, as shown below.
    Up to 32 single-byte alphanumeric characters. (Uppercase and lowercase letters are
    Firmware update This function allows you to update the firmware and check version information.
    Manual (Online) This function displays the  Online Manual.
    							Online Storage Integration FunctionThe printer can integrate with online storage services such as Evernote.
    Integration with Online Notetaking Service  "Evernote"
    If an Evernote client application is installed on your computer, you can import scanned images into the
    application and upload them to the Evernote server.
    The uploaded images can be browsed from other computers, smartphones, etc.
    To use Evernote, you need to create an account. See the "CREATE ACCOUNT" page of Evernote for
    account creation.
    In the Settings Dialog Box of IJ Scan Utility, select the item you want to set, then select Evernote for
    Send to an application  in Application Settings .
    Refer to "Settings Dialog Box" for your model from Home of the  Online Manual for details.
    The Evernote service features are subject to change or termination without prior notice.
    							Print Easily from a Smartphone or Tablet with PIXMA Printing
    Use PIXMA Printing Solutions to easily print photos saved on a smartphone or tablet wirelessly.You can also receive scanned data (PDF or JPEG) directly on a smartphone or tablet without using a
    PIXMA Printing Solutions can be downloaded from App Store and Google Play.
    							Printing with Windows RTWhen you use Windows RT 8.1 or a later version, printing is easy because you simply connect this printer to
    the network.
    For information about connecting to the network, see the setup URL (http://www.canon.com/ijsetup) for
    using this product from your computer, smartphone, or tablet device.
    When the connection is complete, the Canon Inkjet Print Utility software, which allows you to specify
    detailed print settings, is downloaded automatically.
    By using Canon Inkjet Print Utility, you can check the  Printer status and specify detailed print settings. (The
    available functions will differ depending on your usage environment and connection method.)
    							Overview of the Machine
    Safety Guide
    Safety Precautions
    Regulatory and Safety Information
    Main Components and Basic Operations
    Main Components
    About the Power Supply of the Machine
    LCD and Operation Panel
    Entering Numbers, Letters, and Symbols
    Loading Paper / Originals
    Loading Paper
    Loading Originals
    Replacing a FINE Cartridge
    Replacing a FINE Cartridge
    Checking the Ink Status
    When Printing Becomes Faint or Colors Are Incorrect
    Performing Maintenance from a Computer
    Cleaning the Machine
    Changing the Machine Settings
    Changing Machine Settings from Your Computer
    Changing the Machine Settings on the LCD
    Information about Network Connection
    Useful Information about Network Connection
    About Network Communication
    Changing and Confirming Network Settings
    Screens for Network Connection of IJ Network Tool
    Other Screens of IJ Network Tool
    Appendix for Network Communication
    Tips for Ensuring Optimal Printing Quality
    Useful Information about Ink
    Key Points to Successful Printing
    Be Sure to Check Paper Settings before Printing
    Be Sure to Set Cassette Paper Information after Loading Paper
    Canceling a Print Job
    Storing Printed Images
    Key to Enjoying Consistent Printing Quality
    Precautions for Safe Transport of the Machine
    Legal Limitations on Use of Your Product and Use of Images
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