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OKI C130n User Manual

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    							131 - C130n User’s Guide
    Do not touch the paper exit 
    sensor on the fuser unit. 
    Decreased print quality may 
    result if the surface of the 
    transfer roller is touched.
    Be careful not to touch the 
    surface of the transfer roller.
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    							132 - C130n User’s Guide
    5Return the fuser separator 
    levers to their original positions.
    6Slowly insert the imaging 
    cartridge vertically, and then 
    push it slightly down toward you 
    to finish reinstalling the imaging 
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    							133 - C130n User’s Guide
    7Carefully close the top cover. 
    Clearing a Media Misfeed From Tray 1
    1Remove the dust cover from 
    2Carefully pull out the misfed 
    NoteIf the media cannot be 
    removed, instead of 
    pulling it with extreme 
    force, clear the media 
    misfeed according to the 
    procedure described in 
    “Clearing a Media 
    Misfeed in the Printer” on 
    page 127.
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    							134 - C130n User’s Guide
    3Reattach the dust cover. 
    4Press the Menu Select key.
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    							135 - C130n User’s Guide
    Clearing a Media Misfeed From Tray 2
    1Pull out Tray 2 as far as possi-
    2Lift up Tray 2 to remove it.
    3Remove any misfed paper.
    NoteIf necessary, remove the 
    dust cover from Tray
    and close the tray.
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    							136 - C130n User’s Guide
    4Remove the lid from Tray 2, and 
    then remove all paper from the 
    5Fan the paper, and align its 
    6Press down the media pressure 
    plate to lock it into place.
    7Load the media in Tray 2, and 
    attach the lid.
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    							137 - C130n User’s Guide
    8Reinsert Tray 2.
    9Open and close the top cover to 
    clear the misfeed message.
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    							138 - C130n User’s Guide
    Clearing a Media Misfeed from the Duplex Option
    1Open the duplex cover.
    2Carefully pull out the misfed 
    NoteAlways remove the 
    misfed media in the feed 
    direction as shown only.
    NoteIf the media misfeed 
    occurs at the bottom feed 
    slot and the media does 
    not stick out enough to be 
    removed, turn the dial at 
    the right in the direction 
    of the arrow until the 
    media can be pulled out.
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    							139 - C130n User’s Guide
    3Close the duplex cover.
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    							140 - C130n User’s Guide
    Solving Problems with Media Misfeeds
    NoteFrequent misfeeds in any area indicate that area should be checked, 
    repaired, or cleaned. Repeated misfeeds may also happen if you’re 
    using unsupported print media.
    Several sheets go 
    through the printer 
    together.The front edges of 
    the media are not 
    even.Remove the media and even up the 
    front edges, then reload it.
    The media is moist 
    from humidity.Remove the moist media and replace it 
    with new, dry media.
    Media misfeed 
    message stays on.Top cover needs to 
    be opened and 
    closed again to reset 
    the printer.Open and close the top cover again.
    Some media remains 
    misfed in the printer.Recheck the media path and make 
    sure that you have removed all of the 
    misfed media.
    Duplex option 
    misfeeds.Unsupported media 
    (wrong size, 
    thickness, type, etc.) 
    is being used.Use good quality recommended 
    media. See 
    “Print Media” on page 53.
    Only Letter/A4 plain paper and 
    recycled paper can be autoduplexed if 
    the duplex option is installed and the 
    media type is set properly in the driver. 
    Make sure that you have not mixed 
    media types in Tray
    Do not duplex labels, thick stock, 
    postcard, or letterheads.
    Media is still being 
    misfed.Recheck the media path inside the 
    duplex option and make sure that you 
    have removed all of the misfed media.
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