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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 3111
    3.Replace the LCD power cable and AC power cable in the cable guides and clips as shown.
    NOTE: There are two cable channels. The upper channel holds the AC power cable and the lower channel 
    holds the LCD power cable.
    4.Reconnect the cables as shown.
    5.Replace the antenna and backlight cables as shown, taking care to follow the cable guides and clips.
    LCD Power Cable
    AC Power
    Backlight Cable
    							11 2Chapter 3
    6.Push the antenna cables through the chassis and pull through from the other side.
    7.Turn the computer over and replace the antenna cables as shown, taking care to follow the cable guides and 
    							Chapter 311 3
    Replacing the Speaker Module
    Replacing the Keyboard
    1.Align and replace the Speaker Module in the lower 
    case.2.Reconnect the speaker cable as shown.
    3.Place subwoofer module in to the lower case and replace the five securing screws.
    1.Align the FFC with the connector and press the 
    latch down to secure.2.Turn the keyboard over and press down to secure. 
    							11 4Chapter 3
    Replacing the Power Board
    1.Place the power board in the switch cover as 
    shown.2.Replace the three securing screws.
    3.Reconnect the cable and FFC as shown. 
    							Chapter 311 5
    Replacing the Switch Cover
    1.Locate the following FFC cables.2.Reconnect the Power Board FFC.
    3.Reconnect the Launch Board FFC.4.Turn the switch board over.
    5.Press down on the edges of the Switch Cover first.6.Snap the Switch Cover in to place by pressing 
    down in the centre of the cover. 
    							11 6Chapter 3
    7.Turn the computer over and replace the ten screws as shown. 
    							Chapter 311 7
    Replacing the Second Hard Disk Drive Module
    Replacing the ODD Module 
    1.Place the HDD in the HDD carrier.2.Replace the four screws to secure the carrier.
    3.Replace the HDD and slide to the right to connect 
    the HDD interface.4.Replace the two securing screws as shown.
    1.With the ODD tray in the eject position, replace the 
    ODD cover on the ODD Module.2.Turn the ODD over and replace the ODD bracket. 
    							11 8Chapter 3
    Replacing the Main Hard Disk Drive Module
    3.Slide the module in to the chassis and press until 
    module is flush with the chassis.4.Replace the single securing screw as shown.
    1.Replace the HDD connector.2.Place the HDD in the HDD carrier.
    3.Replace the four screws to secure the carrier.4.Insert the back first and angle the HDD in place. 
    Push down to connect the HDD interface. 
    							Chapter 311 9
    Replacing the WLAN Module
    1.Insert the WLAN board into the WLAN socket.2.Replace the two screws to secure the module.
    3.Connect the two antenna cables to the module.
    NOTE: The White cable goes to the upper terminal 
    and the black cable to the lower terminal.4.Ensure that the cabling is replaced as shown to 
    avoid trapping when the covers are replaced. 
    							120Chapter 3
    Replacing the TV Tuner Module
    Replacing the VGA Module
    1.Insert the TV Tuner into the bracket as shown.2.Insert the TV Tuner in to the socket.
    3.Replace the two securing screws.4.Attach the cable as shown, ensuring that the TV 
    Tuner antenna follows the installation pattern of 
    the LCD antenna cables.
    1.Insert the VGA module into the socket as shown.2.Replace the four securing screws. 
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