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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 381
    4.Grasp the module by the right side and lift up to remove. 
    							82Chapter 3
    Removing the Mainboard
    1.Remove the LCD Module. See “Removing the LCD Module” on page 73.
    2.Remove the Upper Base. See “Removing the Upper Base” on page 74.
    3.Remove the See “Removing the Modem Module” on page 79.
    4.Remove the Bluetooth Module. See “Removing the Bluetooth Module” on page 80.
    5.Disconnect the USB and Bluetooth cables remaining on the mainboard.
    6.Grasp the RJ-11 cable and remove it from the mainboard as shown.
    7.Disconnect the Subwoofer cable attached to the mainboard.
    							Chapter 383
    8.Remove the three securing screws.
    9.While holding the left side of the Lower Base, lift and pivot the mainboard to remove from the base.
    10.Grasp the mainboard by both sides and pivot upwards to remove.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    Mainboard M2.5*4.0-I 
    							84Chapter 3
    Removing the Thermal Module
    1.Remove the Mainboard. See “Removing the Mainboard” on page 82.
    2.Turn the Mainboard over and place on a clean surface.
    3.Hold the cable connector and lift to disconnect from the mainboard.
    4.Remove the two securing screws (red) and loosen the four captive screws (blue) found on the Thermal 
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    CPU Thermal 
    (red call out)M2.5*4.0-I 
    							Chapter 385
    WARNING:To prevent damage to the Thermal Module or the CPU, hold and lift the Thermal Module by lifting 
    both ends up and away at the same time.
    5.Hold the module on both sides and lift it clear of the Mainboard. 
    Removing the CPU 
    1.Remove the Thermal Module. See “Removing the Thermal Module” on page 84.
    2.Using a flat screwdriver, turn the CPU socket latch counter-clockwise 180° to release the CPU.
    3.Lift the CPU clear of the Mainboard. 
    							86Chapter 3
     LCD Module Disassembly Process
    LCD Module Disassembly Flowchart
    Screw List
    StepScrewQuantityPart No.
    LCD Bezel M2.5*6.5-I 
    (BZN(NYLOK-RED)10 86.ARE07.001
    LCD Panel M2.5*2.5-I 
    (NI)(NYLOK)6 86.T25V7.010
    LCD Brackets M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON8 86.ARE07.002
    Rem ove
    Inverter BoardRem ove
    LCD Panel
    Rem ove
    LCD Bezel
    Rem ove
    LCD FPC Cable
    Rem ove
    Camera Module
    Remove LCD
    Panel from  Main
    Unit before
    Rem ove
    LCD Brackets
    Rem ove
    LCD Assembly
    							Chapter 387
    Removing the LCD Bezel
    1.Remove the LCD module. See “Removing the LCD Module” on page 73.
    2.Remove the four upper screw caps and screws, and the six remaining lower securing screws.
    3.Lift up the bezel, topside first, and remove it from the LCD Module.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    LCD Bezel M2.5*6.5-I 
    							88Chapter 3
    4.Turn the bezel and pry the left side upwards, followed by the right side.
    5.After removing the top part of the bezel, grasp the bottom corners and continue lifting up the bezel as shown. 
    6.Lift the bezel away from the panel and lay it flat to expose the Mic cable. 
    							Chapter 389
    7.Disconnect the Mic cable and remove the LCD bezel. 
    							90Chapter 3
    Removing the Inverter Board
    1.Remove the LCD Bezel. See “Removing the LCD Bezel” on page 87.
    2.Disconnect both cables from the Inverter Board.
    NOTE: If you are having difficulty removing the cables, first lift the Inverter Board from the back cover before 
    disconnecting the cables.
    3. Remove the Inverter board from the LCD Module. 
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