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OKI C110 User Manual

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    							61  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Be careful not to touch the paper exit sensor and the surface of 
    the fuser roller in the fuser unit. 
    6While lifting the fuser unit with 
    the blue handles (one on each 
    side), vertically insert the fuser 
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    							62  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Do not touch the paper exit 
    sensor on the fuser unit. 
    Do not touch the matching 
    connectors of the fuser unit 
    and the machine. 
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    							63  -  C110 User’s Guide
    7After the fuser unit is firmly 
    installed, flip the blue handles 
    down toward you. 
    8Carefully close the top cover.
    9Reconnect the power cord, and 
    turn on the machine.
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    Maintaining the Printer
    Read all caution and warning labels carefully, making sure to 
    follow any instructions contained in them. These labels are 
    located on the inside of the printer’s covers and the interior of 
    the printer body.
    Handle the printer with care to preserve its life. If dust and paper scraps 
    remain on the inside or outside of the printer, printer performance and print 
    quality will suffer, so the printer should be cleaned periodically. Keep the 
    following guidelines in mind.
    Turn off the printer, unplug the power cord, and disconnect all 
    interface cables before cleaning. Do not spill water or detergent 
    into the printer; otherwise the printer will be damaged and an 
    electric shock may occur.
    The fuser unit is hot. When the top cover is opened, the fuser unit 
    temperature drops gradually (one hour wait time).
    Be careful when cleaning the inside of the printer or removing media 
    misfeeds, as the fuser unit and other internal parts may be very hot.
    Do not place anything on top of the printer.
    Use a soft cloth to clean the printer.
    Never spray cleaning solution directly on the printer’s surface; the spray 
    could penetrate through the air vents of the printer and damage the 
    internal circuits.
    Avoid using abrasive or corrosive solutions or solutions that contain 
    solvents (such as alcohol and benzene) to clean the printer.
    Always test any cleaning solution (such as mild detergent) on a small 
    inconspicuous area of your printer to check the solution’s performance.
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    							66  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Never use sharp or rough implements, such as wire or plastic cleaning 
    Always close the printer’s covers gently. Never subject the printer to 
    Do not cover the printer immediately after using it. Turn it off and wait until 
    it cools down.
    Do not leave the printer’s covers open for any length of time, especially in 
    well-lit places; light may damage the imaging cartridge.
    Do not open the printer during printing.
    Do not tap media stacks on the printer.
    Do not lubricate or disassemble the printer.
    Do not tilt the printer.
    Do not touch the electrical contacts, gears, or laser devices. Doing so may 
    damage the printer and cause the print quality to deteriorate.
    Keep media in the output tray at a minimum level. If the media is stocked 
    too high, your printer may experience media misfeeds and excessive 
    media curl.
    Keep the printer level to avoid toner spillage.
    When lifting the printer, grasp the areas shown in the figure .
    If you get toner on your skin, wash it off with cool water and a mild soap.
    15 kg
    33 lbs
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    							67  -  C110 User’s Guide
    If you get toner in your eyes, wash it out immediately with cool 
    water and consult a doctor.
    Make sure any parts removed during cleaning are replaced before you 
    plug in the printer.
    Cleaning the Printer
    Be sure to turn off the printer and unplug the power cord before 
    cleaning. However, be sure to turn on the printer when cleaning 
    the print head window.
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    							68  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Control Panel 
    Ventillation Grill 
    Exterior Housing 
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    							69  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Cleaning the Media Feed Roller
    1Open the top cover.
    NoteIf there is paper in the 
    output tray, remove it, 
    and then fold up the 
    output tray before 
    opening the top cover.
    2Grab the handle and lift it up 
    slightly to the back, and then 
    slowly pull the imaging cartridge 
    out vertically.
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    							70  -  C110 User’s Guide
    Do not touch the PC drum on the imaging cartridge.  
    Position the removed imaging cartridge horizontally as shows in 
    the illustration at the right.
    Be sure to keep the imaging cartridge horizontal and place it where 
    it will not become dirty.
    Do not leave the imaging cartridge removed for more than 15 
    minutes, and do not place the removed imaging cartridge in a 
    location where it would be exposed to direct light (such as 
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