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OKI C130n User Manual

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    							21 - C130n User’s Guide
    When this button is clicked, it changes to the Printer View button.
    NoteThis button appears only when the Quality tab is selected.
    Click the button to reset the settings to their defaults.
    NoteThis button does not appear on the Advanced tab.
    NoteWhen this button is clicked, the settings in the displayed dialog box 
    are reset to their defaults. The settings on other tabs are not changed.
    Advanced Tab (PostScript Printer Driver Only)
    The Advanced Tab allows you to
    Select whether to enable or disable the settings for advanced printing 
    functions (such as booklet printing)
    Specify the PostScript output method
    Specify whether or not the error messages of a print job are printed
    Print a mirror image
    Specify whether or not the application can directly output PostScript data
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    							22 - C130n User’s Guide
    Basic Tab
    The Basic Tab allows you to
    Specify the orientation of the media
    Specify the size of the original document
    Select the output media size
    Zoom (expand/reduce) documents
    Specify the paper source
    Specify the type of media
    Specify the number of copies
    Layout Tab
    The Layout Tab allows you to
    Print several pages of a document on the same page (N-up printing)
    Print a single copy for enlargement and print several pages (PCL printer 
    driver only)
    Specify booklet printing (when the duplex option is installed)
    Rotate the print image 180 degrees
    Specify whether or not blank pages are printed (PCL printer driver only)
    Specify duplex (double-sided) printing (when the duplex option is 
    Adjust the binding margin
    Adjust the printing position (PCL printer driver only)
    Cover Page Tab
    The Cover Page Tab allows you to
    Print front and back cover pages and separator pages
    Specify the paper tray that contains the paper for the front and back cover 
    pages and separator pages
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    							23 - C130n User’s Guide
    Watermark/Overlay Tab
    Be sure to use overlays with print jobs with a paper size and 
    orientation that matches the overlay form.
    In addition, if settings have been specified for “N-up” or “Booklet” 
    in the printer driver, the overlay form cannot be adjusted to match 
    the specified settings.
    The settings in the Watermark function of the Watermark/Overlay tab allows 
    you to
    Select the watermark to be used
    Create, edit or delete watermarks
    Print a frame around watermarks
    Print transparent (shaded) watermarks
    Print the watermark on only the first page
    Print the watermark repeatedly throughout the all pages
    The settings in the Overlay function of the Watermark/Overlay tab allows 
    you to
    Select the form to use
    Add or delete overlay files
    Create a form (PCL printer driver only)
    Specify that the document and form are printed overlapping (PCL printer 
    driver only)
    Display the form information (PCL printer driver only)
    Print the form on All Pages, First Page, Even Pages and Odd Pages
    Place the form in back of the document or in front on the printed 
    document (PCL printer driver only)
    Quality Tab
    The Quality Tab allows you to
    Switch between color and grayscale printing
    Specify the printer color settings (Quick Color)
    Specify the resolution for the printout
    Specify the amount of details in graphic patterns (PCL printer driver only)
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    							24 - C130n User’s Guide
    Specify the image compression method (PCL printer driver only)
    Select whether or not economy printing is used
    Specify the format of fonts that are to be downloaded
    Print using the printers fonts
    Other Tab
    The Other Tab allows you to
    Select that Microsoft Excel sheets are not to be divided when printing
    Select that the white background of Microsoft PowerPoint data does not 
    hide overlay files (PCL printer driver only)
    Send a notification by e-mail when printing is finished
    Shows the version information for the printer driver
    Limitations on printer driver functions installed with 
    Point and Print
    If Point and Print is performed with the following server and client 
    combinations, there are limitations on some printer driver functions.
    Server and client combinations 
    Server: Windows Server 2008/Server 2003/XP/2000/Vista 
    Client: Windows Server 2008/Server 2003/XP/2000/Vista
    Functions with limitations applied 
    Booklet, Skip Blank Pages, Front Cover Page, Back Cover Page, 
    Separator Page, Create Overlay, Print Overlay, Watermark
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    							25 - C130n User’s Guide
    Using the Status 
    (Windows Only)
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    							26 - C130n User’s Guide
    Working with the Status Monitor 
    The Status Monitor shows information about the current status of the printer.
    To install the Status Monitor:
    1Insert the CD supplied with your printer in your CD-ROM drive.
    2Select your language, then click Next.
    3Click I Agree to accept the terms of the software license agreement.
    4Under Driver Setup, click Install Status Monitor.
    The OKI C130n Status Monitor InstallShield Wizard opens.
    5Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
    Operating Environment
    The Status Monitor can be used on computers running Windows
    –Server 2008
    –Server 2003, or
    connected to the printer using the Ethernet connection.
    Opening the Status Monitor 
    Use one of the following steps to open the Status Monitor:
    Windows Server 2008/Vista/XP/Server 2003 
    From the Start—All Programs menu, choose the item that contains 
    the printer utilities, and then Status Monitor. Double-click the Status 
    Monitor icon displayed in the taskbar.
    Windows 2000 
    From the Start—Programs menu, choose the item that contains the 
    printer utilities, and then Status Monitor. Double-click the Status Monitor 
    icon displayed in the task bar.
    Using the Status Monitor
    Status Tab
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    							27 - C130n User’s Guide
    Select Printer—Selects the printer whose status is displayed. In addition, 
    the messages that appear in the message window of the selected printer 
    are displayed.
    Graphic—Normally, the logo is displayed. When a printer error is 
    detected, a graphic representation of the printer is shown, and the 
    location of the problem is indicated. When the background of the printer 
    graphic is red or yellow, there is an error and the job has been interrupted.
    Advanced Options—Click Advanced Options to display the Advanced 
    Options dialog box. From the Advanced Options dialog box, select 
    whether the Status Monitor automatically starts when the operating 
    system is started and whether error notifications are sent by e-mail.
    Printer Alerts—Displays text messages that alert you of conditions such 
    as low toner.
    Recovery Instructions—Provides you with explanations of what you 
    need to do in order to correct problems and recover from error conditions.
    Consumables Tab
    Displays the usage status (approximate percentage remaining) of each toner 
    Refresh—Rechecks the supplies and displays their status.
    NoteClick Help to display windows containing explanations of the Status 
    Monitor functions. Refer to this help for detailed information.
    NoteThe percentages remaining for the consumables displayed using the 
    Status Monitor may be different from the actual amounts and should 
    be used only as reference.
    Recognizing Status Monitor Alerts
    When the Status Monitor detects a printing problem, the icon on the Windows 
    task bar changes from green (normal) to yellow (warning), orange or red 
    (error), depending on the severity of the printer problem.
    Recovering from a Status Monitor Alert
    When the Status Monitor notifies you of a printing problem, double-click its 
    icon on the Windows task bar to open the Status Monitor. The Status Monitor 
    identifies what type of error has occurred.
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    							28 - C130n User’s Guide
    Closing the Status Monitor
    Click Close to close the Status Monitor window. T
    o exit Status Monitor, right-click the Status Monitor icon in the taskbar, and 
    then click Exit.
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    							29 - C130n User’s Guide
    Printer Control 
    Panel & 
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    							30 - C130n User’s Guide
    About the Control Panel
    The control panel allows you to direct the printer’s operation. In addition, it 
    displays the current status of the printer, including any condition that needs 
    your attention. 
    Control Panel Indicators and Keys
    1The printer is not ready to 
    accept data.The printer is ready to 
    accept data.
    2Normal.The printer requires 
    operator attention (usually 
    accompanied by a status 
    message in the message 
    5 6
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