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Corega Router Broadband Access Bar-SD User Manual

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    Corega International warrants product for two years from date of purchase
    against defects in materials and workmanship.  This warranty does not cover
    any defects caused by accident, misuse, fair wear and tear, neglect, or an
    attempt at repair.  This warranty is offered as an additional benefit to the 
    consumer’s statutory rights and does not affect these rights in any way.  
    Corega International shall not be held responsible for any special, incidental, 
    or consequential damages resulting from any breach of warranty, or under any
    other legal theory, including but not limited to lost profit, downtime, damage to
    data stored in or used with Corega International products.
    TMis a trademark of Corega Holdings KK., Japan.
    Other trademarks, brand and product names are acknowledged as trademarks
    of their respective holders. Information is subject to change without notice. 
    All rights reserved.
    (GB) Warnings
    Install product in accordance with local and National Electrical Codes. 
    To de-energise equipment, disconnect the power cord.  
    (D) Warnhinweise
    Dieses Produkt muss entsprechend den örtlichen und nationalen
    Elektrizitätsvorschriften installiert werden. Zum Abschalten der Ausrüstung
    Stromkabel abziehen.
    (I) Attenzione
    Installare lapparecchio in base alle normative elettriche locali e nazionali. Per
    togliere lalimentazione al dispositivo, scollegare il  cavo relativo.
    (E) Advertencias
    Instale el producto de acuerdo con las recomendaciones de la 
    normativa sobre instalaciones eléctricas de su país. Para desactivar el equipo,
    desconecte el cable de alimentación.
    (F) Avertissements
    Installez le produit conformément aux réglementations électriques nationales et
    locales. Pour mettre léquipement hors tension, débranchez le cordon 
    (FIN) Varoitukset
    Asenna tuote noudattaen paikallisia ja kansallisia säädöksia. Laitteen saa jännit-
    teettömäksi vain irroittamalla sähköjohdon. 
    #! $% $ &
    (%)%&*. +* ,-* $*
    ,- /&% $*.
    %&$%0 – (   A. 1 /2
    &*2 (  0 # %$2. 1
    ( &- $#,, 0, $)*
    $%*# &,4 %!.
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    DEUTSCH:Pg 25-48
    ITALIANO:Pg 49-72
    ESPANOL:Pg 73-96
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    Table of Contents
    Technical Specification 2
    Regulatory Compliance  2
    Features 3
    Hardware Installation 4
    Package Contents4
    Front Panel LEDs4
    Rear Panel Connections5
    Before connecting your Corega BAR-SD Router 5
    Computer System Requirements and Setup 6
    Installing the Corega BAR-SD Router 6
    Internet Access7
    Prepare Network Information 7
    Web-based User Interface 7
    Basic Settings11
    Dynamic IP11
    Dynamic IP (Road Runner) 12
    Static IP12
    DHCP Server13
    Change Password14
    Virtual Server14
    Miscellaneous Items15
    Packet Filters16
    Domain Filters16
    URL Blocking17
    MAC Control17
    Miscellaneous (Remote Login) 18
    System Time18
    System Log19
    Dynamic DNS19
    Schedule Rule21
    View Log21
    Firmware Upgrade21
    Backup Settings21
    Reset to Default22
    Miscellaneous (Wake on LAN) 22
    Appendix A TCP/IP Protocol 23 
    WAN Port. 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet, (Auto MDI)
    LAN Ports 4 x 10/100BaseTX Fast Ethernet (Auto MDI)
    Power (Green)
    Status  (Yellow)
    WANLink/Activity (Green) Connection and Activity
    100M (Green) Port operating at 10 or 100Mbps
    LAN (per port)
    Link/Activity (Green) Connection and Activity
    100M (Green) Port operating at 10 or 100Mbps
    153mm x 112.4mm x 31mmWeight
    Power Supply
    Input 220-250VAC
    Output 5V DC, 2A
    Temperature and Humidity
    Operating 0-40°C, 
    Your Corega BAR-SD Router has the following features:
    •Allows multiple users to access the internet at the same time via a single public IP Address using NAT (Network Address Translation).
    •Built-in Stateful Inspection Firewall to protect your PCs from outside intruders.
    •Integrated four port 10/100Base-TX auto-sensing switch.
    •Supports PPPoE allowing users to seamlessly connect to ISPs with the user familiar “dial-up” type connection interface.
    •Supports PPTP allowing users to seamlessly connect to ISPs with the user familiar “dial-up” type connection interface.
    •Built-in web-based user interface for easy configuration and management.
    •Supports DHCP client to receive both a dynamic IP Address and a fixed IP Address from ISP.
    •Built-in DHCP server to automatically assign and manage LAN IP addresses.
    •Allows external internet users to access information from an internal target host using the Virtual Server option.
    •Provides unrestricted two-way communication between one PC on your LAN and certain internet services like conferencing, video and gaming applications.
    •Supports UPnP.
    •Supports SNMP Management. 
    							Hardware Installation
    This chapter describes unpacking, familiarization, and the hardware installation of the Corega BAR-SD Router.
    Package Contents
    1 x Corega BAR-SD Router 
    1 x External Power Adapter
    1 x Ethernet Cable
    1 x Installation Guide
    Front Panel LEDs
    The following figure shows the front view of the Corega BAR-SD Router.
    PowerGreen Steady on when power is on.
    StatusOrange   Flashing in normal operation
    WAN (WAN port)
    Link/Act Green Steady on when ADSL/Cable modem is properly connected
    Flashing when WAN port has data traffic
    100M Green Steady on when WAN port connected at 100Mbps
    Off – when WAN port connected at 10Mbps
    LAN (LAN ports)
    Link/Act Green Steady on when LAN port is properly connected
    Flashing when LAN port has data traffic
    100M Green Steady on when LAN port connected at 100Mbps
    Off – when LAN port connected at 10MbpsENGLISH
    BAR SD
    Broad band
    Rear Panel Connections
    The following figure shows the rear view of the Corega BAR-SD Broadband Access Router. 
    •Init.Press and hold the Initialize button. The Status LED will stop flashing, and then flash 6 times. Then release the button.
    •WAN.This port is for connecting to the Wide Area Network using an ADSL or Cable Modem.
    •LAN 1-4.These ports are used to connect computers and peripherals to the BAR-SD.
    •Power.This socket is used to connect the external power supply to the router.
    Before connecting your Corega BAR-SD Router
    Before you connect your Corega BAR-SD Router, Corega recommend that you download installation instructions particular to your ISP from the Corega website. 
    These instructions will help you know how to configure to the Corega BAR-SD Router to work with your ISP.
    In addition, Corega recommend that you visit the URL support site of your ISP, and download and print any information they have on your type of connection.
    WA N 1234 
    							Computer System Requirements and Setup
    To connect to the internet, an external ADSL or Cable modem and an internet access account from an ISP are required. In order to operate with the Corega BAR-SD Router,
    each PC that is to be connected to the Corega BAR-SD Router should have the following installed:
    •Ethernet NIC (Network Interface Card: a 10Base-T or 10/100Base-T/TX Ethernet card), or wireless client card for wireless connection.
    •System OS: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT4.0, or Windows 2000, or XP.
    •TCP/IP network protocol.
    •Web browser, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later, or Netscape Navigator 4.0 or later.
    Note! If your computer does not have TCP/IP installed, please read Appendix A before continuing with the installation.
    Installing the Corega BAR-SD Router
    To configure the Corega BAR-SD Router, you should connect a computer to the router through one of the LAN ports. 
    1.  Disconnect the PC from a functioning broadband connection. 
    2.  Connect the WAN port of the router to the ADSL/Cable modem using the original cable.
    3.  Connect the computer to any one of the Corega BAR-SD Router LAN ports using the supplied Ethernet Cable.
    4.  Connect the power adapter to the Corega BAR-SD Router.
    5.  In the majority of cases, the PC will require a Dynamic IP address, which will be automatically allocated by the Corega BAR-SD Router. To access any of the setup 
    screens of the router – point a browser at If the router does not respond, check the IP configuration of the PC – see Appendix A.
    Internet Access
    This chapter describes the procedures necessary too configure the basic functions and to start up your Corega BAR-SD Router. 
    Prepare Network Information
    Before setting up your Corega BAR-SD Router, Corega suggest that you complete the table below with the necessary information which should be supplied by your ISP. 
    This will help when configuring the router.
    Provided by some ISPs Host Name:                
    Domain Name:               
    IP address given by ISP: • Dynamic IP Address
    •Fixed (Static) IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Default Gateway:
    DNS Server Primary:
    DNS Server Secondary:
    DNS Server Third:
    PPP authentication: Login Name:              
    WAN Connection Type Dynamic IP (DHCP)
    Fixed (Static) IP
    Web-based User Interface
    The Corega BAR-SD Router is designed to use Web-based User Interface for configuration. Launch your web browser and type  in the browser’s
    address box.  This address is the default factory set IP Address of your router. 
    Note!Your computer must have a compatible IP address. 
    If your computer is using Dynamic IP address, it will have a compatible IP address given to it by the BAR-SD router. (You may have to reboot the Corega BAR-SD Router,
    then the PC for this to occur).
    If your computer is using a Fixed (Static) IP address, then you will have to manually program the computer to have a compatible IP address –see Appendix A.
    The following screen should then appear.
    							The “Password” prompt box will appear. Enter the value ‘blank’.
    The main Corega BAR-SD Router setup screen offers the user an option to use the setup wizards for the most popular settings of the Corega BAR-SD Router. If you don’t
    know which connection type you currently use, call your ISP to get the information.
    PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
    DHCP Obtain IP automatically or Dynamic IP
    Fixed IP or Static IP
    PPTP Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol
    From the Wizard Screen, select the type of connection you wish to use.
    PPPoE:This is a ‘dial-up type’ connection type provided by some ISPs. Note that if you select the PPPoE option, then please remove any existing PPPoE application on all
    PCs attached to the LAN.
    •LAN IP Address: Enter the IP address of the router (default =
    •Account:Enter your User Name provided by your ISP. Leave this blank if you have not been given a User Name by your ISP.
    •Password:Enter your Password provided by your ISP.
    •Specify DNS Server Address:Your ISP will provide you with at least one DNS IP Address. Multiple DNS IP settings are common. The first available DNS entry is 
    used in most cases.
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