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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 391
    Removing the Camera Module
    1.Remove the LCD Bezel. See “Removing the LCD Bezel” on page 87.
    2.Disconnect the Camera Module cable as shown.
    NOTE: If necessary lift the camera module to provide better access to the cables.
    3.Place your finger on the ends of the module and pry it away from the cover. 
    							92Chapter 3
    Removing the LCD Panel
    1.Remove the LCD Bezel. See “Removing the LCD Bezel” on page 87.
    2.Remove the six securing screws from the LCD hinges.
    3.Grasp the top of the LCD Panel and pivot upwards to a 90 degree angle.
    4.Once the panel is upright, lift the panel upwards taking care of the cables located in the hinges.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    LCD Panel M2.5*2.5-I 
    							Chapter 393
    Removing the LCD Brackets and FPC Cable
    1.Remove the LCD panel. See “Removing the LCD Panel” on page 92.
    2.Dislodge the LCD cable from the left LCD hinge as shown in the following image.
    3.Turn the LCD Panel over on a clean surface, and grip the LCD cable by both ends and pull it back.
    4.Grip the adhesive strip and pull it back.
    5.Continue to pull back the LCD cable. 
    							94Chapter 3
    6.Peel back the adhesive strip holding the cable to the bottom.
    7.Remove the eight securing screws (four on each side) from the LCD Panel brackets.
    8.Remove the LCD brackets by pulling them away from the LCD Panel.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    LCD Brackets M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON8 
    							Chapter 395
    LCD Module Reassembly Procedure
    Replacing the LCD Panel
    1.Align the LCD brackets with the eight screw holes (four on each side) on the LCD Panel as shown.
    2.Secure the LCD brackets to the LCD panel.
    3.Turn the panel over. Insert the LCD Panel cable into the LCD Panel as shown. Secure the cable by replacing 
    the securing strip. 
    							96Chapter 3
    4.Replace the remaining securing strips and press down along the length of the cable to secure it in place 
    ensuring the cable ends are in line with the edge of the panel.
    5.Turn the LCD Panel over and re-insert the LCD cable into the hinge retainer.
    6.Align the brackets with the alignment wells in the back panel and lower the LCD brackets into the bracket 
    wells as shown. 
    							Chapter 397
    7.Pivot the LCD Panel down in place.
    NOTE: Ensure the CMOS and Inverter cables are not under the LCD Panel and correctly aligned.
    8.Replace the six screws to secure the panel within the LCD module.
    9.Locate the alignment pins (2) and replace the 
    Camera Board taking care the pins protrude 
    through the sockets.10.Connect the Camera Module cable as shown. 
    							98Chapter 3
    11 .Connect the right Inverter board cable as shown.12.Connect the left Inverter board cable as shown.
    13.Replace the Inverter board as shown and press down to secure in place.
    NOTE: Tuck the cables securely to prevent damage to the cables or module. 
    							Chapter 399
    Replacing the LCD Bezel
    1. Align the edge of the bezel with the bottom cover and reconnect the Mic Cable. 
    2. Align the hinge covers taking care to tuck in all cabling, and lower the bezel down in place.
    3.Continue to press the bezel down in place to lock the upper and lower covers in place.
    							100Chapter 3
    4.Replace the ten securing screws and screw caps on the LCD bezel.
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