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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 361
    Removing the Optical Disk Drive Module
    1.See “Removing the Battery Pack” on page 50.
    2.Remove the Lower Cover. See “Removing the Lower Covers” on page 53.
    3.Remove the screw securing the ODD module.
    4.Grasp the ODD module as shown and pull out of the bay. 
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    ODD Module M2.5*6.5-I 
    							62Chapter 3
    5.Remove the two screws securing the ODD bracket and remove the ODD bracket from the optical disk drive 
    6.Insert a pin in the eject hole of the ODD to eject the ODD tray.
    7.Press down on the locking catch to release the ODD cover and remove.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    ODD Bracket M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON2 
    							Chapter 363
    Removing the Secondary Hard Disk Drive Module
    1.Remove the Battery. See “Removing the Battery Pack” on page 50.
    2.Remove the HDD2 Cover. See “Removing the Lower Covers” on page 53.
    3.Remove the two securing screws from the HDD.
    4.Grasp the Pull Tab and pull the HDD out of the bay as shown.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    HDD2 Carrier M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON2 
    							64Chapter 3
    5.Remove the four screws securing the HDD to the carrier.
    6.Lift the HDD carrier to remove.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    HDD2 Carrier M3*0.5+3.5I 4 
    							Chapter 365
    Main Unit Disassembly Process
    Main Unit Disassembly Flowchart
    Screw List
    StepScrewQuantityPart No.
    Switch Cover M2.5*6.5-I (BZN(NYLOK-RED) 10 86.ARE07.001
    Power Board M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) (NYLOK) IRON 3 86.ARE07.002
    Speaker Module M3*3 (not available for order) 3 N/A
    M2.5*4.0-I (NI)(NYLOK) 2 86.D01V7.001
    LCD Module M2.5*5-I (BNI)(NYLOK) 4 86.A03V7.003
    Upper Cover M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK  5 86.A08V7.005
    M2.5*6.5-I (BZN(NYLOK-RED) 11 86.ARE07.001
    M2.5*6.5-I (BZN(NYLOK-RED) 10 86.ARE07.001
    F/P Reader M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK 3 86.A08V7.005
    USB Board M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) (NYLOK) IRON 1 86.ARE07.002
    Modem Module M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK 2 86.A08V7.005
    Bluetooth Module M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK 1 86.A08V7.005
    Mainboard M2.5*4.0-I (NI)(NYLOK) 3 86.D01V7.001
    Thermal Module M2.5*4.0-I (NI)(NYLOK) 2 86.D01V7.001
    Remove External
    Modules before
    Rem ove
    Thermal Module
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    Power Board
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    Switch CoverRem ove
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    LCD Module
    Rem ove
    Bluetooth Module
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    USB BoardRem ove
    Modem Module
    Rem ove
    CoverRem ove
    							66Chapter 3
    Removing the Switch Cover
    CAUTION: Using tools to remove the Switch Cover may cause damage to the outer casing. It is 
    recommended that only fingers are used to remove the Switch Cover.
    1.See “Removing the Battery Pack” on page 50.
    2.Place the computer on a clean dry surface.
    3.Locate and remove the ten securing screws on the bottom of the computer.
    4.Turn the computer over and open the LCD module to expose the Switch Cover.
    IMPORTANT:The LCD module does not fully extend. Damage will occur if you attempt to extend the LCD 
    module beyond the manufacturer’s design.
    5.Lift the Switch Cover as shown, and place over the keyboard.
    IMPORTANT:Do not remove at this point. FFC cables are still attached on the underside.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    Switch Cover M2.5*6.5-I 
    							Chapter 367
    6.Disconnect the two FFC cables as shown. 
    7.Lift the Switch Cover clear of the chassis.
    Removing the Power Board
    1.See “Removing the Battery Pack” on page 50.
    2.Expose the bottom side of the Switch Cover. See “Removing the Switch Cover” on page 66.
    3.Unlock the connector to remove the FFC cable.  
    							68Chapter 3
    4.Grasp the cable and disconnect from the Power Board.
    5.Remove the three securing screws from the Power Board.
    6.Hold the module by the sides and lift to remove.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    Power Board M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON3 
    							Chapter 369
    Removing the Keyboard
    1.Remove the Switch Cover. See “Removing the Switch Cover” on page 66.
    2.Lift and turn the keyboard over (as shown) to expose the FFC.
    3.Unlock the connector and pull the FFC to remove.
    4.Remove the keyboard from the chassis. 
    							70Chapter 3
    Removing the Speaker Module
    1.Remove the Keyboard. See “Removing the Keyboard” on page 69.
    2.Remove the three securing screws (red in the following image) from the Subwoofer Module.
    3.Remove the two securing screws (blue in the following image) the Speaker Module.
    4.Disconnect the speaker cable as shown.
    StepSizeQuantityScrew Type
    (red callout)M3*3 
    (not available for order)3
    Speaker Module
    (blue callout)M2.5*4.0-I (NI)(NYLOK) 2 
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