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Acer Aspire 6930 6930G User Manual

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    							Chapter 241
    BIOS Flash Utility
    The BIOS flash memory update is required for the following conditions:
    •New versions of system programs
    •New features or options
    •Restore a BIOS when it becomes corrupted. 
    Use the Phlash utility to update the system BIOS flash ROM.
    NOTE: Create a Crisis Recovery Media (such as USB HDD) before you use the Phlash utility.
    NOTE: Do not install memory-related drivers (XMS, EMS, DPMI) when you use the Phlash.
    NOTE: Please use the AC adaptor power supply when you run the Phlash utility. If the battery pack does not 
    contain enough power to finish BIOS flash, the system will not boot as the BIOS is not loaded. 
    Perform the following steps to use the Flash Utility:
    1.Press F2 during boot to enter the Setup Menu.
    2.Select Boot Menu to modify the boot priority order, for example, if using USB HDD to Update BIOS, move 
    USB HDD to position 1.
    3.Execute the IFLASH.BAT batch file to update BIOS (Read xxxxx.fd to Memory).
    Information     Main     Sec urityBootExit
    Item Spec ific  Help
    B oot priority  order:
        1:  US B  HDD: A B CK ey s  us ed to view or
        2: IDE HDD: S T9320320ASc onfigure devic es :
        3: IDE CD: Optiarc  BD ROM B C-5500S-(SUp and Down arrows
        4: PCI LAN: Atheros  B oot Agents elec t a devic e.
        5:  US B  CDROM :< >  and < >  moves
        6: USB FDC:the devic e up or down.
        7: USB KEY:< f>  and < r>  s pec ifies
        8: the devic e fix ed or
    E x c luded from boot order:removable.
        7: IDE HDD: TOSHIBA  MK3252GSX-(S5)< x >  ex c lude or inc lude P hoenix  Sec ureCore(tm) S etup Utility 
    							42Chapter 2
    4.In flash BIOS, the message Please do not remove AC Power Source displays.
    NOTE: If the AC power is not connected, the following message displays.
    Plug in the AC power to continue.
    5.Flash is complete when the following message displays. 
    6.Shutdown or reboot base on iflash.bat command. 
    							Chapter 243
    Remove HDD/BIOS Utility
    This section provide you with removing HDD/BIOS method:
    Remove HDD Password:
    •If you key in wrong HDD password three times, Hdd password error code displays. See the image 
    To reset the HDD password, run HDD_PW.EXE as follows:
    Key in hdd_pw 15494 0 
    2.Press 2.
    3.Select one upper-case string from the list.
    4.Reboot system and key in the selected string (0KJFN42 or UVEIQ96) on the HDD User 
    Password screen. 
    							44Chapter 2
    Remove BIOS Password:
    If you key in the wrong Supervisor Password three times, System Disabled displays on the screen. See the 
    image below.
    To reset the BIOS password, run BIOS_PW.EXE as follows:
    Key in bios_pw 14452 0
    2.Select one string from the list. 
    							Chapter 245
    3.Reboot the system and key in the selected string (qjjg9vy, 07yqmjd etc.) for the BIOS user 
    							Chapter 347
    Machine Disassembly and Replacement
    This chapter contains step-by-step procedures on how to disassemble the notebook computer for 
    maintenance and troubleshooting.
    Disassembly Requirements
    To disassemble the computer, you need the following tools:
    •Wrist grounding strap and conductive mat for preventing electrostatic discharge
    •Flat screwdriver
    •Philips screwdriver
    •Plastic flat screwdriver
    •Plastic tweezers
    NOTE: The screws for the different components vary in size. During the disassembly process, group the 
    screws with the corresponding components to avoid mismatch when putting back the components.
    Chapter 3 
    							48Chapter 3
    General Information
    Pre-disassembly Instructions
    Before proceeding with the disassembly procedure, make sure that you do the following:
    1.Turn off the power to the system and all peripherals.
    2.Unplug the AC adapter and all power and signal cables from the system. 
    3.Place the system on a flat, stable surface. 
    4.Remove the battery pack.
    Disassembly Process
    The disassembly process is divided into the following stages:
    •External module disassembly
    •Main unit disassembly
    •LCD module disassembly
    The flowcharts provided in the succeeding disassembly sections illustrate the entire disassembly sequence. 
    Observe the order of the sequence to avoid damage to any of the hardware components. For example, if you 
    want to remove the main board, you must first remove the keyboard, then disassemble the inside assembly 
    frame in that order.
    Main Screw List 
    ScrewQuantityPart Number
    M2.5*6.5-I (BZN(NYLOK-RED)) 42 86.ARE07.001
    M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG)(NYLOK) IRON 10 86.ARE07.002
    M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK 13 86.A08V7.005
    M3*0.5+3.5I 8 86.TDY07.003
    M2.5*2.5-I (NI)(NYLOK) 6 86.T25V7.010
    M2.5*4.0-I (NI)(NYLOK) 7 86.D01V7.001
    M2.5*5-I (BNI)(NYLOK) 4 86.A03V7.003
    M2.5*8-I BNI NYLOK 4 86.T48V7.001 
    							Chapter 349
    External Module Disassembly Process
    External Modules Disassembly Flowchart
    The flowchart below gives you a graphic representation on the entire disassembly sequence and instructs you 
    on the components that need to be removed during servicing. For example, if you want to remove the main 
    board, you must first remove the keyboard, then disassemble the inside assembly frame in that order.
    Screw List
    StepScrewQuantityPart No.
    VGA Module M2.5*8-I BNI NYLOK 4 86.T48V7.001
    TV Tuner M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON2 86.ARE07.002
    WLAN Module M2.0*3.0-I-NI-NYLOK  2 86.A08V7.005
    Main HDD Carrier M3*0.5+3.5I 4 86.TDY07.003
    ODD Module M2.5*6.5-I 
    (BZN(NYLOK-RED)1 86.ARE07.001
    ODD Bracket M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON2 86.ARE07.002
    HDD2 Module M2.0*3.0-I (BKAG) 
    (NYLOK) IRON2 86.ARE07.002
    HDD2 Carrier M3*0.5+3.5I 4 86.TDY07.003
    Rem ove
    Lower Covers
    Rem ove
    Disconnect pow er
    and signal cables
    from system
    Rem ove
    Turn off system
    and peripherals
    pow er
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    SD Dummy
    Rem ove
    HDDRem ove
    Rem ove
    Rem ove
    VGA ModuleRem ove
    TV Tu nerRem ove
    							50Chapter 3
    Removing the Battery Pack
    1.Turn computer over. 
    2.Slide the battery lock/unlock latch to the unlock position. 
    3.Slide and hold the battery release latch to the release position (1), then slide out the battery pack from the main 
    unit (2). 
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