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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 111
    Touchpad Basics (with fingerprint reader)
    The following items show you how to use the touchpad with Acer Bio-Protection fingerprint reader:
    •Move your finger across the touchpad (2) to move the cursor.
    •Press the left (1) and right (4) buttons located beneath the touchpad to perform selection and 
    execution functions. These two buttons are similar to the left and right buttons on a mouse. 
    Tapping on the touchpad is the same as clicking the left button.
    •Use Acer Bio-Protection fingerprint reader (3) supporting Acer FingerNav 4-way control function 
    (only for certain models) or the 4-way scroll (3) button (only for certain models) to scroll up or down 
    and move left or right a page. This fingerprint reader or button mimics your cursor pressing on the 
    right scroll bar of Windows applications.
    NOTE: When using the touchpad, keep it - and your fingers - dry and clean. The touchpad is sensitive to finger 
    movement; hence, the lighter the touch, the better the response. Tapping too hard will not increase the 
    touchpad’s responsiveness.
    FunctionLeft Button (1)Right Button (3)Main touchpad (2)
    Execute Quickly click twice. Tap twice (at the same speed 
    as double-clicking a mouse 
    Select Click once. Tap once.
    Drag Click and hold, then use 
    finger on the touchpad to 
    drag the cursor.Tap twice (at the same speed 
    as double-clicking a mouse 
    button); rest your finger on 
    the touchpad on the second 
    tap and drag the cursor.
    context menuClick once. 
    							12Chapter 1
    Using the Keyboard
    The keyboard has full-sized keys and an embedded numeric keypad, separate cursor, lock, Windows, function 
    and special keys.
    Lock Keys and embedded numeric keypad
    The keyboard has three lock keys which you can toggle on and off.
    The embedded numeric keypad functions like a desktop numeric keypad. It is indicated by small characters 
    located on the upper right corner of the keycaps. To simplify the keyboard legend, cursor-control key symbols 
    are not printed on the keys.
    Lock keyDescription
    Caps Lock When Caps Lock is on, all alphabetic characters typed are in uppercase.
    Num Lock 
     + When Num Lock is on, the embedded keypad is in numeric mode. The keys 
    function as a calculator (complete with the arithmetic operators +, -, *, and /). Use 
    this mode when you need to do a lot of numeric data entry. A better solution 
    would be to connect an external keypad.
    Scroll Lock  + 
    When Scroll Lock is on, the screen moves one line up or down when you press 
    the up or down arrow keys respectively. Scroll Lock does not work with some 
    Desired accessNum Lock onNum Lock off
    Number keys on 
    embedded keypadType numbers in a normal manner.
    Cursor-control keys on 
    embedded keypadHold  while using cursor-
    control keys.Hold  while using cursor-
    control keys.
    Main keyboard keys Hold  while typing letters on 
    embedded keypad.Type the letters in a normal 
    							Chapter 113
    Windows Keys
    The keyboard has two keys that perform Windows-specific functions.
    Windows key Pressed alone, this key has the same effect as clicking on the Windows Start button; 
    it launches the Start menu. It can also be used with other keys to provide a variety of 
    : Open or close the Start menu
     + : Display the desktop
     + : Open Windows Explore
     + : Search for a file or folder
     + : Cycle through Sidebar gadgets
     + : Lock your computer (if you are connected to a network domain), or 
    switch users (if youre not connected to a network domain)
     + : Minimizes all windows
     + : Open the Run dialog box
     + : Cycle through programs on the taskbar
     + : Open Ease of Access Center
     + : Open Windows Mobility Center
     + : Display the System Properties dialog box
     + : Restore minimized windows to the desktop
     + : Cycle through programs on the taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
     + : Bring all gadgets to the front and select Windows Sidebar
     + : Search for computers (if you are on a network)
     + : Use the arrow keys to cycle through programs on the 
    taskbar by using Windows Flip 3-D
    Note: Depending on your edition of Windows Vista, some shortcuts may not function 
    as described.
    This key has the same effect as clicking the right mouse button; it opens the 
    applications context menu. 
    							14Chapter 1
    Hot Keys
    The computer employs hotkeys or key combinations to access most of the computer’s controls like screen 
    brightness, volume output and the BIOS utility.
    To activate hot keys, press and hold the  key before pressing the other key in the hotkey combination.
     +  Hotkey help Displays help on hotkeys.
     +  Acer eSettings 
    ManagementLaunches Acer eSettings Management in Acer 
    Empowering Technology. 
     +  Acer ePower 
    ManagementLaunches Acer ePower Management in Acer 
    Empowering Technology. 
     +  Sleep Puts the computer in Sleep mode.
     +  Display toggle Switches display output between the display 
    screen, external monitor (if connected) and 
     +  Screen blank Turns the display screen backlight off to save 
    power. Press any key to return.
     +  Touchpad toggle Turns the internal touchpad on and off.
     +  Speaker toggle Turns the speakers on and off.
     + < > Brightness up Increases the screen brightness.
     + < > Brightness down Decreases the screen brightness. 
    							Chapter 115
    Special Key
    You can locate the Euro symbol and the US dollar sign at the upper-center and/or bottom-right of your 
    The Euro symbol
    1.Open a text editor or word processor.
    2.Hold  and then press the  key at the upper-center of the keyboard.
    NOTE:  Note: Some fonts and software do not support the Euro symbol. Please refer to www.microsoft.com/
    typography/faq/faq12.htm for more information.
    The US dollar sign
    1.Open a text editor or word processor.
    2.Hold  and then press the  key at the upper-center of the keyboard.
    NOTE:  This function varies by the operating system version. 
    							16Chapter 1
    Using the System Utilities
    Acer Bio-Protection (only for certain models) Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution is a multi-purpose 
    fingerprint software package integrated with the Microsoft Windows operating system. Utilizing the uniqueness 
    of ones fingerprint features, Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution has incorporated protection against 
    unauthorized access to your computer with centralized password management with Password Bank, easy 
    music player launching with Acer MusicLaunch, secure Internet favorites via Acer MyLaunch, and fast 
    application/website launching and login with Acer FingerLaunch, while Acer ProfileLaunch can launch up to 
    three applications/websites from a single finger swipe.
    Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution also allows you to navigate through web browsers and documents 
    using Acer FingerNav. With Acer Bio-Protection Fingerprint Solution, you can now enjoy an extra layer of 
    protection for your personal computer, as well as the convenience of accessing your daily tasks with a simple 
    swipe of your finger!
    For more information refer to the Acer Bio-Protection help files.
    Acer GridVista (dual-display compatible)
    NOTE: This feature is only available on certain models.
    To enable the dual monitor feature of the notebook, first ensure that the second monitor is connected, then 
    select Start, Control Panel, Display and click on Settings. Select the secondary monitor (2) icon in the 
    display box and then click the check box Extend my windows desktop onto this monitor. Finally, click 
    Apply to confirm the new settings and click OK to complete the process.
    Acer GridVista is a handy utility that offers four pre-defined display settings so you can view multiple windows 
    on the same screen. To access this function, please go to Start´ All Programs and click on Acer GridVista. 
    You may choose any one of the four display settings indicated below: 
    							Chapter 117
    Double (vertical), Triple (primary at left), Triple (primary at right), or Quad Acer Gridvista is dual-display 
    compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned independently.
    Acer Gridvista is dual-display compatible, allowing two displays to be partitioned independently.
    AcerGridVista is simple to set up:
    1.    Run Acer GridVista and select your preferred screen configuration for each display from the task bar.
    2.Drag and drop each window into the appropriate grid.
    3.Enjoy the convenience of a well-organized desktop.
    NOTE: Please ensure that the resolution setting of the second monitor is set to the manufacturers 
    recommended value. 
    							18Chapter 1
    Hardware Specifications and Configurations
    CPU type Intel Penryn (dual core)
    CPU Features
    •Supports Intel architecture with Dynamic execution
    •On-die, primary 32-KB instruction cache and 32-KB write-back data cache
    •On-die, up to 6MB second level shared cache with advanced transfer cache 
    •Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (SSE2), Streaming SIMD Extensions 3 (SSE3)
    •Supplemental streaming SIMD extensions 3 (SSSE3) and SSE4.1 instruction 
    •1066MHz source-synchronous front side bus (FSB)
    •Advanced power management features including Enhanced Intel SpeedStep®
    •Technology and dynamic FSB frequency switching
    •Digital thermal sensor (DTS)
    •Execute disable bit support for enhanced security
    •Intel® Dynamic Acceleration Technology and Enhanced Multi Threaded
    •Thermal Management (EmTTM)
    •Support enhanced Intel Virtualization Technology
    Power VCC-CORE: voltage for the future processor will depend on VID0- 6 for battery 
    mode and setting via software for adapter mode for the future processor
    CPU package  Intel 479 pin Micro-FCPGA
    Chipset Intel Crestline PM45/GM45
    •Processor host bus supports, 667/800/1066MHz FSB support
    •Supports Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667/800 MHz
    •Supports Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM at 800/1066 MHz
    •Integrated SDRAM controller up to 8GB (2 SODIMM support)
    •External Graphics interface for PCI Express Architecture support
    •DMI x2 and DMI x 4 for connection between GMCH and ICH9M
    •Supports ACPI 3.0
    Power 1.05V core, 1.5V,VCCSM(DDR2 = 1.8V/DDR3=1.5V),2.5V,3.3V
    Package FCBGA 1329 balls 
    							Chapter 119
    System Board major Chips
    Chipset ICH9M
    •Upstream accelerated Hub architecture interface for access to GMCH
    •PCI Express Base Specification, Revision 1.1 support
    •PCI 2.3 interface. (4 PCI Request/Grant pairs)
    •ACPI Power Management Logic Support
    •Enhanced DMA controller, interrupt controller, timers functions
    •Integrated Serial ATA host controllers with independent DMA operation on 
    six ports and AHCI support
    •USB 1.1 & USB 2.0 Host controllers
    •Supports Intel High Definition Audio (Intel HD Audio) Interface
    •Supports Intel® Matrix Storage Technology
    •Supports Intel® Active Management Technology
    •Low Pin Count (LPC) interface
    •6 PCIe ports
    Power 1.05V core,1.5V,3.3V,5V CMOS I/O
    Package BGA 676 balls
    Core logic Penryn, Cantiga (GM45/ PM45), ICH9M
    VGA UMA and MXM
    LAN Ateros AR8121
    USB 2.0 Integrated with ICH9M
    Super I/O controller N/A
    •Foxconn Conexant -Unizion 1.5_3.3v T60M955.02
    •Foxconn Conexant -Unizion 1.5_3.3v AUS T60M955.0x
    •Lite-On Conexant -Unizion 1.5_3.3v AUS RD02-D330
    Wireless LAN
    •Intel WLAN 512AN_HMWG Shirley Peak 5100 MM#895373
    •Intel WLAN 512AN_MMWG Shirley Peak 5100 MM#895361
    •Intel WLAN 533AN_HMWG Shirley Peak MM#895401
    •Intel WLAN 533AN_MMWG Shirley Peak MM#895362
    •QMI Wireless LAN Atheros AR5B91 1x2 BGN
    •Foxconn Wireless LAN Wireless LAN Ralink RT2700E 1x2 BGN
    •Intel WLAN 512AG_MMWG Shirley Peak 5100 MM#897004
    •Intel WLAN 533ANXMMWG Echo Peak 5350 MM#895365
    Bluetooth Foxconn Bluetooth FOX_BRM_2.0 F/W 300
    Media Card Reader Realtek RTS5158E
    Audio Codec Realtek ALC888S
    Clock Generator Seligo SLG8SP512K05 
    							20Chapter 1
    CPU Fan True Value Table
    •Throttling 50%: On =93C; Off=85C
    •OS Shut down: 105C
    •H/W Shut down: 110C
    Fan default: 3.5V
    System Clock
    Crystal and Oscillator
    LevelFan On Temp.Fan Off Temp.RPM ThrottlingdB(A)
    0 50 45 2300 31
    1 60 55 2600 34
    2 70 65 2800 37
    3 80 75 3100 40
    BIOS Vendor Phoenix
    BIOS Version 3120
    BIOS ROM Size 16 MB
    BIOS Package 8 PIN SOIC
    Supported Protocols SPI
    BIOS Password control Set by setup manual
    Chipset Silego SLG8SP512K05
    •200/166Mhz for CPU, GMCH
    •100MHz clock buffer for GMCH, ICH8M and PCI-E device, SATA, Docking 
    •96MHz GMCH
    •48Mhz for USB clock inside ICH8M
    •33Mhz PCI clock for PCI device, LPC
    •14.31818Mhz for ICH8M
    •Support spread spectrum function, for reducing EMI
    •Support SM bus interface.
    Power 3.3V
    Package  64 pin TSSOP
    •14.31818Mhz crystal for clock chip
    •32.768Khz crystal for RTC inside ICH9M and EC/ WPC775LDG
    •25MHZ crystal for Atheros LAN controller AR8121 
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