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OKI C110 User Manual

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    							41  -  C110 User’s Guide
    3Load the media face up in the 
    NoteUp to 50 sheets can be 
    loaded into the tray at 
    one time.
    4Slide the media guides against 
    the edges of the media.
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    							42  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Output Tray
    All media is fed out facing down into the output tray on top of the printer. This 
    tray has a capacity of approximately 100 sheets (A4/Letter) of 80 g/m2 (21 lb) 
    NoteIf the media is stacked too high in the output tray, your printer may 
    experience media misfeeds, excessive media curl, or static buildup.
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    							43  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Media Storage
    Keep media on a flat, level surface in its original wrapper until it is time to 
    load it.
    Media that has been stored for a long time out of its packaging may dry up 
    too much and cause misfeeding.
    If media has been removed from its wrapper, place it in its original 
    packaging and store in a cool, dark place on a level surface.
    Avoid moisture, excessive humidity, direct sunlight, excessive heat (above  
    35°C [95°F]), and dust.
    Avoid leaning against other objects or placing it in an upright position.
    Before using stored media, do a trial printing and check print quality. 
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    							45  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Toner Cartridges 
    General Information 
    Your printer uses four toner cartridges: black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. 
    Handle the toner cartridges carefully to avoid spilling toner inside the printer 
    or on yourself.
    NoteInstall only new toner cartridges in your printer. If a used toner 
    cartridge is installed, then toner remaining amount may not be 
    NoteThe toner is nontoxic. If you get toner on your skin, wash it off with 
    cool water and a mild soap. If you get toner on your clothes, lightly 
    dust them off . If some toner remains on your clothes, use cool, not hot 
    water, to rinse the toner off.
    If you get toner in your eyes, wash it out immediately with cool 
    water and consult a doctor. 
    For the best results, use only genuine Oki toner cartridges. 
    Storing and Handling Toner Cartridges: 
    Keep toner cartridges In their packaging until you’re ready to install them.
    Store toner cartridges In a cool, dry location away from sunlight (due to 
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    							46  -  C110 User’s Guide
    The maximum storage temperature is 35° C (95 ° F) and the 
    maximum storage humidity is 85% (noncondensing). If the toner 
    cartridge is moved from a cold place to a warm, humid place, 
    condensation may occur, degrading print quality. Allow the toner to 
    adapt to the environment for about one hour before use.
    Always keep toner cartridges level when handling or stroing them. 
    Do not hold, stand or store cartridges on their ends or turn them 
    upside down; the toner inside the cartridges may become caked or 
    unequally distributed.
    Keep toner cartridges away from salty air and corrosive gases such as 
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    							47  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Replacing a Toner Cartridge
    Be careful not to spill toner while replacing a toner cartridge. If 
    toner spills, immediately wipe it off with a soft, dry cloth.
    NoteWhen a toner is empty, the toner indicator lights up. 
    1Check the control panel to see which color of toner is empty. 
    As an example, the procedure for replacing the magenta toner cartridge is 
    described below.
    NoteIf the toner becomes empty, the toner indicator lights up and the 
    empty toner cartridge is automatically moved so that it can be 
    If this has occurred, skip step 2 and continue with step 3.
    2Use either operation described below to switch the printer to Change 
    Toner mode.
    !Press the Rotate Toner key.
    !On the Panel tab of the Remote Panel Utility, select Change Toner, 
    and then click the Rotate Toner button.
    The printer enters Change Toner mode, and the magenta toner indica-
    tor lights up.
    NoteWith each additional press of the Rotate Toner key, the cyan, 
    black, then yellow toner cartridge moves so that they can be 
    replaced. The indicator for the toner cartridge that was moved 
    so that it can be replaced lights up.
    NoteTo exit Change Toner mode, press the Clear key.
    3Open the front cover.
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    							48  -  C110 User’s Guide
    NoteBefor opening the front cover, open Tray 1 if it is not already open. 
    4Check that the toner cartridge to be replaced has been moved to the front.
    NoteYou can identify the toner cartridge by the color of the handle.
    5Pull down the handle on the toner cartridge until the toner cartridge is 
    unlocked and moves out slightly toward you.
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    							49  -  C110 User’s Guide
    6Remove the toner cartridge.
    NoteDo not manually rotate the toner cartridge carousel. In addition, do 
    not rotate the carousel with force, otherwise it may be damaged.
    Do not touch the contact 
    indicated in the illustration.
    Dispose of the empty toner cartridge according to your local 
    regulations. Do not burn the toner cartridge.
    For details, refer to “General Information” on page 45.
    7Unpack the new toner cartridge.
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    							50  -  C110 User’s Guide
    8Shake the cartridge horiaontally 
    a few times to distribute the 
    NoteMake sure that the toner 
    roller cover is securely 
    attached before shaking 
    the toner cartridge.
    9Remove the cover from the 
    toner roller.
    NoteDo not touch or scratch 
    the toner roller.
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